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November 07, 2012


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This is once again truly shameful behaviour by SHAS. However, my hope is that as more and more Israelis and more and more Diaspora Jews get to know Jews of "non-traditional origins" on a personal basis, they will learn to relate to them as fellow Jews and will drop their prejudice.

Atheodox Jew

I have a feeling this story is as much about his non-Orthodox affiliation/conversion as it is his origin and skin color.

The question is, would he have encountered as much difficulty getting a visa if he had an Orthodox conversion and was headed to Ponevezh yeshiva?


I have a feeling this story is as much about his non-Orthodox affiliation/conversion as it is his origin and skin color.

I concur.


It has nothing to do with colour - I'm white and orthodox and the misrad hapnim took a year to sort my visa... They held my passport for six months, literally hundreds of phone calls and multiple visits to the office and still it took them nine months to even acknowledge they had my paperwork... Sorry mate it ain't your colour its Israeli govt efficiency or lack thereof!!!



It's not "lack of efficiency," it's internal policy.


There is also a group of Abayudaya seeking Orthodox conversion- the Putti Jews. You can "Google" them. A couple of Putti Jews went to study in yeshiva in Israel. However, I don't know if they fared any better with the Israeli government authorities. Does anyone know?

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