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December 02, 2012


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Audrey the Liberal

I'm a classical liberal (i.e. libertarian), everyone thinks I'm an idiot. It's not so bad, plus I get to feel morally superior without doing anything.


"Haredi PR Hack Yossi Gestetner"

Take Note:


How about this "scenario" That the 5000 worthless people will JOIN 'peacefully' the "good OTD protesters" and PRESTO! The rest is history..! If they are smart they should require each entering person to join the protesters for 5 minutes in rotation!



I don't understand. How can you demonize demons?

simpsons fan

135 murders; none of them committed by Orthodox Jews.

The Leiby Kletzky case? Hello!


No_Light -You are right on with dov,the trouble is dov is too deep into the rabbit hole, he is incapable of thinking like a sane person,his heilige rebbes think for him he is a zombie he need a pill to wake him up from his zombie like state.


Dov the Dipshit - Your pathetic cult styles itself as piety and devotion incarnate. They trumpet how they're more intelligent, more moral, more learned and more righteous than anyone else.

If that were the case then. there would be no need for this site. There would be no stories of raped children, beaten wives, exploited and imprisoned immigrants, welfare fraud, extortion, corruption, drug-dealing etc.

That's. why "But the goyim do it!" is a pathetic excuse.

KD - Have you forgotten to take your risperidone today? Be a good boy and pop your foil helmet back on, and fuck off to Prisonplanet or whale.to. There's always Stormfrummt if you want somewhere to flail and froth about "Evil liberal BLACK fascists capitalist alien interlopers in the pay of BLACK PANTHERS, the illuminati, and KFC.!!!!"


Where are moderate Republicans like Teddy Roosevelt or Fiorella La Guardia?


Literally and politically

Yochanan Lavie

I think fanatics on the far left AND the far right are all brain dead. Where are conservative Democrats like Pat Moynihan or Henry "Scoop" Jackson? Where are moderate Republicans like Teddy Roosevelt or Fiorella La Guardia?

Korben Dallas

That's what we call a dog whistle, kids. Thanks for playing!


Gestetener was the Macher at the fundraiser for Weberman and now he acts as if no-one ever supported him? you are right: he has no idea of PR...

But at least, his attempted self-promotion (I do it for money, give me money, money money) will backfire, since he showed the whole world how incapable he is in this profession!

A. Nuran

The "but he's black" bit shows the real cards you're holding. The Big Scary Nigra is coming for you. A schvartze is President. At any moment he might steal your Precious White Women.


By any standard - economic, financial, Labor relations, taxes, foreign policy, militarism, civil liberties, you name it - Obama is to the Right of Reagan and so far to the Right of Nixon and Eisenhower that you can barely see their positions from where he's standing. We haven't had anything resembling a Left in this country in close to fifty years.

But that doesn't matter, does it? The important thing is that you have someone to hate, a devil you can blame for everything. And a Commander Guy will make everything alright just like the Decider did.

In fact, you're so ignorant and so irony deficient that you invoke Orwell, a proud, unapologetic honest-to-Marx Communist.

A. Nuran

In other words, dumbfshit from Dallas, you're saying the President's a leftist commie global financial elite international banker.

If you had more than three brain cells huddling together for warmth you'd understand that you can't be a communist and a capitalist at the same time. Of course that's what Nazis say about Jews. I guess you're too stupid to make up your own lies and bullcrap. You have to steal them from Goebbels and Himmler.


Posted by: Korben Dallas | December 02, 2012 at 08:36 PM
Obama is a global corporate elitist and no he's not okay. However, your "he's black so ok" comment is rascist crap. The only reason Satmar voted for him is their baseless and erroneous belief that he's anti-Zionist.

Korben Dallas

SkepticalYid, A. Nuran - It was the Satmar Rebbe who ordered his followers on motzei Shabbos to vote for Obama (who is a globalist corporate elite but he's black so ok) in a fiery authoritarian speech. Birds of a feather etc.

Marvin, would we be "winners" if we all wore uniforms and marched around like brainless idiots, hoping upon hope that we'd get to kiss the ring of a shamelessly corrupt pig in sheep's clothing?


He calls himself a PR man but knows nothing about it. He stirs the fire, self- promotes and is largely unintelligible in the English language. Obviously the educated English speaking population is not his target population. His clients don't know any more than he. And all he does is make no sense. His approach is to open his mouth and projectile chunky word vomit. Why, why, why would anyone want his representation?

I truly do not think he knows what "PR" stands for, nor is he involved in any professional manner with that occupation.

