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November 12, 2012


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never mind

Fema Hebrew as well.....



Who in the target audience needs to read סמאַרטפֿאָן to know that he or she is using a smartphone?

I hate the attitude of "if they [any group in mind] has it in their language, we want it in ours."


goyim helping yiddin cannot be

Chazal Qaeda

Yiddish speaking people were not hit very hard by this hurricane

Harshoo'ehs r us

" Faar GELT vet 'any' Roov gaibin a harshoo'eh tzee nitzin deh treifineh kaile"


Who in the United States in 2012 can read Yiddish but not English?

I can just see it all now: Mayor Bloomberg gives the next Hurricane Sandy press conference while Lydia Callis translates into YSL (Yiddish Sign Language).


"Hurricane Sandy hits the Statue of Liberty" Says the caption under the photo - which is a screenshot from 'the day after tomorrow.'

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