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December 09, 2012


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Yochanan Lavie

Thank you, Reuven.

Rueven Aharon

Loved your song there, Yochanan. LOL "Rocky Horror Picture Show"

Yochanan Lavie

Thanks, NL


Where's your heter Deremes?

Where's your heter Deremes?

Where's your heter Deremes?

Where's your heter Deremes

Where's your heter Deremes?

You you get a signed copy of it and fax it to Shmarya. If you don't have one then you should be. thrown onto the bonfire that is your raging hypocrisy.



""Hey Deremes - I thought you weren't commenting until the trial produced a verdict. What happened? You lied to yourself and to us?""

No, i meant not commenting on the allegations against Weberman.


Yochanan, you have outdone yourself! I will never be able to watch RHPS without seeing shtreimels everywhere!

Deremes - where's your heter little boychik? Surely, Chas v'shalom, you're not internettimg among the apikorsim against. holy orders, nu?

Yochanan Lavie

Apologies to: Rocky Horror Picture Show - (Sweet Transvestite):

Rabbi Frank-N-Furter:
Shoilom Aleichem
I see you've met my faithful yungerman
He's just a little farmisht because
When you knocked
He thought you were the blogger man
Don't get broigez by the way I look
Don't judge a sefer by it's cover
I'm not much of a man by the light of day
But by night I'm one hell of a liar
I'm just a sweet frum parasite
Just transported from Transylvania

Let me jerk you around, maybe make pious sounds
You look like you're not very frummy
Or if you want something visual
We want good residuals
We could sell you a B&H thingie

I'm mad we caught you on the lam
Do you have a smart phone?
Rabbinical power makes me worry

Yochanan: Nu?

We'll just say what you are
You don't have special schar
You should start to worry

Rabbi Frank-N-Furter:
I had a kid in my flat
Well, try to prove that
Nu bubbeleh, I won't panic
Because might makes right
I will put up a fight
I'll just blame a Satanic Hispanic
I'm just a sweet frum parasite
Just transported from Transylvania
Why don't you get outta sight

Erev Rav: Sight!

Rabbi Frank-N-Furter: Of my urban blight

Chorus: Blight!

Rabbi Frank-N-Furter:
I could show you my favorite obsession
I've been making a golem
With payos, called Sholom
And he's good for witness surpression
I'm just a sweet frum parasite
Just transported from, Transylvania
Hit it! Hit it!
I'm just a sweet frum parasite

Chorus: Sweet Frum Parasite!

Rabbi Frank-N-Furter: Just transported

Chorus: From Transylvania

Rabbi Frank-N-Furter:
So come up to the shul
And see what makes me drool
I see you shiver with consternation
But maybe the chrayn
Isn't really to blame
So I'll support the perp
But not the victim

holy makarel

Hey debra., why wasnt satmar raising money for her healing too. She claims she was hurt just like weberman claims he was framed. So why not have funds to support both?

debra konig

Any intelligent person without bias would agree with Rabbi Frankfurters argument. The vile comments on this blog are his best evidence. The justice system is bases on INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY. And mainstream media has the gall to call him a pervert. Where has the word alleged gone to? As for brothers caring for brothers. Yes, his brothers, rightfully or wrongfully feel he was framed. They are not saying he had a right to abuse this young woman. What Satmar is saying that they believe that this is a revenge, a false accusation. Thats quite a difference than being on an abusers side. And its perfectly legitimate to defend and yes raise money for a man you believe is being wrongly accused. If your brother, husband or son were accused of raping someone, would you call him a pervert a deviant or if you believed he was framed or falsely accused you would do everything in your power to help him. Remember Satmar never said that Weberman has a right to abuse anyone. They said he was falsely accused in revenge. BIG DIFFERENCE, my dears!


WHY hasnt Rabbi Frankenstein FRANK-ly addressed Mr Weberman's long trip alone with the alleged victim?

Rabbi Frankenstein is sadly bemoaning the treatment of Weberman, how about the victim? Seems hes deaf dumb (very) and blind!


