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December 03, 2012


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I feel a bit sorry for him because if the POTB would have done the right thing legally and morally 20 years ago, then he would have already served his sentence (probably around the 7 years he has already served), the victims could have closure and moved forward as best they could, and he too would be free and hopefully have learnt his lesson not to re-offend.


Did the aiuthrorities censure Waks for his outburst .
Other than a publicity seeking stunt, no reason to behave like this in a court of law.

Pirkei Yeladim

@ Steven: I don't feel sorry for him. He's a coward who ran from accountability, and I doubt he would have "learnt his lesson". They never do, because quite simply they cannot - this is not in the arena of rationale choice. These are dangerous animals.

@ Jake: I'd hardly call that an "outburst". It's no more than a social greeting.

I'm more interested in why he's not sought bail. Perhaps he knows he's safer inside?



I'm guessing that the authorities understand that victims of CSA like Waks have been so traumatized by their perpetrators and so rarely have a moment like this one in which they could actually stand up to the monsters who ruined their lives that they either tolerate this kind of "outburst" or applaud it.
As far as there being "no reason for behavior like this in a court of law" I think that there's a whole lot of reason for this this kind of behavior and I am so thrilled that this brave victim said what he needed to say. I only feel sorry for him that he will have to live through the trauma of this trial.


I notice how the college hustled him out of the country so he and they wouldn't have to face the consequences.
Now they will DOUBLE.
I know this so called college. I also now know that they are the scum of the earth.


Good riddance. Let them pay for his living expenses and legal bills.


Its ironick that no one's made a deal over the fact that they had this scum bag fly on shabbos


Jake get a bloody life
Manny well done read it in online!


Where is he from orginally? Australia? The US? Which state?

To: Pirkei Yeladim

He hasnt sought bail, because it would be useless. If they set bail (and he bailed out), he wouldnt be released because he is still serving his US prison sentence. Hence, he would be out on bail on the Australian case, while still being held. This will result in a loss of custody credit when he gets sentenced in the Australian case.

To Jake: You clearly have no comprehension of the law. Under what legal guidline do the "authorities" have to censure Waks? He isnt a party to the action...he's a concerned citizen. Consequently, they canNOT censure him.


It shouldn't take Gestetner too long to analogize that all the Sats did in the Weberman courtroom was take pics, while Waks stood up in court and hollered. He called the guy a "rabbi" so will YG tweet that he isn't a rabbi? Maybe, what with the superior educational foundation Sats receive he won't have a clue where Australia is located.

I hope Mr. Waks doesn't become a lapsed gentleman in his new high profile role. I don't think yelling in court, or anywhere, is what the spokesman for this cause should be doing. It reflects poorly on the victim population.


I'm more interested in why he's not sought bail. Perhaps he knows he's safer inside?

Posted by: Pirkei Yeladim | December 03, 2012 at 04:28 AM

He didn't seek bail cos he wouldn't get it....
He doesn't have an address here which would be required....And he's not here by choice...This makes him a flight risk...
He likely doesn't even have a visa to be here...
And you can bet that he will be booted out of Aus once he gets out of jail...

He can of course apply for bail at any time if he wants to...

Hometown Postville

How appropriate he be sent back to Australia which was originally a penal colony for criminals.


'How appropriate he be sent back to Australia which was originally a penal colony for criminals.'

Posted by: Hometown Postville | December 03, 2012 at 05:29 PM.

Hey Hometown. So was the USA.


Is he related to the chabad Kramer family?


'How appropriate he be sent back to Australia which was originally a penal colony for criminals.'

Posted by: Hometown Postville | December 03, 2012 at 05:29 PM.

Hey Hometown. So was the USA.

Posted by: yes | December 03, 2012 at 06:46 PM

Indeed. Georgia was originally intended to be a British penal colony. Around 50,000 convicts were sent there in the 1700's which was about a quarter of all British settlers. It was after the American Revolution that Britain started to send convicts to Australia.

Double Helix

Busy day at the Magistrates Court for Zephania on Monday, didn't know which court to be in.
Does he support his son the allegedly abused Manny, while he taunts Kramer or another son trying to defend an AVO application for allegedly abusing his girlfriend.
The irony!

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