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November 04, 2012

"Who By Fire And Who By Water?"

Hurricane Sandy -- Who By Fire and Who By Water enhanced watermarkedMore Hurricane Sandy theodicy from another haredi rabbi.

Hurricane Sandy -- Who By Fire and Who By Water enhanced watermarked
[Hat Tip: HeathenHassid.]


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Where's the shatnes guy when we need him to tell us the REAL reason behind the hurricane?

I have no idea what this poster is trying to say, even ignoring all the grammatical errors.

All your base are belong to us.

For an antidote to all this Hareidi theo-idiocy, see Natan Slifkin's latest blog at http://www.rationalistjudaism.com/

With an internet link at the bottom !

Hey, how about this? In order to tell windbags to shut up, G-d sent a huge bag of wind to show how destructive they can be.

Ah!! Clearly that means we must all move to Los Angles

To the primitive, any change of the weather pattern, was seen as a sign from god.

Sacrifices needed to be made to appease him, so that he would not send bad weather again.

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