@Seymour. I read them too ;-)


Mr. Franky worked for mishpacha magazime b4 then stole all ideas and opend on their own

j for judasim

r' frankfurter never worked for hamodia, his wife did. i actually listened to his thing on talkline and he made a very valid point. collective guilt is an anti-semetic thing

holy makarel

Mr frankneburger. So your upset that people are dragging the entire satmar community into this Whole weberman shpiel and its simply not fair. Ok. I got a question for you. If 100 satmar yigelight went ahead and help out goyim who were caught up in hurricane sandy would you be upset if the newspapers wrote headlines about satmar helping out gentiles caught up in sandy? Of course you. Wouldnt mind because after all its a great thing. But hey, its NOT all satmar, its only 100 satmars out of thousands.you get my point mr frank burger? And yes you did say satmar helped out in sandy. Why. Are you associating a few hundered who helped with the entire satmar comunity. Which way is it? Is it only when it looks good for satmar. Thenits. Ok to associate


Posted by: hamodia newspaper | December 09, 2012 at 08:46 PM

Was Frankfurter fired from another newspaper? If so, which, when, why, and where did he get the money and know-how to start his own?

Not that I consider Ami to be anything worth reading or worth being called a newspaper. I think Ami is a genuine piece of TRASH. I can barely tolerate reading the pieces Frankfurter pens. It's equivalent to Lipshitz from Yated. YUCK!


Posted by: SkepticalYid | December 09, 2012 at 09:01 PM

depend what one reads I read comic all the time


Posted by: jancsibacsi | December 09, 2012 at 08:14 PM

Thanks for the kind words, Uncle Joni. I'm not brilliant. I was just fortunate in that I had an excellent education. Also, I read all the time. One tends to absorb a lot by doing so..


Posted by: hamodia newspaper | December 09, 2012 at 08:46 PM

am i missing dome historical past here

hamodia newspaper

so this is how things work in this generation - you want to become a rabbi then...

You get fired from another newspaper
you open a new newspaper take other people money -let other people that you took money from write shit on your magazine.
then you get a new name: RABBI FUCKENSTIEN
you think you can speak your mind like a rabbi - ah..

your for of bullshit and keep your toughest and comments to yourself Mr. fuckfurter - you don't represent anyone period dont make yourself into something


jancsibacsi however this issue of protecting molesters and harassing the victim is not an satmar issue alone it is an issue in all frum communities chassdish and litvish


seymour-The ambition that drives the satmerer hassidim is insanity the more insane someone is in the cult the smarter he is considered,the byproduct is insane acts among their followers that a child is destroyed is meaningless to them in their own eyes they are faultless lets not forget they come from a part of the world where dracula used to live he was known for sucking the blood of others here we have the cult that sucks the life out of helpless children


as far as help does he mention they only help their own

doe she mention they support the community give to every accused and criminal that does not happen in other communities


Hey Deremes - I thought you weren't commenting until the trial produced a verdict. What happened? You lied to yourself and to us?

Or am I mixing you up with Mendel, the other Satmar apologist troll?

I'd like to point out that both of you are on the internet blogs AGAINST your Rebbe's decree. But of course that is how the Chareidi work - it's all for show, or for rejecting others. We don't have to keep those rules, we just have to impose them on others. Kind of like Weberman - here he was working on the "Vaad Hatznius" which identifies those people who are not following the Satmar rules in public. But behind closed doors, he rapes, molests, pimps. How long the skirt? How thick the stockings? What a joke!!

So you don't follow your Rebbe's rules about the internet. But if other people don't follow your made up religious rules you call them "Frei." Nice double-standard you've got there.


first to compare the situation that satmar is going through to blacks is asinine

In addition the community can be condemned since they back up the molester in every single case when was there ever a fund raiser for the victims of molestation

and does he answer any of the questions about kids being kicked out of yeshiva and so on


SkepticalYid --I am beginning to realize how brilliant you are, youre answer to nachum is outstanding, i envy you how you can verbalize youre thinking ,in which i lack since i was'nt born here, i had to look up the words specious never knew the meaning and non-sequiturs,thanks to you i learned 2 more words:).


