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November 07, 2012

Video: Hipster Or Hasid? Jimmy Kimmel Looks At Brooklyn Facial Hair

Brooklyn facial hair Jimmy KimmelJimmy Kimmel explores the unique facial hair of some Brooklyn males.


[Hat Tip: It's a bird, it's a plane.]


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hahaha funny i like it

Facebook confirmation - he is a Jew

The guy at the end of the video who says "you can check me out on Facebook" is the same dude in the NYT video of the anti-Internet rally who said the world has a tremendous problem with the Internet.


Whaat is a chasid doing on facebook? Is he a hipster-chasid? or is that an oxymoron?

Shmarya ty. it's nice to see a comic hassidic news every once in a while without a negative content.

You can easily tell the difference. Hasidim never trim their mustache, normal people do.

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