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November 11, 2012


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"always felt this way.

The Christians murdered MILLIONS of Jews for the better part of 2 millenia. Not to mention forced conversions expulsions and reposession of property.
Moslems on the other hand for the most part left Jews alone.

So screw the self-righteous Christians for their outrage at the Moslems. "glad you always felt it, because the rabbi maimonides stated that jews should only lend to non jews. and maximise usury against them until "it does them bad" and if its not a fabrication or out of context, then just like not speaking about the bad things in the talmud and instead bear false witness to a gentile and non jew incase.....well he thinks something is bad about what it says....like the things i just mentioned. well that means that jews have indeed been using usury heavely for a century and millenia, and for over 70 christian countries have they been doing this racism. and considering yosef ovadias quotes about non jews, this proves this correct.

so the millions of christians that suffered at the hand of jews including jesus christ himself, a non-jew(he was a person of judeah not a jew) that even the pope said he saw jewish overlords(again in the text of maimonides where he said that jews should never put a gentile to be the leader of them if they could) and thus ruthlessly plagued the christian farmers.

how many died at poverty because of the jewish heavy usury? the whole line about "they couldnt get jobs" is because ironicly enough they are responsible themself for their racism against non jews so only certain jobs were allowed, instead of you know...being kicked out just right away? even AFTER abusing and betraying said country and christians, they still let you in and try to NOT abuse said jobs, which was funny enough plenty to get, but they got the usury job. any anti jewish sentiment, is a reaction towards anti-non jewish sentiment. every "persecution" they speak of was ironicly a reaction to stop persecution of christians and other non jews. you were hypocrite against jesus christ and other non jews before you killed him, and you were hypocrite in the middle ages and you were hypocrites towards the palestinians.

so the lending to interest made millions of christians die in poverty in the same way the jewish rotchislds paid hitler thus responsible for the holocaust of 60 million christians died in europe over those years because of the war. which wouldnt be possible if the rotchilds didnt fund hitler to get him in power ;)

we are not even talking about HOLODOMOR here, the real holocaust, now there is a real holocaust. lazar kaganovich was a brutal anti-christian man who murdered 50 million of them by forced starvation.


The Rabbi is just another attention whore; move on.


I am not understanding it either Michael. You don't need help. I will guess that Yochanan is speaking of an imaginary future post-Christian world, and relating it to the past world in which the far right wing tried to deny the Shoah. Today there is so much evidence, that they even they have stopped their foolishness and are now back to making claims that despite their low IQ's and 3rd grade educations, they are superior to everyone.

double burger

I always felt this way.

The Christians murdered MILLIONS of Jews for the better part of 2 millenia. Not to mention forced conversions expulsions and reposession of property.
Moslems on the other hand for the most part left Jews alone.

So screw the self-righteous Christians for their outrage at the Moslems.

Michael from Lakewood

..... On the other hand, the post-Christian left and far right will never forgive the Jews for the Holocaust and also hate Israel due to post-colonial guilt. .....

Posted by: Yochanan Lavie | November 11, 2012 at 11:14 PM

I'm not understanding this, and it is not for a lack of trying. Any help?


Xenophobia knows no ends. Since Christianity has a tendency toward radicalism would Efrati perhaps be trying to start the next Inquisition, crusade, genocide, or holocaust? It is paranoid xenophobia to even think that something as irrational as Islam is taking over Europe. It is more likely that scientific atheism will put an end to both Christianity and Islam. There is one point I may agree with, it is that Europe has a pagan pre-christian history in which human sacrifice was an accepted part of religious belief. This past arises again and again. Efrati may be trying to start the next one. And no, Mohammed's magic carpet ride and the J-man magically rising up to the sky-god has as much chance of taking over Europe, as a wind-swept underpopulated desert has of taking over the world, more likely it will become a glass factory for the next European military madman.


errata: that should be yeshivat shvut yisrael


Not shallow at all - biblically people were often called by their place of living or birth (Shmuel Haramati, Eliyahu Hatishbi, etc)

But for the record, he is not the Rav of Efrat, that still belongs to the long-standing Rav and founder of Efrat Shlomo Riskin. This rav is a rosh yeshivah of a small yeshivah called shvut efrat, and is the rav of a small neighbourhood of efrat called hazayit

Friar Yid

Maybe I'm shallow, but doesn't it strike anyone else as a little absurd to have the town rabbi of Efrat be a guy named Efrati?


