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November 01, 2012


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Very interesting how rabbi doug took care of the situation. He had never asked the cheder to let the minyan stay after the cheder informed him that he would have TWO MONTHS to leave! Instead, he used a facebook account he made For alderman stone and bashed cheder. Alderman stone had not known about that. (I do have to be fair he did have permission to make an account in stones name for a side reason but not to write things as if stone is writing them.) if he did not he did not ask cheder for permission to stay there, there is no request to grant permission to! Side point, he is a catagory two congragant that has no voting rights. The sale was fully legal. Etc. etc. etc.

WRP Resident

I am completely disgusted by the filth being spewed about Rabbi Doug in these comments. I don't belong to Rabbi Doug's shul, but I have been there several times for various simchas and a few levayas. I know Rabbi Doug from the community and he is one of the hardest working and most sincere people I know. He works as a rav, a mashgiach, a school rebbi - anything he can do to help his family and the community. I can't speak to the particulars of the shul debacle. I have no clue why Chabad would be so accommodating to the egalitarian minyan, yet be so eager to throw out Rabbi Doug's shul. Perhaps they want to remodel the sanctuary and turn it into classrooms. Even so, why not let Rabbi Doug's shul relocate to one of the other classroom spaces in the meantime, similar to the space the egalitarian minyan uses - it's not the only free classroom in the building on Shabbos? Regardless of the particulars, I can't believe that people would be so vicious as to try and slander a good man and completely destroy his reputation over a real estate/ financial issue. Is it really worth it for your neshamas to spew this motzi shemra - even if you think you are doing so in the name of defending your group? Will that be your defense in shamayim when you are asked to explain why you destroyed a good man's reputation? That he was was a pest that Chabad wanted out of your building, so as a good soldier, you smeared his character with some unrelated garbage so that the Beis Din and community would side with you? Maybe Rabbi Doug has no legal ground to stand on by still being in the building - I'm not a lawyer and don't know the specifics. However, taking the debate off topic and trying to slander the man is a really low blow.


I've attended Or Menorah for its Early "Mincha Gdolah" minyan on Shabbat for several years. Furthermore, I've known Rabbi Doug for over 40 years. He is a good man and his congregation reaches many Jews who might otherwise have no where else to worship. This all has been a great tragedy and I hope Or Menorah will be able to find a new venue in the immediate future.

Vicki Polin

I should be more specific then what I said above. If Rabbi Doug has been sexually inappropriate with anyone I'll help you make a police report. I can't respond about any of the other issues brought up here.

Vicki Polin

Over the years of running The Awareness Center and living in Chicago for over two years, I have to say I've never heard any rumors about Rabbi Doug. Actually several survivors over the years thought he was a good resource for them.

If anyone has any concrete information about him, please contact and if he has committed a crime, I'll help you make a police report if necessary. Otherwise, I'm guessing that this is loshon hara from those who don't support rabbonim who are modern orthodox.

Perspective / Here It Is

One final thought, as I see now that the cat is out of the bag this is a dying conversation:
The irony contained within this dialogue would be humorous if it wasn't so sad. I'm not just referring to the fact that the "victims" are strongly insinuating that the Egalitarians should be kicked out. (Hey what did they do? They seem to be the only ones no one is/should be angry at.) I'm not just referring to the people who are frequenting this blog, surprised to find loshon hara. I'm not just referring to the people who spew lashon hara and are then aghast when something is said about them. Or that Doug can say what he wants, where he wants, as publicly as he wants, but if suspicion arises that Cheder Lubavitch may have told anyone anything it seems scandalous. No, the most ironic thing here is that when actual facts are mentioned that exonerate the school, Doug's pasi beseech their own Failed Messiah to rescue them. I hope Shmarya has the guts to post the final decision of beis din next week. Goodbye.

Perspective / Here It Is

To Emes:
I do agree that ultimately beis din will have the final say and it should be accepted by both parties.
Whereas I would have agreed some time ago with you that Doug should have time to find another location for his shul, that was before the aforementioned scandals with hijaking the former alderman's Facebook account, prior to his break-in and switch of Torah covers (again, middle of the week), prior to calling inspectors on the new owners, and prior to the vicious slander he's been spreading for months. Let's not be hypocrytical on the lashon hara thing. Let's also not forget that he's had 12 months to figure it out.
You can attempt to deligitimze the writers of these posts, but you cannot delegitimize any of the aforementioned facts.