Posted by: Bassy the Haredi Slayer | December 09, 2012 at 06:00 PM

That's really an unfair comparison. Scientology has been alleged to promote child abuse as well as neglect of serious medical conditions in some children. Other issues not withstanding, Satmar and other Hassidim provide regular medical care to their children.


Posted by: Nachum | December 09, 2012 at 06:33 PM
The contention isn't that pedophilia is the norm in Satmar. What's evident is that communal pressure to prevent reporting of such crimes to the police and other secular authorities is endemic. Trying to distract people with non-sequiturs and claims of persecution is both infantile and specious.


Wearing a fur covered Goodyear Eagle tire on one's head doesn't make anyone very convincing.


Nachum--You have no one to blame for this exposure other then weberman and his idiotic satmerers,this is america where this type of exposure is the norm go live in north korea if you dont like it.


Make that

period of a month

Damn autocomplete.


The truth is not anti-Semitic. This child was molested etc. The man charged has been prosecuted. Members of the religious community tried to harass the girl and her family. Four community members took her photo in court - which is illegal.
Exposing the hatred and illegalities of members of the religious community (this case Satmar) is not anti-Semitism.
It's just truth and justice.

Posted by: roundabout | December 09, 2012 at 04:54 PM

If a paper, say the New York Post decides that for the person of a month it will only publish "truthful" stories of crimes committed by blacks. They will have no problem filling the paper with stories but will people stand for this? Ay the stories are truthful. That is not the point.

The problem here is the perceived focus of one crime with undertones of dragging an entire community and implying that this is the norm and not an aberration.

The nation is awash with heinous crimes, do a google news search of any criminal activity and you will be "rewarded" with a plethora of hits. Some sense of perspective is called for.

Bassy the Haredi Slayer

The positive point for Satmar is that unlike Weingarten Weberman did not rape his ow daughter. Not sure with whom Deremes is having sex, his daughter , his sister, or some other child relative

Bassy the Haredi Slayer

deep inside the Orthodox Satmar religion, a cult-like sect more secretive than Scientology
While Scientology is definitley an evil religion, at least they do not rape their children

spacedout BT

One of this year's issues of Ami had a fawning puff piece on the Satmar girls' school in Williamsburg. The current eruption is a shtach to Frankfurter and he desperately wants it to go away.


The truth is not anti-Semitic. This child was molested etc. The man charged has been prosecuted. Members of the religious community tried to harass the girl and her family. Four community members took her photo in court - which is illegal.
Exposing the hatred and illegalities of members of the religious community (this case Satmar) is not anti-Semitism.
It's just truth and justice.


Deremes. Surely you recognize that secular and socially liberal attitudes are gaining hold throughout the West (with the US somewhat behind Europe in that regard)and respect for the religious is in decline.

Sexual equality is now seen as a fundamental right and basis of a healthy society in the same way as racial equality is. The lack of equality, sexual repression and low status of women in fundamentalist society is seen as putting women at greater risk of sexual abuse and therefore something to be challenged rather than just ignored.

Ehrliche Debbie is not responsible for the Zeitgeist which sees fundamentalist clergy as intrinsically abusive towards women and children (and even animals). She is not responsible for the fact that society finds the idea of Toharas Hamishpacha repulsive.

It is difficult to imagine charitable or tax free status lasting much longer for groups that as a matter of principle deny women equality. The education of girls may need to be controlled to ensure they are not indoctrinated to see themselves as inferior. Likewise the courts will need to consider whether to refuse to recognize as binding arbitrations decisions of Batei Din which refuse to appoint women as judges let alone treat them as equals.

As a practical matter, Satmar may need to consider relocating to the Third World.

John Nagle, Silicon Valley, CA

He's probably upset about the coverage in the New York Post, where columnist Andrea Peyser, who is Jewish and lives in Brooklyn, is very angry. Read "Arrogant Satmar abused his vast power": "The slimy bastard, 54, is charged with repeatedly and monstrously sexually assaulting a young girl he controlled by counseling the child in the office of his Brooklyn home deep inside the Orthodox Satmar religion, a cult-like sect more secretive than Scientology." She's just getting warmed up. Read the rest of the article.


