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November 12, 2012


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Why is there a picture of Cossacks in this story?


@Moshe in Israel

No - it's not news. It's just pathetic.


Shmarya --It is also the fear of being assimilated,fear of loosing their imagined holy self rightous status,and to join the real world where you are on youre own especially when youre not educated

Moshe in Israel

?מה חידוש הזה


Posted by: dlz | November 12, 2012 at 08:21 AM

30+ years ago the motivating factors promoting haredi unemployment were much less than they are today, but the rate of haredi unemployment when compared to the control group stays about the same.

That indicates that the motivating factors – higher welfare benefits, child allowances, theology, etc., play only a small role in keeping haredim unemployed, and that the main reason for their unemployment is their substandard education.


Employment rates for males with four years or less of elementary school education 30 years ago were between 80% to 90%. Now those employment rates have dropped to 35% and 50%. Haredi male employment almost perfectly match the employment rates of this group, the Taub study shows.

Why this big drop from 80%-90% to 35%-50%? Is this because there is a lack of opportunities today compared to 30 years or is there a lack of interest in working among the less educated.


I don't understand how the equal employment rates prove that the low level of Charedi employment is not due (at least partly) to lack of motivation? The fact that the numbers are equal does not prove that the reasons are the same.

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