"Not as the Lashon Harah speaking lying "Lenny, Here It Is, Perspective, and Just a Neighbor" and other alias' say."

You are a genius! You actually realized Lenny was not my real name (after all, how many Lubavitchers go by the name Lenny)! I don't feel comfortable disclosing my name when I comment online on any blog, on any topic, hence I always use an alias. But you seem to claim to be forthcoming, so Mr. Emes, what's your [non alias] real name? We're all waiting with bated breath.


A Note to the other alias' who are the same person too:

mini mendel
Dover Emess

The sign you are ignoring is the Metal sign that was cemented in the ground that was sawed off saying Or Menorah - Orthodox Kehilah --> . I saw it today cut off, left in Or Menorah's sanctuary on the floor. (not the marquee sign) You forgot you did that too huh. Everyone in shul today did not forget!
I also noticed you took all their Kehilah Fund posters, Torah handouts and their Wall Luach. Nice!
Very Mature and frum of you too.

Posted by: Emes |


Dear Shmarya,
I beg you to delete all the comments or this entire article. I just was told of this article and blog, and the actions of the one individual who keeps changing his name is possibly a defamation of character law suit! I am one who often attends Or Menorah and do know many of the true facts. (though I'm not there each week) I am told the only two people that were at the Beth Din from Cheder Lubavitch were Rabbi Yitzchok Wolf and his son Moshe, so it is obviously one of the two of them posting all this Lashon Harah and trashing our Rabbi under different names. There is no extortion nor was there any free ride! Or Menroah (including me) has paid all their donations and memberships to Temple Menorah as part of a pact of partnership in the saving of the building these last 5 years. Temple Menorah received between $25,000 and $30,000 each year in donations and paid our Rabbi about $100 a week salary. The repeated lies about girls and Lashon Harah refering to our Rabbi are disgusting and those that know the Rabbi know that. This type of public talk is the worst kind of Lashon Harah and proves how unscrupulous and fake frum these people are. They may as well eat pork!
Or Menorah never had a bank account. They were run by the reform.(Thus the name Or (Orthodox) Menorah in Temple Menorah) When the reform sold the building, they excluded Or Menorah and did not give the group a penny of their money to make plans to move out, or ask for thier opinion or vote whether to sell or not. Or Menorah never stole anything and have requested a period of time to stay and even pay rent so they can work on funds to afford to move. Cheder Lubavitch wants them out now and with no money it would shut them down. They had all this year's dues paid to the reform who are still holding the money from all 5 years there, and gave Or Menorah no funds from the sale. Cheder refused the rent and wanted them out right after Yom Tov with no chance of survivng. Some angels in the community have offered some donations to help them get restarted, but want Cheder to give them a chance to find a good location so their members will go with them. There are halachas about throwing out an Orthodox shul with no place to go. The Cheder is keeping an egalitarian conservative synagogue in the premise when they throw out Or Menorah. That is real Kosher too, right? Now you have the facts as I know them. Not as the Lashon Harah speaking lying "Lenny, Here It Is, Perspective, and Just a Neighbor" and other alias' say. How sad! One true thing is the Beth Din will make the decision.
The Bes Din did issue an Ikul to allow Or Menorah to stay un bothered until they render a ruling on these Halachik matters, so Or Menroah has not broken one law, like locking them out did. Once again I beg you to ban this lyer and Slanderer, or just delete this article.
Now you know the truth


I called R Y Wolf and asked him for info on this controversy. His response was that Jews have one way of resolving disputes, Din Torah. The Din Torah that is taking place will resolve it all. He refused to discuss any details.
I admire his response disregarding all the criticism thrown at him. Kol Hakavod.

Perspective / Here It Is

Yes, I am the same person. The facts and analogy remain the same.


"Perspective" and "Here it is" are the same person.

