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November 14, 2012

Better Late Than Never, Too?

Executive Council of Australian Jewry Statement on Child Sex Abuse Commission Formation 11-14-2012The head of Australian Jewry lies about Chabad coverup of child sexual abuse on national radio, claiming that Chabad has fully cooperated with police when police repeatedly have stated – including in court under oath – that the Chabad community was not cooperating and was attempting to obstruct justice. And Danny Lamm's organization and Lamm himself lie about when the first credible word of child sexual abuse in Melbourne's Chabad and haredi communities was made public, claiming that happened only in 2011 when there was, in fact, a major child sexual abuse scandal in the haredi community there in 2008 which was well-covered in the local Jewish media.


Please click the gray bar to listen:

121114 Danny Lamm ABC Radio Drive interview

Lead Jewish victim Manny Waks writes:

“This [the audio interview posted above with Dr. Danny Lamm] is the most offensive and despicable interview I have heard on this scandal. Danny is essentially questioning the integrity of the Herald Sun journalist (who wrote yesterday’s explosive article, and was subsequently interviewed on radio stating that he had been inundated with phone calls from members of the Jewish community corroborating the facts contained in his article), Victoria Police (who have made it clear, including in court, that Yeshivah was not fully cooperating), as well as the victims and their families (who have reported ongoing harassment and intimidation by some within the Yeshivah leadership).
Danny is simply accepting Yeshivah’s current position, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. It makes me wonder how the ECAJ would have reacted at the time the abuse in question was happening—based on their current position, it would probably have taken Yeshivah at their word that no abuse was taking place.
I should add that Danny’s acceptance of Yeshivah’s position is all the more confusing given that a senior official within the ECAJ had informed me directly and unambiguously that Yeshivah is completely unwilling to engage with any of the peak bodies. So even if Yeshivah changed its attitude towards the peak bodies, the fact that the ECAJ now takes them at their word is perplexing.
It is also interesting to note that the ECAJ belatedly issued a media statement (also attached) welcoming the Prime Minister’s announcement of a Royal Commission. While I welcome this development, it was a shame that it happened four days after the announcement and only after I highlighted publicly this lack of interest by the ECAJ and the other peak bodies (I noted this on my Facebook account— https://www.facebook.com/manny.waks/posts/138544962961469?comment_id=292973&notif_t=like—at around 2:30pm and the ECAJ circulated the statement just after 5pm).
It is also worth noting the major inaccuracy in their brief statement; ‘[a]llegations of sexual abuse concerning a small section of the Jewish community in Melbourne surfaced in July 2011’ is patently false. They have obviously forgotten about the Malka Leifer affair, the former ultra-Orthodox Adass Principal who is alleged to have sexually abused many children under her care and then fled (with assistance?) to Israel. This transpired in 2008. I’m sure her victims, their families and many within our community remember this scandal all too well. Apparently not the ECAJ.
It is difficult for me to rationalise the ECAJ’s current position, only to say that perhaps this is part of a second generation Holocaust survivor mentality, where some within the community fear retribution in response to scandals afflicting our community.
While I acknowledge and respect Danny and the ECAJ in terms of their contribution to the Jewish community, on this issue they have gotten it wrong, very wrong. Their position is simply untenable. The ECAJ should clarify its position and/or apologise to those they have offended.
The ECAJ should be standing behind victims, their families and the community—not behind the very institutions that facilitated and covered up the ongoing sexual abuse of dozens of innocent children.”
Manny Waks

Here's the official statement, such that it is:

Executive Council of Australian Jewry Statement on Child Sex Abuse Commission Formation 11-14-2012


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Head of Australian Jewry? LOL. No such position exists. It is like calling the head of UJA-Federation, or even Malcolm Hoenlein, the head of US Jewry.

Poor Danny Lamm will end up with egg on his face. He should talk to a few victims rather than get his 'information' from Yeshivah admin.

Manny, Manny. You really are doing all you can to become a media star with your 'victimhood'.

Sadly we are going to seeing hundreds, if not thousands, of cases of genuinely abused and destroyed Catholic souls - who suffered far, far worse than you ever did.
(But they never thought of making a career out of all this.)

Before your case gets anywhere near the commissioners, there will be years of catholic submissions which will no doubt eventually tire and bore the community. And the dreadfulness of the Cathlics experiences will make your abuse seem tame in comparison.

Tachlis, the Jewish schools have all cleaned up their act (and I have no doubt that even totally secular ones like Bialik will never again employ gays as principals).

Let the current leadership concentrate on improving education and fundraising to ensure that all Jewish families can have their children enrolled in Jewish schools - something that Yeshiva has always tried to do (and as we all know educated the 17 Waks kids without ever receiving a penny for their efforts).

Should you succeed in your greed of massive financial rewards in claims against the YC, hopefully you'll be enough mentch to at least repay the years of schooling that you and your family received.

1234 - Not only a troll but very offensive.

You are nuts,since when did Adass Israel apologize about Leifer,since when did the Adass make a public statment about all the sexual abuse done by rabbi eisebach,and horrifing brutal a abuse done by rabbi yossy goldberg
This is a very good start on the community cracking down on abuse ,but many waks has still along way to go.
i wish Many a lot of patience and good health

So it's 'Tamara' now?
What happened B.?
You've had a sex-change operation?

Mazel Tov!

Your a good comedian Michelle

If you are a Nazi please ignore this statement,but if not why did the adass israel school help flee mrs leifer to israel,why did they help rabbi eizenbach who sexually abused so many children flee to israel,why is yossy goldberg the son of nochum goldberg still teaching in the school after he is an extremely dangerous person ,he hit the kids in the most cruelest way possible.

B. Did you or didn't you have a sex-change operation?

Or is it just that you have run out of names to use and you now make up both male and female ones.

Whatever turns you on..

Hopefully you will be fronting up to the Royal Commission with all your complaints.

But remember, you MUST use only your real name. Otherwise it will be you who will be up for perjury.

Of course if you have by now become so confused that you have actually forgotten your real name, come back to Mama and I'll remind you and even write it on a scrap of paper for you.

Bye bye sweetie

lotzones achas doiche meo tochchois.

you and rabbi yossy goldberg from the adass israel school in caulfeld will burn in hell with all the nazis to together,this world can not punish you ,you are just as wicked as him,probably rabbi shimon opman will join you ,since he never stoped it .
rabbi elozar yitzchok greenfeld the uncle of yossi goldberg deserves credit .his areal mentch,he tried stopping all of this.
hashem should bless all the good yidden and all the wonder full people in adass kehila in melbourne and in klall yisrael .

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