You know that feeling you get when you feel profound, almost palpable embarrassment for another person - it's like emotional nails on blackboard. YG makes me squirm in discomfort. Poor thing. He be a dummy.

bas melech

YG, like all of his kind, bring up irrelevant issues to detract from the point (hurricane Sandy, not a rabbi.

The police and media correctly state that Satmar behaves like a gang. It uses both verbal and physical intimidation to keep their followers in line.

When the truth about Satmar (and other chredim) comes out in the media, frum Jews deny it. Many delude themselves; other knowingly delude the public. In the end, truth prevails.

bas melech

Did the victim and her family address the menuval as Rabbi? Probably. I doubt that NW ever corrected them or any one else for using that title.

However, that is irrelevant.



you posted irrelevant nonsense. did anyone accuse the satmar of being thieves and murderers?

If when it comes to all sorts of crimes, the Orthodox Jewish Community in general and Hasidim specifically do not represent even 1/10 of their percent of the population, why suggest that when it comes to abuses, they are worse than or as bad as any other group in NYC? Why would people who are law-abiding in all type of crimes, suddenly be worse than anyone else when it comes to abuse?

try this argument next....rich, white,wall-street guys commit far fewer murders and robberies than their numbers in the population. so how can it be that they would be as bad or worse than anyone else when iot comes to a different crime....like running ponzi schemes, or insider trading?? it cant be.

or try this one next...

the pope and the catholic priests commit very few murders and robberies, so why would anyone have the audacity to suggest they had a child sex abuse problem? the numbers dont lie. right?

Why do we deserve this hateful coverage?

because your disgusting leaders/rebbeim not only do nothing to stop abusers, they HELP them by enforcing their code of silence using threats of community exile, banishment from schools, and no shidduchim, AGAINST THE VICTIMS.
the comments by the amoral rebbe blaming the teen-age victim is just the latest example.
his lemming followers -like you- are too emotionally crippled, morally bankrupt and intellectually barren to know the difference between right and wrong and to demand a new leader who actually has some human decency.




I think most of us consider "we can be bad because others are worse" to e a pretty pathetic argument.....


dov --Hey retard read what i wrote before goilem


No one can dispute the facts that i posted @1:59PM

spacedout BT

With nothing else to say, Yossi Gestation falls back on parsing sentences and squaring circles.


Posted by: I can't think of a name yet | December 02, 2012 at 04:11 PM

They're both wrong. It's the multinational corporations and their right wing shills who own the world.

I can't think of a name yet

The haredim and the lefties think they own the world.

Eli, what me messiah?

Demonize the Satmars?
The comparison is offensive to demons


Posted by: Korben Dallas | December 02, 2012 at 03:07 PM

Since I don't know who Jillette is, I can't respond to that non sequitur. But once again, your rebuttal is purely slogan and diatribe.

Korben Dallas

While Gestetner speaks, understand that he considers you stupid whether you believe him or not. This is why he lies to your face about shit he's already said, he's convinced you're too stupid to remember and even if you do, there isn't anything you can do about it.


This Gestettener is too funny. First, he argues how Weberman is not a Rabbi, than he calls him "Rabbi Webermann" himself!

Korben Dallas

Skeptical - Shouldn't you be listening to Penn Jillette's radio show or something? Everyone knows that the "right wing" is to blame for everything the left believes. Sort of like the way Israel is to blame for the rockets of Hamas (leftist darlings!)

The war is against the God of Israel. If you lie to yourself and your followers, you're fighting against him. Burn baby burn!


Hey everyone, I'd be interested in any thoughts on this article: http://www.oyvagoy.com/2012/12/01/save-me-from-the-saviours/


YG is proof that chutzpah trumps ignorance.

grape juice

this gestetner batchy once tweeted that a hasid who burned alive a fellow hasid just played with cigarettes... http://newsdesk.tjctv.com/2012/06/exclusive-investigation-new-york-state-gop-hired-anti-zionist-as-director-of-jewish-outreach/

Korben Dallas

The Hasidic "community" is a bunch of insular, self-righteous, elitist, falsely egotistical, uneducated collectivist morons, led by a bunch of demonic, racial supremacist assholes, who think it's their duty to put Jews in uniforms and destroy all who oppose them. This is who leads us at the end of days.


Posted by: Korben Dallas | December 02, 2012 at 02:28 PM

Please, by today's standards Nixon and Eisenhower would be considered radical leftists. The far right has demonized anyone to the left of their position and inflamed peoples' sensibilities in order to create a new imaginary scapegoat. Take the diatribe you spout about 'leftists' and substitute the word "jews.' Maybe then you'll catch on.