What he's doing is called sockpuppeting, and it isn't honest and it isn't allowed.

Stick with one screen name (or, better yet, your own actual legal name).

If you don't, I'll delete your comments and ban you.

Here It Is

Many of you have been disappointed with Cheder Lubavitch’s silence on this “controversy” with Rabbi Doug Zeldon. Though I am not Lubavitch, I, too, wish the administration would say something, and have asked them that very question on multiple occasions. Their response to me was that, “We don’t want to bury the guy. We just want him out of our building.” The truth of the matter is that the facts would bury Doug, and that I’m not as nice as the administration at Cheder Lubavitch. So here are the facts:
• Contrary to popular belief, Or Menorah never rented space from Temple Menorah. Doug was given a free ride, and he and his members were considered quasi-members of Temple Menorah, with no voting rights or any stake in the Temple according to its bylaws.
• In August, immediately following the sale of Temple Menorah to Cheder Lubavitch, Doug used form Alderman Stone’s Facebook account, one Doug had created for the Alderman when he had worked in his office, and posing as the former alderman, viciously slandered all the parties involved in the sale. It was subsequently removed when the alderman caught wind of it.
• Doug has known since last November of the impending sale. If you recall, he even mass emailed his constituents of the impending “injustice” back in the spring. He then blatantly lied to beis din, claiming that he had only that month found out he would no longer be allowed to remain in the building, and claiming his was a partial owner in the property and the sale should therefore be invalid.
• The “injunction” beis din passed that Doug boasted about was hardly legitimizing for Doug. I have seen it first-hand, and it basically asks that the minyan be allowed to continue to convene until the case would be revisited by the beis din two weeks later, at which point Doug would need to bring forth evidence of a legitimate claim against the school or the case would be dropped. It does not indicate in any way that Cheder Lubavitch cannot do with its property what it wishes (e.g. remove signs.) Cheder Lubavitch did not violate the ikul.
• The large, steel sign pictured at the top of this string of blogs never belonged to Doug. It was the property of Temple Menorah, sold to Cheder Lubavitch, and remains intact, though the reference to Doug’s minyan has been removed from within the sign.
• Earlier, but subsequent to the sale, a considerable quantity of tables and chairs belonging to Temple Menorah disappeared. They strongly suspect Doug in their disappearance.
• A few weeks ago, the night prior to Cheder Lubavitch changing the locks on the doors to its newly (and legally) purchased property, the school chained the doors shut after all students had left. (Mind you this was in the middle of the week, not a Friday. The following day the locks were changed and the chains removed.) That very night someone broke into the building through a window in the Temple Menorah office. They subsequently left by breaking off one of the handles, thereby rendering the chains useless, from the doors on the California entrance. Mysteriously, as far as both Cheder Lubavitch and Temple Menorah could tell, not a single item was stolen. Even more mysteriously, the only thing Temple Menorah could tell was different was that the covers on its sifrei Torah had been switched so that all of the finest sifrei Torah had Or Menorah’s covers on it.
• Subsequent to that event, Doug called virtually every city inspector he could think of to report alleged code violations in the building. Interestingly enough, one of the alleged violations the fire inspectors had on their list was that the doors were chained, a fact no one but the Cheder Lubavitch administration and the nighttime robber would know.
• This week the two sides appeared in beis din again, and beis din has yet to make a ruling. This is primarily because the primary party in Doug’s “legal” dispute, the Reform temple, doesn’t recognize the beis din and would not appear, and therefore the case doesn’t belong in beis din. They did ask the two parties to come to agreement by this coming week or they would make a ruling.
• Nonetheless, Doug is not coming out of this with nothing. He is walking away with a sizable amount of cash from one of his own members and Cheder Lubavitch supporter to walk away by the end of the year. A payoff, no. Extortion, absolutely. He has already threatened Temple Menorah with a lawsuit, albeit one he cannot possibly win, if they do not pay him as well.
Regarding the many sexual allegations that follow Doug from various people and institutions, those allegations shouldn’t have any bearing on this case, except for the fact that this is a school.
For those of you who have as of yet been unable to connect the dots, I hope the actual facts aforementioned act as bold, red lines to connect them for you. You are dealing with two institutions that have been long-standing, reputable institutions of the Chicago Jewish community on the one hand, and a self-proclaimed rabbi who has been dogged by alleged financial and sexual scandal on the other. If you don’t believe me, ask people from Temple Menorah. Ask Doug to see the full documentation from beis din, not just the excerpts he likes. Ask the alderman. Ask to see any legal document that may indicate that Doug has a rightful stake in the property.
The real losers here are not Cheder Lubavitch, Temple Menorah or “Rabbi” Doug. The real losers are the ones who continue to support this narcissist even when the truth stares them in the eye.


