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November 11, 2012


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The Scarlet Letter 2012

old time brooklyn

these holy men need to have the vaginal wrench applied and stop worrying about who is getting laid - the pleasure of your wif is more importtant than yours(and you will be moe happy if you make her happy and she wont need tht shabas goy to fill the gap) but these gouys are pigs and mentally in the gutter


Organized management of all business is illegal in Israel if not conducted according to law, as I mentioned. There is no law distinguishing the business of trading sexual services for money from any other service business arrangement.


Posted by: Maskil | November 11, 2012 at 01:43 PM

Organized prostution in the form of pimps, madams or brothels is illegal in Israel. So as per usual, you are lying.


They point to the fact that police have made no prostitution arrests related to this woman as support for their belief that woman is innocent...

1. The fact that the police have made no arrest of Avigdor Lieberman supports my "belief" that the minister is innocent. Go ahead, replace Lieberman whit the name of any other criminal who have not being arrested and ... You get the idea.

2. Prostitution is not illegal in Israel, like it is in the US.

3. There are maybe workplace violations, failure to register as a legal employer, failure to register as a legal service provider, failure to report financial transactions, operating a business out of a place of residence, failure to abide by work hours regulations, failure to provide minimal wage, failure to provide VAT recipes, failure to maintain regulations for a work environment, failure to abide by health and safety regulations, illegal employment, employment of under aged persons, failure to provide social benefits to employees, failure to comply with the maximal amount of work days, failure to provide retirement benefits, failure to contribute to national insurance payments and the list goes on.
No one in Israel has being arrested or charge with prostitution, because that is not illegal.

3. But I don't disagree with those that call B.S. on the original article, which claims that the protest ended with several arrests. We all know that the Jerusalem police don't arrest haredi protestors.

spacedout BT

Hatred of the "other"

The Person

Funny, child molestation is fine in their circles, but show them a slightly more enlightened woman and they banish her to hell

Korben Dallas

Sodomites. Let's remember for a moment what Hashem does to sodomites.

FM Fan

Looks like my comments on the previous post were correct.

It's a total BS story and it's the Chareidim out to smear someone.


I know it for a fact this is the hassidims modus operande its always accusing someone whom they dislike of sexual deviancee or other sexual misdeeds they accuse others without having any evidence whatsoever their tactic works because sex is the ultimate denegration of the other,many many times i heard hassidishe neighbors accusin in a dicoce the man of being gay or a molester it is a known tactic of theirs,they are evil theese hassidim and nothing is below them they are beyond the pale.

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