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November 20, 2012


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Bas Melech

Was she run out of the neighborhood, because her business competes with charedi run houses? Rumor has it that a prominent member of the Eidah runs the same business for many years.

A. Nuran

Korben Dallas, it's simple. Treat them like any other terrorist.
Throw them in jail.
Bulldoze their houses.
Kill the ones who attack the police.

Korben Dallas

Something very drastic has to be done to reign in these animals in Mea Sharim and nobody in Israel has the balls to do it, apparently. This is why I don't consider making Aliyah anymore, the powers that be are content to let these animals have their way. Since none of them will admit who did it, or admit any wrongdoing at all, bulldoze the entire neighborhood. Let them sort it out then.


A neighbout, I'd like to be the first to compliment you on your critical thinking skills. Let me know when you obtain any. You haven't given us any facts to do with what we will.

A neighbout

I am a neighbour and live literally 10 yards from the house. The following are the facts:

1. Some have claimed that the woman and her ex-husband are russian converts, this is not true, they are both sefardim.

2. The woman undoubtedly engages in questionable activities. The rumours are very clear about her chosen profession, but obviously I have never actually seen her engage in this profession, and so cannot confirm one way or another.

3. There are strange men, jewish and arab, hanging out in her house at all hours, even when the kids are home. Which is probably what gave rise to the persistent rumours.

4. She has Jewish girls staying over, dressing very inappropriately. I think it is pretty clear what they are getting up to. That was the real reason for the demonstrations, the fact that girls from good homes were entering her house and emerging as something else entirely.

5. Most of her kids, she has 11, have been moved out of her house to dormitories. Only the two little ones remained. Supposedly the ex-husband claims that the last child is not his, but the son of a friendly arab. However, this is not the case, the child looks just like his brothers and just like his father.

6. It is unclear how the fire started. It would be very hard to firebomb a house in this densely populated area without being seen. Further, it was done about 10pm in the evening when there are plenty of people out and about. If someone was going to firebomb the house, it would have been much more likely that they would have done so later in the middle of the night. It might have been a firebomb, but it was more likely a stove left burning in the kitchen (the fire started in the kitchen) or similar which caused the fire.

These are the facts make of them what you will.


Rabbi wanted her out, and now she's gone. And that's that.

Bassy the Haredi Slayer

Chumlee-did you also do cunnilingus?

Posted by: jancsipista | November 20, 2012 at 07:34 AM
If he joined Satmar he would be doing cunniligus on his daughter.


Posted by: Cheskey frankel | November 20, 2012 at 07:27 AM

He'd already retracted the article alleging her involvement in prostitution prior to this event. it's sad that you show no compassion for this poor woman, or outrage at the offenders who tried to kill her.


Should an attractive girl or woman go off the derekh in Crown Heights, the Lubav rabble are quick to label her a slut, a whore or just loose.
Posted by: never mind

I thought the Chabada girls in Crown Heights were already loose.

never mind

Should an attractive girl or woman go off the derekh in Crown Heights, the Lubav rabble are quick to label her a slut, a whore or just loose. At the same time, they really seem to get off talking about such women and (jealously) speculating on their activities.

That said, the real place for Chabad sex play is Miami/Bal Harbour, where many young 20-somethings from Chabad flock for the looser atmosphere that lets them maintain an official/familial shaychus to Chabad while benefiting from flashy jobs in real estate or service industries, and tooling about in sports cars and done up in designer clothes. Friday night Shabbos dinners are held in private homes, where much mashke is consumed, cigarettes (and pot) are smoked, yichud strictures are ignored, much hooking up seems to happen. and dating becomes an overnight affair.


Where they burn dumpsters they will one day burn homes.

Posted by: Warren | November 20, 2012 at 01:55 AM

B"H they have arrived at some kind of truce with the trash bins. It has been quite a while since any bin was harmed. Hopefully this quiet will remain.

Alter Kocker

I suggest that the woman booby trap her home against the neanderthal denizens of the backward backwash in which it is situated. Yes it will cost to install alarms and weaponry (Im not talking guns and knives, but little things like baseball bats, boards with nails.)By next day you would see your potential aggressors hobbling off to minyan. Since the police are unwilling to intervene against the Haredim, then violence will beget violence.


Bill G:

There is very little difference between our fanatic crazies ,Muslim fanatic crazies,Christian fanatic crazies,Hindu fanatic crazies

None at all and the gutless government there does nothing to discourage further actions of this kind. Israel may well soon be fighting what is literally a two-front war: one external against Hamas plus an internal one against these people including the Neturei Karta.

Friar Yid

I think that the real problem here is Zionism.

No, the real problem here is morons with access to gasoline and a match, and rabbis who don't care. Just wait until one of them pisses off askanim from a rival (or even their own) court; I imagine if a shul or rebbe's house were to go up in flames they might start taking their crazies a bit more seriously.


Cheskey franke--Youre a moron you come here occasionally and you think you know it all what he wrote, youre a true shoite since then there were many articles written here that theese mindless hassidim accuse them without a shred of evidence like they alway accuse someone they dislike of commiting sex acts you are a puts shebe putzim go and burn youre own brothers like in new square .