Once upon a time three was an elderly couple, Mr. and Mrs. Menorah, who had lived for decades in a nice Jewish neighborhood. They were a welcoming couple and even had a sign on their front lawn that read “Welcome to the Menorah residence.” They chanced upon a nice homeless man (let’s call him Doug), whom they allowed stay in their basement rent-free. The Menorah’s and Doug spawned a wonderful relationship, and even allowed Doug to put a sign next to theirs that read “and Doug”. A few years later, the Menorahs decided it was time to move on and put their home up for sale. Along came the Lubab family and made an offer that was accepted. Though Doug new of the impending sale and what it would mean to his residential status, Doug became irate, claiming the house was his and that the Menorahs had no right to sell it without his consent, and he refused to leave. Doug’s friends became especially irate when the Lubabs took down his “and Doug” sign. Does this situation sound familiar?

Just a neighbor

Clarification: the Temple Menorah sign you see in the picture is still there. The lettering advertising Rabbi Zeldons minyan was taken off as well as a sign owned by his congregation which was located in the grass in front of the building. There is no indication that his shul meets in the building.


.. and the same people who offer a bribe to Rav to go away may be capable of destroying signage. Hmmmm.....


Inside knowledge is like secret sources.... horseshit. And if he was extorting all this money, he wouldn't have to hustle his ass off like we've all seen him do. Hell, the guy was working as mashgiach on the side to make a few more shekels. Doesn't sound like some lazy extortionist par excellence to me.



Actually, yes it is LaShon Harah.

The Cofetz Chaim once refused it call a man a thief that everyone saw steal from him - that is the standard.


I just made a phone call and received additional info on this case from people with inside info. Zelden is an extortionist, par excellence.

Yesterday the Din Torah was held and Zelden was given a few weeks to evacuate premises. Supporters of Cheder Lubavitch offered Zelden $10,000 to leave without disturbance. Now you know why he does what he does. He did the same thing to a shul in a nursing home and he did the same thing to another shul that allowed him to use space for a mechitza minyan. He is a predator upon the shuls and institutions in the area to extort money from them. Not an honorable way to earn a living, I'd say.

And whoever writes "this is loshon hara" garbage, no it's not! This guy attacks the honor of the cheder and it's staff in a public email, write's incendiary [untrue] slander about them (that they stole property from him) then he or one of his proxys forward it to this blog to further drag the good name of Cheder through the mud, then cries that his name is being besmirched when people point out the serious flaws with his story.

It's troubling to me that the officials of cheder or chabad of IL don't respond to the hideous article above or some of the hideous comments above (even in the ones who saw through zelden, they were apologizing for questioning Zelden and begging us to trust them that their hateful anti Chabad tendencies remain intact - how utterly contemptible to engender such hate to anybody...). I think they are mistaking by remaining silent, and I'm glad as a simple Lubavitcher to do my part, yet I believe their staff with immense inside knowledge should give a lucid response (only they can give an informed response as they know all the info first hand).


This story was submitted by a recipient of Zelden's emails, so presumably it's clear to all about the objectivity of this article. Actually the cheder recently purchased the building from a Reform Temple. Cheder has been renting the premises to house their girls school for approximately 15 years and pursued it as a property purchase for years and were always refused until this year. For the past couple of years, Zelden rented space from the reform temple on shabbos and y"t. Finally with the Cheder holding the deed to the property, they decided to elect not to rent out space to house a shul (it's a school not a shul, they don't have a shul in the cheder boys building either). Cheder never had Zelden as a tenant and they are not interested in Zelden insisting that he's going to be their tenant whether they like it or not. Being that Cheder does comply to summons to din torah, they continue to allow Zelden to hold his minyan there until the din torah renders an outcome. Zelden is not entitled to litter their school building with his property and was only entitled to utilize it until the din torah for davening as he continues to do as his own email above indicates. Not to mention, the sign that was removed, belonged to the cheder as it is a portion of the property that they just purchased. Moreover, it never belonged to Zelden, it belonged to the Reform Temple.

