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November 10, 2012


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Deremes-No one is more obesessed then you are about mbp the mayor is not g-d he can only do as much as his workers are able to carry out he is a compassionate person i dont like everything about him but he is reasonable maybee if you put youreself in his shoes you would not use name against him like meshuganer it takes one to know one dont forget that if see evil in him it means you have that evil in you.


Hey FMnicks you always claim not to attack the messanger.
As much as i don't agree with Hikind with what he did campaigning in Florida for Romney he is 100% correct about shameless selfish Bloomberg.This sorry excuse for a Mayor should resign himself for his incompetency.This man is ice cold when he meets hurricane victims.He is ice cold when he gives briefings.He is nothing more than a mushugna obsessed with bikes,drinks,mbp,marathons and now the banning people donating food to shelters becuase it doesn't meet nutrition standards.
If this Bloomberg is not crazy then there isn't such a thing as crazy.


Hey, give him a break. Look at it from his viewpoint:
He obviously felt it was more advantageous to his constituents to get Romney elected so that Romney could abolish FEMA than to be in his district helping out and making sure his constituents were helped by.....oh, wait....


How much territory does his assembly district cover? Perhaps his lack of involvement is because 'his' people live on reltiavely high ground in Boro Park and weren't flooded out?

Flatbush Girl (I grew up in Flatbush, but live in another 'hood.)

My state assemblyman, Marty Golden, has been excellent through the crisis. My neighborhood has been devastated by the floods and he has been here constantly, helping to coordinate relief efforts. He has been totally hands on. Also Lew Fidler has been indispensible. Thanks Marty and Lew!!!


A quick perusal of his website at the NYS Assembly indicates that he doesn't have a single committee assignment. It's no wonder that he has so much free time to gallivant around the country. Even his own branch of government has no use for him.


Besides, thousands of everyday New Yorkers are working in the trenches, volunteering and helping. It's not only about giving orders, it's about inspiring people to roll up their sleeves, and help out.


An assemblyman is supposed to legislate and enact state laws. They should be ensuring that we are getting our fair share of state resources and advocating for us at the state level.


absolutly right , do u own a home in nyc ?taxes went double in the last six years? y is there no gas? in nj there is plenty upstate ny there is plenty all he has to do is leadership not be busy with marathon all he cares is money

John Nagle, Silicon Valley, CA

There's no real reason a state assemblyman needs to be around for an emergency. What's he going to do? A mayor is in charge; he has to be on the job. But an assemblyman? He doesn't give orders to anybody.


YWN is obviously anti Hikind pro Greenfield. Voz Iz Neias is pro Hikind anti Greenfield.
I think both of these politicians are full of hot air. I'd like to see them talk less, and do more. They both talk way too much at CB 12 meetings. They think people are too stupid to know what goes on behind the scenes. There are more important things in life than parking spaces, and special perks for one community. Much as I despise Bloomberg, these politicians are equally useless in the scheme of things.


EverythingHikind is saying about Boloomberg is 100% accurate.

As to looters get a shotgun permit in NYC.

I was one of two people remaining on my cul de sac.

If anyone would have broken into the house they would have met my friends Igor or Ivan.


This guy is a big joke just like his hassidishe friends double faced conniving shameless bum.

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