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November 08, 2012


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haredi don't need scholastic education .
they won't work . their specialty is to suck from anywhere they can, any chance they can get . haredi don't care about
scholastic achievement or performance .
they focuse on how to collect money without working .


Hate to see what would happen if they tested all students in all subjects.
Cut funding now.


Once again proving that empty chairs are of no use.

bas melech

Who is surprised by the results?


"During the last school year, the Ministry of Education cut about 35 million shekels in allocations from 90 haredi schools that refused to teach the core subjects. It was seen as a substantial shift in the government’s enforcement of policy, which had previously ignored haredi refusal to comply with the law mandating that all schools teach the country’s core curriculum."

Finally showing some backbone.

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