So I guess all your biased fluff above was just to spread some more hate to us at Chabad. But if it gives you a great sensational feeling, so be it. Quite a lame story, but, whatever.


Let me get this straight.
A) It's a scandal that Chabad bought the property
B) It's a scandal that Chabad paid fair market value for it (north of a million bucks).
C) It's a scandal that Chabad doesn't want a tenant.
D) It's a scandal that Chabad which purchased the property to serve the purpose as a girl school, removed the Temple Menorah sign which was residual effects of the property from the previous owner (i.e. the Reform temple).

This is indeed quite scandalous. Perhaps this can be featured as a story on American Greed!


I"ve known R. Doug for some time now. Not too many rabbis you feel so comfortable with that you can get a psak in the morning from him and go fishing or hear blues with him in the afternoon. While he is not technically 'my' rabbi, I respect him and think this is a grave injustice being placed upon him by Chabad. I think the purchase of this building was greatly 'helped' by a leading macher in the area. No reason to push a rav and his minyan out the door, if he's been there without problems. Shahnda....


I grew up in the same neighborhood as Rabbi Doug and have known him most of my life. He has never been accused of the things those monsters are saying above. He's one of the most honest hard working people I know (with his lovely wife)for the Jewish community and for his shul members. How dare these school people (obviously it is them) try to slander him!! They want Mashiach now???.... well sinas chinam destroyed the bes hamikdash and they personally have prevented its rebuilding and the coming of mashiach! They really belong ousted from their positions. Where is the parent body and board of a school that their administrators act like this and don't answer for it?
His shul offered rent to stay... not to take the building from the owners. They refused it and want to keep a consrvative shul in his place. I heard this first hand from members of the egal conservative minyan that I know. This is the Bet Din's Question. How dare they act like this!
I'dfire them immediately for their lack of Yiddish integrety, and I am a member of Chabad! I saw both these signs including the metal one cut doiwn and missing when I drove by. That is genayva since the Bet Din did not come to a ruling as far as I have heard.

If I had kids in the school - they'd have been fired for these actions.


It is obvious that all the anti-rabbi doug posts are by the same person and probably someone connected to that school. (and changing their blog name)
If the Bes Din is involved why accuse anyone? what is halachikly right is to be determined by them and the rabbi and school will have to follow their psak.
I warn these chabad people who are trying to depict this shul rav as inappropriate in ways that I would not repeat, You are again, breaking the bes din ruling, speaking lashon hara and up for a defamation of character lawsuit. I dont know any of you involved but I know bes din rules and i know halacha. Watrch yourselves!

West Roger's Park Rav

The comments here maligning a Rabbi in the community are obviously from the perpatrtors of the crime (and their henchman) Such talk is true Lashon Harah is is forbidden by Halacha to be places on any blog. The Rabbi is a fine upstanding individual who is losing his shul and wishes that halachically a way to allow him to rent and stay would be found. You people aren't Jews who write such terrible lies top make him look bad. This blog needs to be deleated by whoever posted it.


I'll bet if we checked the IP addresses of the last 8 posts, you could cover their locations with a dime on a map.

Maybe a pin.


A lubavitch school parent told me that e school purchased the property for 1,300,000. To call that an elegal sale is rediculous. Although as a neighbor I use the shul and would hate to lose this convenience,I fully understnd the school's position for efuusing rentals and their insistence to turn the sanctuary into ckasrooms.


