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December 05, 2012


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Audrey the Liberal

Actually, the recidivism rate for sex offenders is lower then for many other crimes. Just thought I'd mention that.

apikorus al ha'esh

Can someone translate this in full? There's a footnote at the bottom that seems very sinister. Something about people not recording something, then victims.

Eli, what me messiah?

Abra, this is a fair point. The Satmar have always been at the top of the hateful, scamming, small-minded bloc-voting cult side of frum, with KJ being a prime example of how to rip off taxpayers through a whole town and school district. It's good the trial is exposing them to the broader world. Satmar deserve their own category that doesn't tarnish other frum.


APC - The Satmerers didn't pray for Gilad Shalit because he was an Israeli soldier, and the Satmer are extremely anti-Israel.

The YESHIVISH Chareidi, on the other hand, didn't pray for Gilad Shalit because it was bitul Torah to pray for a non-frum Jewish captive of terrorists, even while that captive was serving in the army which was defending the butts of the Yeshivish Chareidi living in Israel, and all those Yeshivish Chareidi who visit Israel.

I just wanted to make sure are clear about differentiating the various Chareidi fundamental belief systems. You wouldn't want to get those mixed up. Satmar don't care about bitul Torah, but they care a whole lot about being extremely anti-Israel.

Seriously - this is all very SICK.

The craziest part is that these sheep are cut off from all communication with the outside world, they don't even KNOW that their leaders are lying to them!! And if they do know, they wont dare show they are on the side of the victim because they would be ostracized for doing that. So the sheep go along with it all, because most of them are stuck.

And with 10+ kids to each family, and families started when kids are 18 years old, these crazies are just going to keep multiplying until there are more of them than non-Chareidi Jews around the world!! Yikes! Stop the world, I want to get off!!!!

BTW - where's Jeff? Jeff, if you're out there - we miss you. Come back!

Bob Guthrie

Posted by: Deremes
"Nothing wrong in praying for an accused or a convicted cm"

Nothing wrong on forcing 9.000 Jewish kids to pray for a Child Molester,...

Well, at least I can see in what side of the child welfare fence you are standing on, Deremes.

Coupled that with your "views" on Black Americans, and it just rounds up nicely you and the rest of your extremist religious Chareidim chaps' views regarding anybody who is not white, male, and a Hasidic zealot.


This is amazing.
These kids know two languages Yiddish and Hebrew.

9,000 boys= 9,000 marriages whith at the minimum of 5 children..........

Yosef ben Matitya

9,000 baby amalekites, and trained as such!


You dont translate the bottom of the note.
'If this action wins then no one is safe. And those in the know will understand'.
What that means is that there are many others.

Well at least they admit it.


"""theyre praying they dont get sent to him for counseling."""
from ah-pee-chorus

I burst out laughing !


One word: Bizarre!

A. Nuran

Amen Alter Kocker.
Just one request, don't put "fat" in with those moral failings. Size and attractiveness are no indicator of morality

Alter Kocker

I hope the parents pray. I'd pray, that Weberman never sets foot outside a federal penitentiary. Rapists are rarely re-habilitated, and a rapist such as Weberman will be forever convinced of his right to sexually abuse whoever is in his care. If, G-D forbid, this lowly fat disgusting waste of human skin is unleashed among the unsuspecting and lionizing Satmar sect, he will be like the wolf among the sheep, there will be no stopping him. I believe that if this degenerate is allowed to roam free, there will be many many pre-pubescent and pubescent girls raped, abused and silenced.


This has got to be illegal. No one has a right to try to get god to meddle in on an ongoing legal proceeding.

Posted by: Ari | December 05, 2012 at 02:30 PM

This same kind if nonsense is being done during times of war. God should be left out of battles lest one side gets an unfair advantage.


for gilad schalit they wouldnt pray. that we be bittul torah.


that's really horrible. How they instrumentalise their small children, especially in a case like this... But how will they explain those little children what he is accused of without the word rape, without the names of body parts... Oh no! this is parashat vayeshev, so they just say: the same thing that happened to yosef happened to our poor nechemya... Well, perhaps the story about yosef was not the true story either, and there was a reason why he found himself in prison...


what about the girls? why aren't they praying also for Weberman?

Posted by: Hp

theyre praying they dont get sent to him for counseling.

this is a very disturbed cult. the evil leaders are a disgrace to humanity.

Bas Melech

What's the surprise? Abuse is part of the Satmar way. If boys are abused, why not the girls too? They all know that the rebbe does only the right thing.


Ruthie, it says very clearly that "low debased people from the fringes of the camp made a libelous accusation against the important 'askan' R. Weberman".


what about the girls? why aren't they praying also for Weberman?


As i wrote many times before the madness and insanity of the satmerers is infinite,sick and getting sicker , delusional imbaciles thats what they are.


p.s. these boys weren't told exactly what they're praying for!
satmar....where are their brains??????
i suspect even g-d is getting tired of their stupidity.


It doesn't say in which school this was given out big chance its in all schools so probably way more than 9000 kids are praying.

Nothing wrong in praying for an accused or a convicted cm.

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