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November 11, 2012


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how do you know its haredi-owned?


Bottom line. No one was really prepared and no one expected it would be this bad.


Barry--But everyone was warned its a big one coming so no excuses .


Bottom line. No one was really prepared and no one expected it would be this bad.

Posted by: Barry | November 11, 2012 at 12:38 PM

Bottom line: the nursing homes that neighbor Promenade were all prepared – Promenade wasn't.

Nigritude Ultramarine

"Because of the nursing home's failures, residents were evacuated without I.D. or medicine sheets."

As someone from the field of health information technology, this really grinds my gears. I can't emphasize how appalling this is. Patients cannot be treated without health information. Period. That's under the best conditions. Under crisis situations -- fugetaboutit!

These asshats need to be keelhauled -- de proa a popa -- from stem to stern. Seriously.

Fortunately, we can do something about it. We can lodge a complaint with the Office of the Inspector General in Washington at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office of Civil Rights (OCR).

Leibel Schenkel

Do you mean to tell me that this was the only nursing home which was unprepared for the hurricane?

Expatriate Owl

Leibel Schenkel says: "Do you mean to tell me that this was the only nursing home which was unprepared for the hurricane?"

It might not have been the only nursing home that was not adequately prepared for the realities of Hurricane Sandy, but it IS one of, at most, a few nursing homes that did little more than a "business as usual" routine in its preparations (with the possible exception of making provisions for its executives to plan for their escape).


Do you mean to tell me that this was the only nursing home which was unprepared for the hurricane?

Would this facility's level of unpreparedness be more excusable if there were others equally as unready? Most were reasonably ready, isn't that so? Clearly there needs to be some understanding of why this situation evolved as it did however misery having company doesn't make the misery any less.

Nigritude Ultramarine

"Do you mean to tell me that this was the only nursing home which was unprepared for the hurricane?"

Inasmuch as the Hareidi M.O. is obscurantism and general disdain for "goysihe" science and safety precautions -- "unprepared" isn't really the appropriate word for the class of people who "find" themselves in these circumstances.

Still and all, responsible providers, clinicians, and allied workers in the healthcare field do not discharge patients with insufficient paperwork. It's unethical, illegal, and makes it impossible for the patient to receive appropriate care when he stops in at his next healthcare provider.


Accordibg to the m.o. and the hassidim they rely on g-d which means everything will get done on its own,in reality its laziness they want to be kings and not workers or servants why work if the rest of the world is to serve you and its engrained in the m.o. that work especially physical work is below them this is what it all amounts to doing some work


Bottom line. No one was really prepared and no one expected it would be this bad.

Posted by: Barry | November 11, 2012 at 12:38 PM

you have a point but it seems other nursing homes where better prepared and that is the point


After Katrina irresponsible nursing home operators faced criminal charges, although they were eventually acquitted. If there are any deaths ultimately attributable to this failure of nursing home operators to follow relevant laws and procedures, there could be criminal charges and civil suits to answer.

Bassy the Haredi Slayer

Probably the patients in the nursing home were gentile and why Haredim should pay extra money (which they probably would not get reimbursed) to save the life of non-Jews).

Hatzala would not save the life of non Jew unless the Gentiles would find about it.


im waiting for the article titled "City run by Jewish Mayor"......


The NYT article makes the point that there was a standard of care that the surrounding nursing homes met but the Promenade didn't.
However, there is a good likelihood that the other nursing homes are also run by haredim, as it is a pretty common haredi business in that region.

Simple Jew


Headline: 100 Haredi owned nursing homes did the right thing and followed the rules, etc. 1 didn't


All nursing homes are responsible for having an emergency plan. It is obvious that this facility was at fault for either not following the procedure that they created or for not having one. Regulators and inspections are supposed to include disaster plans as a part of their yearly evaluation, deficiencies in the form of fines can and should be levied for those who fail to comply. Administrators, Directors of Nursing, and Staff Development are key players in the emergency process and ensuring the overall safety of elderly, frail, sick residents. Ownership is responsible for budgeting for appropriate emergency resources, hiring qualified people and ensuring staff training. Obviously there huge gaps here. Again this is a learning opportunity and one that needs to be corrected not just by this facility but throughout the nation.


This Nursing Home is an exception to the rule. Every single nursing home has an exacting protocol for how to react and prepare for emergencies. Every single Nursing Facility, including numerous facilities in the immediate area, were adequately prepared for Sandy.
What happened was a failure of one facility and is proof that the system is working. Hopefully the owner will be sanctioned, and the administrator will lose his license.
What happened was completely unacceptable.

Hymie Ishkabbibil

To Bassy the Anti Semite above,

Our Jewish Ambulances pick up people of all faiths, color, and walks of life,
at no charge, and administer to them, and get them to the hospital, -all at no charge.
No doubt the Promenade owners didn't prepare, and are at fault.
Hopefully, when you have your emergency, the ambulance responds


Mike Cornelia

This is awful. I am studying to become a nurse at some nursing schools in PA. We are actually trained to handle these types of situations so this was basically a very lazy move on the nursing homes part. It is infuriating because it hurts the nursing community.

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