This guy is a moron. How can you claim this is a matter of an individual committing a crime? When there is intimidation and cover-up starting from the very top, that IS an indictment on the entire community.

Everyone is so scared to question the rabbis. They would rather sound like fools and deny blatant truths than G-d forbid question a rabbi. If you don't have the balls to tell the truth, that's fine- let someone else who does be a spokesman. As they say, Sh*t or get off the can.


Indded,Satmar just loves their kids to be abused.As another sick blogger wrote that Satmar pimped out this girl

Job well done,KUDOS.

Posted by: Deremes | December 09, 2012 at 12:59 PM

until the this last line you the the nail on the head

deny all you want you and satmar have been exposed


Ami magazine is a paradigm of virtue compared to this yellow journalism ragsheet. To call it a blog is giving it too much credit.

Yosef ben Matitya

is this hot dog kosher?

Yosef ben Matitya

media bias? vebermen? is that the only problem? did he see himself in der mirrer? ve should be moysering him to peta, with so many murdered rodent carcasses on his head.

Bas Melech

Is there sex abuse in the Satmar community?

Is there a va'ad mishmeres hatznius in Satmar and Williamsburg?


Funny how representative of one of the groups who have most prejudice against outsiders should, all of a sudden, be anti-bias and anti-prejudice.

Funny how he says that the fundraiser for Weberman was not "smart" (indeed, it was not and might backfire), but nothing about it being immoral...


Posted by: MarkfromShortHills | December 09, 2012 at 12:39 PM

For once i too will give credit to FM, the plumber Nuchem,little pipsqueak Feldman and others for doing an excellent job portraying Satmar to the world as the the Taliban's with its own set of rules who defies secular law.
Should a williamsburg person dare do different than the Satmar rules they have thier modesty squad who act like the crips and the bloods with tactics from the Lucchese and the Gambino's.

Indded,Satmar just loves their kids to be abused.As another sick blogger wrote that Satmar pimped out this girl

Job well done,KUDOS.


By the this time we should understand that the satmerer community thrives on its innocent childrens missery i know it first hand,the only way they feel they are somebodies is if they can subjugate helpless innocent children and weak minded people,it is the essence of their existance,wotjout any people to sacrifice they would have no strengh it is like dracula sucking blood or vampire of others so they could exist they come from the same neighborhood.


Frankfurter is an unprincipled, lying pig. The Satmar community would rather see its children abused in silence than have its members subjected to the requirements of criminal law. JD to the contrary, this will not pass so quickly. Too much of it is becoming generally known.

And for this, Shmarya deserves a tremendous amount of credit.


The real issue

Our Rabbonim Dayanim and leaders, strongly discourage (and ban) reporting and dealing with child abusers in any way shape or form. There isn't a Beth Din or institution that deals with these issue's within our community. I challenge you!!! name a dayan in boropark or williamsburg that allows reporting of a charidi child abuser, not in theory in practice .

We are the only community in the entire country that dons't allow reporting!!!!

Thats the problem, no one ever accused us of higher abuse and crime rates, then the rest of our country. The calthlic chuch came under similar attacks

anti-agenda arguments

Posted by: JD | December 09, 2012 at 12:17 PM

That's because R Frankfurter is an idiot.When You have the Satmer Rebbe insulting the alleged victim -- when he ignores the obvious fact that Weberman admits to violating Yichud -- and Satmar fully supporting an alleged sick, twisted individual and people bribing and pressuring the alleged victim not to testify -- essentially a blatant cover-up of a likely sick man -- it's not anti-Semitism, it's disgusting.


Audio: Rabbi Yitzchok Frankfurter Complains About Anti-Hasidic Media Bias In Reaction To Weberman Trial

The anti-Semites of the world, both the Jewish variety and non-Jewish ones are eating this up. This is a vehicle for them to openly vent their anti-Semetic views. Fortunately the media has a very short memory and as they say -this too shall pass.

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