Chumlee-I think that youre brain is the problem here not zionism oh and by the way you did all those aveiros eating trei, did you also do cunnilingus?

Cheskey frankel

you are a fraud!last week you posted an article that indeed it was a house of prostitution,and frequented by religious youth.so you wanted to knock and berate observent jews,then when the apartment gets burnt down oh no it's not a house of ill repute,just a wise woman who rejected orthodoxy.you can't have your cake and eat it to.just tell the real truth report the news fairly and you will be respected for your articles on religious jewery

Yochanan Lavie

Chareidi suicide vests are shatnes-free and have kosher tzitziyot.


Shmarya, have you seen ifyoutickleus?

Posted by: Agmas Nefesh | November 20, 2012 at 02:47 AM

Yes. It's meaningless. He needs to be arrested, tried, convicted and jailed. These self imposed "exiles" and the like in response to community pressure usually don't last long, and the bad behaviors return swiftly.


regrettably the woman did not shoot the people who dared burn her house down. full stop.

Agmas Nefesh

Shmarya, have you seen ifyoutickleus?


Where they burn dumpsters they will one day burn homes.


I think that the real problem here is Zionism. Torah-true Jews have always steered clear of prostitution places (or "Cat Houses" as they say in the secular world). Now you may say to yourself, "That Chumlee is just a parochial 'Haredi' and probably thinks that the world is only 400 years old. Well, I'll have you know that before I became frum, I was the most secular person there is. I would eat all manner of treyf and even drank from the proverbial garden hose, if you know what I mean. So the next time you're passing a house of prostitution, ask yourself: "What if I go in there and the prostitute turns out to be my sister or another of my near relations?"


They did it in New Square last year, and now in Israel this year.

Will this be a yearly ritual - to attempt to burn down a home which has occupants inside that you don't care for? Is this the new Hareidi way of communicating dislike for a neighbor who doesn't fit into a precise mold of religious observance as they intepret it?

And please don't tell me that whoever did it did not have permission from their rabbis. NO Hareidim who commit acts of violence against non-Hareidim are excommunicated, shunned or ostracized from their shuls, schools, or neighborhoods. But somehow Hareidim who do not comply to Hareidi standards of dress or other Hareidi behavior ARE excommunicated, shunned and ostracized from their shuls, schools and neighborhoods. The rabbis CLEARLY have control over this. The rabbis can issue excommunications against people who commit violence against non-Hareidim. But they don't. Because everyone knows that they may not have TOLD the arsonists to attempt to burn down a home with children in it when they didn't approve of the mother, or to spit on little school girls and harrass them and holler at them daily calling them "whore" - but the rabbis don't disagree with this behavior either. Which says that they approve of it. Because if they disapproved, those people would not be accepted at any minyan in town, at any shul in their neighborhood and their kids would be thrown out of school.

The rabbis are JUST as guilty of this crime as the perpetrators.

And when apologists come along and say "But the rabbi stood up in shul and said not to do it, but nobody is listening to him, what should he do?" - they're feeding you BS. For some reason Hareidim jump at everything else the "Gadol" or "Rebbe" says, and manage to shun people who the rabbi says to shun, but THESE people they don't? C'mon, I have a bridge to sell you! Of course they don't listen! Because if the rabbi even DOES say anything about it, it is with a wink, and is clearly said only to appease those who are questioning why they rabbi hasn't stood up to this garbage in his court. The rabbi's adherants know good and well when the rabbi means business and they will jump when he says jump and they will do anything he asks for. Except, of course, when he winks and whispers "You don't have to REALLY ostracize the arsonists, I only said you should so that I can do fundraising in Teaneck and the Five Towns and they wont be able to question me about what I 'say' about these things."

A. Nuran

Arson against an occupied house?

In pretty much every country that uses Dutch-Roman or English Common Law as the basis for its legal system that excuses shooting the perpetrators. It's attempted indiscriminate torture/murder.

These terrorists are as bad as Hamas and deserve to be killed the same way - without the courtesy of a trial.

Bill Ginnosar

David, you seem to be the one one to shout "THE KING IS NAKED".
There is very little difference between our fanatic crazies ,Muslim fanatic crazies,Christian fanatic crazies,Hindu fanatic crazies,ect.


Now she's one HOT mama.


How sick to conduct prostitution activities in front of children. Yech!

Posted by: D | November 19, 2012 at 10:24 PM

She is ex-Charedi, not a prostiute. Unfortunately, the frumma think all non-Charedi and non-Jewish women are prostitutes.


The increasingly severe violence from the Charedim is a great concern. It arises because neither the police nor anyone else will bring the Charedim under control.

I won't be the least bit surprised when there is the first, chas v'sholem, Charedi suicide bomber. Fortunately for us they are generally too uneducated to undertake such a plan but sooner or later they will work out what to do or the Arabs will show them (since the Charedim hate Israel as much as the Arabs do).

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