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November 07, 2012


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Yochanan Lavie

"You wascally wabbit!"-- Elmer Fudd.


On the other hand, Satmar's candidate for President won.


On the other hand, Satmar's candidate for President won.

Posted by: Ira | November 07, 2012 at 07:02 AM

That isn't true.

Neither Satmar rebbe endorsed Obama, and we still haven't seen poll results that show there was any Satmar bloc voting for Obama.

A small fringe faction of Satmar hasidim supported Obama because they were upset (and in this case, rightly so) with Netanyahu's meddling in the US election.

But we still don't know if most Satmar hasidim followed that lead.




There will be meals set up throughout the day by our dedicated food coordinators at four locations: The White Shul, Shor Yoshuv, Young Israel of Woodmere as well as the Young Israel of Bayswater. Lunch will be served beginning at 8:30am, lunch at 12:30pm and dinner at 4:30pm.

CHABAD is also serving breakfast and lunch until 4:30pm as well as a hot dinner from 4:30-8:00pm.


Due to the overwhelming demand, we will be having our FEMA/insurance task force at our
office (334 Central Avenue) for the third day to assist people from 4:00-6:00pm today.


One of the biggest challenges for those hit by the hurricane is the ability to return to the comfort of their own homes. Those without proper flood insurance will face great difficulties.

Achiezer has created a special committee to guide and coordinate assistance to help residents begin with the process of restoring their homes. Coordinators will be dispatched to assess the damage and aid residents as to the best and most effective way possible to plan the rebuilding of their homes.

Please call the Achiezer hotline if you do not have proper flood insurance and require these services.


There are intense efforts underway by many local politicians led by Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder, Congressman Gregory Meeks and Senator Charles Schumer to try and secure special FEMA mobile homes for those who are displaced. Anyone who would be interested in this service should please let us know immediately so we can make a proper assessment as to how many of these we will be needing.


Please be advised that although there is no reason to panic whatsoever there is a strong winter storm expected to hit our area today. We urge everyone to use EXTREME CAUTION AT ALL TIMES AND PROPERLY COVER YOUR GENERATORS. THE MAIN REQUIREMENT IS THAT YOU HAVE 3 OR 4 FEET OF OPEN SPACE ABOVE AND TO THE SIDES OF THE GENERATOR. PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT ALL EXTENSION CORDS ARE TAPED AND NOT EXPOSED TO THE RAIN.


We would like to give a tremendous token of gratitude to the dozens of volunteers from Queens, Brooklyn and our neighborhood for their time, efforts and dedication. We know that there are still many people who require assistance with cleanup. Please call our office to arrange for this service.

Due to the inclement weather expected we will be limiting the amount of volunteers for today and we will do our best to assist those in need as soon as possible. Additionally, we have hundreds of volunteers in different capacities who will be available on Sunday. If you would like to volunteer, please call our office as soon as possible.


The Chai Lifeline Crisis Intervention Department, in conjunction with Achiezer, has established a crisis hotline to handle all questions and concerns relating to trauma from the hurricane. The number is 1-855-3CRISIS (1-855-327-4747). Questions can also be emailed to Crisis@ChaiLifeline.org. Additionally, you may call the Achiezer hotline to be connected.


As of now, we have been able to assist more than one hundred families from our community who were financially affected by the storm. If you would like to apply for relief funds, you may print out an application from our website at www.achiezer.org or you can obtain an application from your shul liaison. If you would like information regarding the liaison for your specific shul, please contact our office.



Forward this email

apikorus al ha'esh

KJ fully bloc-voted against myself? What the hell country does Annie Rabbitt come from?

Atheodox Jew

What was Satmar's problem with her, dare I ask?


If they are against her, she must be doing something right.

זבה גדולה

OMG she is soooo ugly


Mazel tov! You must be the first honest politician in our area if the bloc voted against you.

Lubavitchers are Christians

I don't understand. I thought the frumma all vote Republican.


I would say that most of Satmar voted for Romney becuase for some reasons frum Jews vote Republican.Personally as much as i dislike Obama i did vote for him.
As far as the KJ defeat i wonder if the KJ Village" and the "KJ Alliance" were split in endorsing her opponent.Also,we need to look how the turn out was.

Lubavitchers are Christians

Deremes, why did you vote for Obama? Govt programs?

(I'm not asking to argue. Simply curiosity.)


As i said yesterday on another thread i don't like Obama and normally wouldn't of vote for him but since many frum Jews who are pro Israel are making noise that he is anti-Israel and make the vote an Israeli issue i will vote for Obama as a protest.I don't believe as Jew we should send messages to the president like it was done in district 9 by electing Bob Turner.NY goes democratic anyways so why jump in the face of a sitting president.
And yes many frum Jews are dependent on programs.
In general i don't want a president who is a woman,black,Latino or a Jew.

A. Nuran

It's not often I'm happy to see a Republican win


Posted by: Deremes | November 07, 2012 at 01:11 PM

At least you're honest about your racism. As to Obama being anti-Israel... sorry to disappoint you but he's really done nothing to materially harm Israel. In fact, he increased Israel's funding and weaponization significantly during his first term.

shmarya is a satmarer

Deremes. i fully agree with you. i couldnt stand this becoming an Isreali issue election


I'm proud to say I voted all democrat except for Rabbit who I voted for!

Pearl of Wisdom

Rabbitt may not be all that she appears. She came on local radio in Sept. saying that she was in support of the Special Education bill S7722...which would pay for private school education for special education students based on religion. So, evidently, she was trying to walk the fence and get support of KJ. McQuade was totally in the tank for KJ. However, don't forget that McQuade defeated the Hasidic darling of Rockland Co.....Aron Wieder, former President of the East Ramapo School Board and current Rockland County Legislator. So...the bloc may not be as together as they appear. I wouldn't trust Annie Rabbitt to do the right thing...she will do whatever it takes to keep that seat.

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