You people should be ashamed of yourselves for the untrue Lashon Harah being spread about a good and respectable rabbi. This is how rumors like these are started. Cheder Lubavitch should be thankful that Or Menorah didn't call the police and get these Lubavitch rabbis arrested for theft and vandalism. The sale was illegal and therefore, legally Lubavitch doesn't own the building. This is not how Jews act towards one another. I have lost complete respect in everything Lubavitch after seeing the disgusting pictures of expensive signs pulled out of the ground and ripped apart. It is a community problem, and the community is the only one that will be able to save the shul from this injustice.


This issue appears to be whether or not there is improper behavior by Chabad or not. Picking apart Rabbi Doug has nothing to do with the headline, don't know why it is being discussed. Got some proof? pics? then by all means. Otherwise, this is just character assassination of a a good rabbi... not good.

Lubab Chicano

Rabbi Doug does not have the best reputation in Chicago. He has a history of various types of misconduct. I will not go into them other than to say that there are 2 sides to this story. It is unfair to only publish one side of the story. To go out of your way to besmirch Chabad is unfair, but predictable. Rabbi Doug is a nice man, but his handling of this situation begs one to ask why is Chabad doing this? I urge Shmarya to please do some research.

Steven W

Does Rabbi Doug have a lease from Temple Menorah (the Reform congregation seller) that allows him to stay after a sale?

I never knew all the details (when has that ever stopped anyone on a website?) but it was my understanding that Temple Menorah leased the school wing to Chabad for a girls' school. They leased/allowed the use of the library to the Ner Tamid/Ezra Habonim Egalitarian Minyan and allowed them to use certain common areas. The Reform had a Friday night service now and then somewhere in the building or with the Egalitarian Minyan.

Rabbi Doug has/had the main sanctuary and put up a mechitza down the center aisle. I was under the impression that the Reform informally let him use the space to see if he could get a congregation up and running.

In addition to the school, Chabad held services (sometimes? all of the time?) in a small chapel near the school entrance.

I don't know which flavor of Chabad bought the building but for those keeping score, there is a messianic/yellow flag Chabad group in a storefront a few blocks away.


I wish that Doug did not have a history with women, otherwise I would support him having a room in the building for a Minyan. I like his Minyan as a neighbor but not him so much as a person. Does Chabad want him out because of his young girl issues? who knows. They appear to be silent on all this.


Did anyone file anything in a civil court? Unless there was an actual agreement to arbitrate this dispute in a religious court, I cannot see that there is any actionable claim against Chabad. If the sign is the one depicted in the photo, it is a "fixture" attached to the land and was transferred with the real estate. As much as I dislike Chabad, under Illinois law IMO, they did nothing wrong (at least in this particular instance.) Also, rebitzman, there are more Jews moving to Buffalo Grove and points north. Skokie is slowly becoming more Asian and Arabic. Evanston is still pretty waspy for the most part with very few non-secular Jews.


I agree with the comment about being careful with stories about "Rabbi" Doug Zelden. He's been hitting on young women and underage girls in Chicago for generations -- as per stories (told in completely separate times and contexts) from my mother, two aunts and my sister in-law. The last time I returned to Chicago for a visit I encountered 3 old friends of mine who apparently had similar freaky experiences.

Do I condone Chabad for vandalism? Absolutely not!! But I would like to point out that the real issues here may be murkier than they appear.

נחש הקדמוני

אוויא דער אנטי צמח-משיח הנקרא 'הירשל ציג'ס' בלאג, מיט דעם מטורף שאולזאן'ס בלאג הנקרא 'בעולמם של חרדים' האבן איין מטרה צי באשמוצען אין דערנידיריגן אלע חרדישע יודן בכל מקומות מושבותיהם! פון אלע שיכט'ן, אין אלטץ פארשטעלט באיצטלא דרבנ'ן.. וד"ל. אבער דער פורים מסוה זייערער איז דורכזיכטיג, זייער ביידע מיט פילע זייער גלייכנס פון די משכילי ליבאוויטש וואס האט זיך דערקייקל'ט צו א מצב פון כמעט 'כל באיה לא ישובון' באנוצן זיך מיטן טאקטיק פון 'המתכבד בקלון חבירו' דהיינו ער דעקט אויף יענעמס שאנדע ווארע אדער דמיונות'דיגע, מיז דאך זייו אז ער איז ריין דערפון אין "ונקתה ונזרעה זרע" אבער ליידער זענען "זייערע-זרע" ווייט ווייט פון דעם! פיל טיפער אין דעם מים הזידונים פון אסימילאציע אוויא סיי וועלעכע פון וועם זיי פראבירן צי דער נידערן! ליידער האבן זיי קיין תקנה מער ניט, שבירתן זו הוא טהרתן! וד"ב עכשיו

mini mendel

No, it's just that there are now two of you who are incorrect.