This rav has another gem on the kipa site.

He states that the pope lied when he retracted that the Jews killed Jesus. He brings a gemorra from Sanhedrin that claims that j was executed by the Sanhedrin and stoned to death.

Yochanan Lavie

Many Christians have forsaken their traditional triumphalist theology (alliteration unintentional). Many have a new appreciation of Jews and Judaism, and are deeply regretful about the past. Granted, not all, but many. On the other hand, the post-Christian left and far right will never forgive the Jews for the Holocaust and also hate Israel due to post-colonial guilt. As for Muslims, apart from some moderate Sufis they have inherited virulent anti-Semitism from their Christian rivals.


Ah Pee Chorus, If you really hate all religions so much, including Judaism, why not just head for the door and give it up. I as a believing and traditional but non-Orthodox Jew assure you that you will still go to Olam Habah if you are a decent ethical human being. So why bother with Judaism? As my Dad says (also said to me by an Orthodox rabbi), "G-d doesn't need us. We need G-d."


: I can't think of a name yet-

unfortunately fox news doesnt have this right either. the danger isnt islam per se. religion is the brain virus which puts the earth at risk. it happens that at this point in history islam has the most active version of this deadly virus. at other times christianity had it and judaism claims to have had it. jud. and chrtn's current virus is in more of a dormant phase, but a snapshot of some time in the future might have christianity holding the active virus and islam less so. the sooner religion falls into the dustbin of history the safer we will be.


A comment about Toulouse murders

Abdelghani Merah told the daily newspaper "Liberation" from his apartment in Toulouse: "There's not a single instant that goes by when I don't think of my brother's victims. I wish to denounce the hatred in which we were raised, the hatred my brothers' Salafist friends transmitted to them, denounce the unthinkable that my brother committed. I am the brother of the killer, but I stand with the victims."

The father, Mohamed Ben-Allal Merah, was born in 1942 in Souagui, Algeria, and immigrated to France in 1966. Abdelghani said their parents' divorce affected Mohamed the most. He said the divorce led the younger brother to become "uncontrollable."

In an excerpt from the book published Friday in the French media, Abdelghani Merah wrote:

"I rage against my parents who raised us under violence and intolerance, against my sister Souad, who applauded his [Mohamed's] fundamentalist deliriums, against my brother Kader, who comforted him in his delirium without ever telling him he was mistaken. But also to my maternal uncles and especially Hamid," who "never stopped spreading hatred, racism and anti-Semitism in front of us, starting during our tender childhood."
Kader is in police custody on charges of complicity in the killings.

During the funeral for his brother, Abdelghani Merah said, he heard people applauding, yelling praise, cheering and telling his mother to "be proud. Your son brought France to its knees."

Abdelghani said he shouted: "My brother is not a hero! He's a vulgar assassin!" and walked out.

I can't think of a name yet

Ah-pee-chorus, if you would stop listening to faux news you would know that Islam is a religion of peace, you islamo-phobe. It's the fundamental Christians and the zionists who cause all the wars and all the problems in the world. Stop drinking the faux news kool-aid.


Rebitzman -

youre confusing minor events with major. assuming we're discussing terrorism which included murder, the numbers show that muslims are in fact the major perpetrators. sunni muslims alone were responsible for 70% of terrorist murders.

"Sunni Muslim terrorists committed “about 70 percent” of the 12,533 terrorist murders in the world last year, according to a report by the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC).

The information comes from the 2011 NCTC Report on Terrorism, which is based on information available as of March 12, 2012.



Muslims have been responsible for nearly every major terror attack for the past 20 years

According to Europol, only 0.7% of terrorist attacks–again, less than 1%–were committed by Muslims. (2009-2010)

All terrorism is bad - and terrorism in God's name perhaps worst of all, but facts don't support your assertion.

Baruch Shelo Asani Charedi

Muslims have been responsible for nearly every major terror attack for the past 20 years and propagate a culture of virulent antisemitism, but otherwise they're really nice people.


Good thing that he is alone in this wacky opinion.


Christian Europe is now post-Christian Europe. Just ask Joseph Ratzinger who has been whining about it for years.


This know it all rabbi thinks he is smarter then the rest of us well he is the biggest fool of them all if hetrusts the muslims for one second ,the muslims would wipe israel of tha face of tha wrold ina minute if they would get the chance this rabbi would be smarter to keep his mouth shut, he proves himslef to be a tottal goilem shoite.

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