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December 06, 2012


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Levi Keller

boruch hashem!! yechi adoineinu!! may hrh'g y. schuchat go mlmaalo lemaalo, all the way to rikers bemheyro beyomeinu omein selo!!

Simple Jew


G-d willing Yaakov Ne'eman will block it.

This is not a case worthy of extradition.

Israel should tell the US - jewish blood is not cheap... send your prosecutor over here and let us here the case and let a jewish judge make the call.

Shmarya - i don't think you have the story right on the courts.


Tzivin also pointed out that Israel's Minister of Justice, Yaakov Ne’eman – and Orthodox Jew with clsoe ties to Chabad – has the final authority over the extradition and can block it if he so chooses.
Why would not be surprised if he does in fact block it. I can't imagine a government with religious fanatics part of it.


If Hynes isn't to be trusted by abuse cases, Why trust him here, why not assume that he's trying to play differentfactions with the Jewish/Black community of Crown Heights.

Posted by: TheRealJoe | December 06, 2012 at 06:38 PM

Because there is more than enough evidence to support the charges against Shuchat.


@Shmarya If Hynes isn't to be trusted by abuse cases, Why trust him here, why not assume that he's trying to play differentfactions with the Jewish/Black community of Crown Heights.


Posted by: Simple Jew | December 06, 2012 at 05:40 PM


The Chabad-written story I linked to did not mention the Arab judge (at least it didn't when I linked to it).

Past that – and I realize we're treading on some dangerous ground here because it requires you to think, and you really aren't able to think very well, if at all – the lower court ruled FOR extradition. The High Court ruled FOR extradition.

And you've tried several times in the past to smear the victim in this case, each time by lying and misquoting sources.

Quite simply, you're dishonest, you're in a cult, and you're about as dumb as they come.

Simple Jew


Shmarya -- you failed (I think possibly on purpose) to mention that the judge who ruled on this is the firs tArab to receive a permanent spot on the Israel Supreme Court.
Source VIN: "Today’s decision by Judge Salim Joubran, the first Arab to receive a permanent spot on the Israel Supreme Court, overturns the previous appeal granted by Jerusalem District Court Judge Bentzion Greenberger."

So... jewish judge Bentzion Greenberger ruled he should not be extradited and an Arab in the JEWISH HOMELAND is sending him back.

Theodore Herzel is turning over in his grave and shedding tears.


Blacks in Crown Heights are routinely victimizing jews in petty crimes, violent crimes, etc and there is almost not justice.

Police don't want want to be bothered, etc

But in an incident involving the son of NYPD officer... now we can see the wheels of justice turning, burning rubber, etc.

Assuming that the african american honor student was throwing rocks at little girls or whatever he is accused of doing how come they didn't prosecute him?

Does anyone know what type of criminal record the african american honor student has? of course with father being NYPD he probably gets a free ride on a lot of interaction with NYPD.


thank G-d ! it certainly took a long time !
but it finally happened . i can't wait to see the bastard locked up for 15 years .


Mordechai Tzivin is not his attorney. This news article is not accurate, not factually, and not in grammatically.


Why exactly is everyone's life in danger?


"Shuchat’s attorney, Mordechai Tzivin, questioned the High Court's ruling, saying Shuchat’s life would be in danger in an American prison."

And everyone else's life would be in danger if he were not in an American prison. That attorney is as stupid as a box of hair.

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