@mini mendel

Just spoke to their former cantor. Appears my memory served me quite well on the price.......


"While you're at it, please reconcile your comments about Rabbi Zelden and the laws of lashon harah."

Easy enough, rebitzman. I do recall learning that if the given lashon serves as a warning of the possibility of future harm, that it is not only permissible but compulsory, and such was the nature of my statement.

Dover Emess

Shmarya did not seek comment from the sdministration of the Lubavitch Cheder in Chicago or from Rabbi Wolff. He usually is more "objective" but I guess he realizes here that Chabad OWNS the property and probably has a legitimate reason to do what they did, so in stead of seeking comment or hearing their side he wrote "allegedly"... The partys are in front of Harav Hagaon Moreinu Rabbi Schwartz shlit"a as this is being written.

Lately, S. has lost much of whatever objectivity which he allegedly had... He is showing his true [yellow] colors.... Start with the kid beaten in Aliya Center....

mini mendel

Your memory does not serve you well, at all. The building was not "given" to Chabad, it was sold, for upwards of one-million dollars, and the "understanding" that you mention does not apply to Rabbi Zelden and his congregation, it applies to the Reform Congregation that has owned the building for decades.


If memory serves - Chabad was basically given the building with the express understanding that they original shul (that is basically dying off because the Jewish community as a whole is moving north to Skokie/Evanston area) be allowed to daven there until they faded away.........

Appears something changed as to that arrangement...

Baruch Shelo Asani Haredi

"Mainstream" Lubabs behaving badly. This is Chicago, so they can't hang it on the messianic lunatics in Israel or 770. Let's see if this helps bring moshiach.


chafetz b'ilum shmo I agree with you that if Chabad owns the building they can decide whatever they want to do with it, change locks, etc.

what i wonder is: did Chabad serve a detainer notice to or menorah? was the lockout performed under police supervision? when they cut down the sign did they give notice to or menorah and offer them a way to recover it?

this article does not have enough information

A. Nuran

Forget Bet Din orders. Why haven't these yunces been arrested for vandalism and theft?

chafetz b'ilum shmo

If the local Lubavitchers bought the building, they should be able to put up a Schneerson idol or do pretty much what they want with the demised premises. That's what private property is all about. That they don't recognise a 'snag rabbinical body is no hiddush. Shmarya is just at it again stirring up hatred against Lubavitch.


Do you really expect a Bais Din led by Rabbi Gedalia Schwartz who is a member of the RCA.
In Australia, they don't even listen to their own Bais Din.


@Darth Zeidah

We're not an organized religion - we're Jews.


Perhaps you could provide the other side? While you're at it, please reconcile your comments about Rabbi Zelden and the laws of lashon harah...........


Does it really need to be pointed out that there are two sides to every story? Be very careful when you repeat anything that originates with Rabbi Zelden, as often times you will be repeating half truths or complete nonsense.


In fairness, it's important to hear the other side before rendering judgement, just like Beit Din is trying to do. nevertheless, this news, if correct, is obviously disturbing. To the poster above, avoiding all organized religion because of Cabad is about as stupid as avoiding the dentist because somewhere a dentist took liberties with a patient. dont paint all jews or all clergy with the same brush.


These people are primitives - adhering to no social code nor any code of decency. Effectively outlaws. They denigrate the civil justice system as anti-Semitic and then fail to adhere to the rulings of the Beit Din which is a creation of their own - except, I suppose, when it suits them to.

Darth Zeidah

This is yet another reason to convince me to stay away from organized religion.


Chabad ignored a beit din order? Who'd have thought...

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