Korben Dallas

A. Nuran - A fantastic piece of Orwellian garbage if I ever heard it, but leftists are no more the kind, caring overlords any more than the high, exalted, holy rebbes are.


dov-You write here like a mindless moron first of all those roberies are committed by lowlife criminals here we in the jewish community we are talking about better educated ultra religious people commiting horrible crimeand about stealing i can say this much with all those illigally getting sec.8 food stamps i guarantee you youre dear stamerers steal billions way more then petty thiefs, you asked for it you got it fool.


This yossi gestetner has no inkling how sick demented he is he talks but says nothing just rehashes his own hate of others who dont see things his way unbeleivable how deluded theese hassidim are .


From Gestetner's blog

"About Those Criminal Orthodox Jews of Brooklyn
Yesterday 10:04 PM by Yossi Gestetner

If you read or watch press/media reports and editorials regarding the Orthodox Jewish Community, you go away with the sense that their leaders are massive crooks and their followers are of the worse kind. The NY Post editorializes Saturday that the four arrested for taking photos in court (including one against whom charges were dropped and another who is a friend of the victim’s husband) “were the Satmar, an ultra-Orthodox sect whose members often behave as though they have special rights, as though the laws of New York don’t apply to them.”

Well, the Orthodox Jewish Community in Brooklyn is approximately ten percent of the Borough’s 2.5M people. However, they do not represent even one percent of major crimes. Detractors will claim ‘you guys are not in the crime book because you hide your crimes; you deal with it on your own.’ Em, Murder, Robberies, Felony Assaults, largely take place in public and I doubt we Hasidim have a tool to “hide” those public crimes.

Here are the crimes and the amount of them that took place in Brooklyn South and in Brooklyn North this year through the last weekend:

135 murders; none of them committed by Orthodox Jews.
6,390 Robberies; non-to-few of them committed by Orthodox Jews.
5,905 Burglaries; non-to-few of them committed by Orthodox Jews.
10,302 Grand Larcenies; non-to-few of them committed by Orthodox Jews.
A huge portion of the “Satmars” are located in the 90th precinct in Brooklyn, none of the 8 murders this year in the precinct, and few of the other 3,105 major or small crimes were committed by them.

The question now begs: If when it comes to all sorts of crimes, the Orthodox Jewish Community in general and Hasidim specifically do not represent even 1/10 of their percent of the population, why suggest that when it comes to abuses, they are worse than or as bad as any other group in NYC? Why would people who are law-abiding in all type of crimes, suddenly be worse than anyone else when it comes to abuse? Why do we deserve this hateful coverage?

Do I deny that the community has issues? No, I don’t deny it, but there is a huge space between “having issues” vs. being the scum of the earth. Besides, in main street America, only 12 out of 100 accused of sexual abuse are arrested; only 5 out of 100 are found guilty; and only 3 out of 100 land up in prison. I have yet to see evidence that the numbers are worse among Hasidim, and I have yet to see any report mentioning these stats when talking about the “under reporting of sexual abuses” in the Hasidic Community"

Say what you want but he is so right.

A. Nuran

Nope, Korben. Leftists operate on the principle that you're just as intelligent as they are. But you've been lied to by a rich, all-encompassing plutocratic propaganda machine. They hold out the (faint, vain) hope that if they present the facts you might understand them and change your mind.

Sadly, due to "epistemic closure" and the RWA (Right Wing Authoritarian) psychological dynamic that may be overly optimistic.


The Young Israel of Woodmere in conjunction with the Nassau County Office of Emergency Management will be running a Community Assistance Center. The Center will be staffed at all times by members of the Nassau County Office of Emergency Management, FEMA and New York State.

Other agencies who will be at the center include:




Health & Aging

Social and Rehabilitation Services

Crisis Counseling

State & Local Agencies

Hazard Mitigation


Step Program

OEM Insurance

Nassau County Disaster Assistance




The Community Assistance Center will take place at 842 Glen Drive (Nusach Ashkenaz House)

Please enter 842 Glen Drive from the Young Israel of Woodmere Parking Lot

The center will be available starting on Monday, December 3rd,

and will take place Monday - Thursday from 10:00am - 8:00pm and Friday 10:00am - 3:00pm


I was with some Satmar chassidim on Shabboss and after Shabboss I read about the Fri night arraignment of the guys who took the pics. They had no sympathy for these guys and said they got what they deserved.


what a detestable little cunt

Korben Dallas

Just keep in mind that when a schmuck in a black hat speaks to you, he automatically considers you stupid, an inferior being in every way. He doesn't actually know how to respect the intelligence of the other. His whole life, all he's heard was that non-Haredi are dumb animals. Leftists operate on the same basic premise.

put a square into a hole

If you can't take the heat get the hell out of the kitchen.

YG you cant have your cake and eat it to...

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