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November 28, 2012


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Lo K'darkah

Dude, if you are in the Netherlands, go easy on the Vaporiser.


Is A Missing Florida Millionaire Alive And Well In The Netherlands?

Maybe yes or maybe no. We won't know until the body is found.


How much would each family member give to bring him back to life? Is there a price you can put on a human? Would his uncle pay if asked to bring him back to life, were it in his power? If not, then they don't doesn't deserve the money to begin with.

Mr. Kaplan, its time to kiss and make up and enough of the money grubbing. Give the money to your nephew so he can be sane and raise his family of four children instead of giving it to some wild cats. When G-d was giving out seichel, some stood in line with a fork.


("You Won't See Me", Beatles)

When I sailed my boat
I disappeared.
I was such a crook
But they interfered.
Left the Miami sands
to go to the Netherlands.
Give up all demands.
And they won't find me.
They won't find me.

Of course you know
I want to hide.
But the police sure want
My hands to be tied.
I won't want to stay,
I'll go there straightaway.
I have a passageway.
And they won't find me.
They won't find me.

I faked my death
I even left my tefillin.
I swam away.
My escape was quite thrilling.

Now I'm in The Hague.
I sent for you.
I've been quite vague
So they won't pursue.
Said I'm mentally ill.
Just going way downhill.
Let them think I'm roadkill
And they won't find me.
They won't find me.

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