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November 04, 2012


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I'm very sad when I see what some Habad rabbis are doing.
some of them feel they are "gurus" and all people around them have to leave only on what they want for themselves.
Some are liars, I've a file of one of them in France who signed a false testimony in a divorce file in the non jew court to help the husband to get a positive decision from a judge.
One is asking me not to come to pray in his bet kneset claiming I'm disturbing the prayers...
One refuses to give me the weekly "sirat Hashavoua" because the cost is too expensive.
These are only some exemples but many people are suffering from these liars who have a simple target, how to make money.
I'm sure the Rabbi who sees all what's going also suffers strongly because of these men.


It didnt happen in New York. Has been moved to Melbourne because all the witnesses are here.


Can someone please post the psak of teh Din Torah now taking place in New York?


Anyone who challenges Herzogs position in the city is going to be attacked


"Turf war" - absolute joke. One shiur a week and daily Mincha. Wow, really worth making a Chillul Hashiem over. Why don't they have the weekly shiur on different days and then it's not a turf war any more.

CM Brexxer

harry - at least shmarya took his story from a proper source like jta
that was put out by herzog himself!!

Harry Joachim

see http://www.prlog.org/12016342-smear-campaign-against-chabad-shliach-uncovered-in-damaging-turf-war.html


Since you have agreed to "whatever" it's good enough for me-- and for you.

Korben Dallas

Whatever, man. You're going to gehinnom for your crimes against his name and you shall burn with your filthy fucking pig idol. You're not the first Jew to bow to an idol or anything, so relax. Sit in your yeshiva and enjoy your heaven of infant dick blood and racial supremacy. I'll see you in court, bitch.


Hey Korben--
If after what you have spewed here you can still have an outcome better than what you have consigned to me and my Rebbe, then I will take my "hell" and you can keep your "heaven".

Korben Dallas

mendel, you're officially a Christian. You're quoting your pig messiah as proof of his own divinity. You'll burn for what you're doing to the Jewish people with your idolatry.


he never said nor hinted that he was the Messiah and all this stupidity started after his death.

1. "The leader of the generation is also the Moshiach (Redeemer of Israel) of the generation."

(Kuntres Beis Rabbeinu ShebeBavel, ch. 5)

2. "I will not be troubled if one will translate "Moshiach" literally, i.e., the righteous Moshiach, since that is indeed the truth. The leader of the generation is in fact Moshiach of the generation."

(Eve of Simchas Torah 5746, Hisvaduyos, unedited)

3. "In the same generation, all three (acrostic letters of 'MiYaD' [the Hebrew word for "immediately"]) are manifest: 'M' (Moshiach), Y (initials of both names of the Rebbe, my father-in-law--Yosef Yitzchak), and 'D' ('Doram'--their generation)."

In footnote 96, the Rebbe inserts: "It should be noted that Menachem is his [Moshiach's] name (Sanhedrin 98b)."

(Shabbos Yisro, 5752, ch. 11. See also
Shabbos Tazria-Metzora, 5751, footnote 67)

4. "May we actually merit (the Redemption) immediately [miyad] with all the meanings of 'miyad.' This also includes the acronym of the leaders of generations in a general sense, Moshe, Yisroel (the Baal Shem Tov), and David (King Moshiach)."

In footnote 148, the Rebbe inserts: "And more specifically pertaining to our generation, the acronym of 'MiYaD' indicates the three eras of the Rebbe, my father-in-law, leader of our generation, [See Shabbos Vaeira, 5752, ch. 10], from the most recent in order: Moshiach (whose name is Menachem), Yosef Yitzchak, Dovber (the second name of the Rebbe Rashab)."

(Shabbos Mishpatim, 5752, ch. 13)

5. "The King Moshiach... stands on the rooftop of the Holy Temple and announces to Israel, 'Humble ones, the time of your Redemption has arrived'--as has been announced and is being announced lately... This announcement is coming from the diaspora..."

(Shabbos Chayei Sarah, 5751, ch. 12 and footnote 108)

6. "The Rebbes of Chabad, who trace their lineage back to the House of King David, of the tribe of Yehudah..."

(Shabbos Shemos, 5752, ch. 13)

[In reference to the Rebbe's father, Rabbi Levi Yitzchak Schneerson, of blessed memory, the Rebbe comments] "In addition, he actually descends from the offspring of David."

(Sefer Hasichos 5749, vol 2, p. 650)

7. "... that the arms reduction conference, its decisions and announcement took place in the city of the leader of our generation, indicates that all this came as a result of the activities and efforts of promulgating Torah and Judaism, justice and equity, throughout the entire world, which was and is being done through the leader of our generation, Moshiach of our generation."

(Shabbos Mishpatim, 5752, ch. 3)

Footnote 26 of the above reads: "It should be noted that the United Nations, whose goal is to spread unity and peace amongst nations, was established in the lower [i.e., Western] Hemisphere following and in close proximity to the time of the arrival of the leader of our generation in the lower hemisphere. (It began with the nations' resolution during the war, approximately in 5702 [1942])...and its location was established in the city of the leader of our generation, including the construction of its headquarters there (approximately in the year 5711) [1951, the year in which the Rebbe assumed the mantle of leadership]


maybe now you get a partner for failedmessiah


KD I think you may be a little unhappy about Chabad but I don't think you can blame the Rebbe because some nutcases have deified him and/or think he is the Messiah. (The nutcases are just naughty boys.) The Rebbe worked day and night to make the world a better place, he never said nor hinted that he was the Messiah and all this stupidity started after his death.

Chill a bit.

Korben Dallas

Mendel, how does any of that bullshit about what Hatbeard A said to Hatbeard B give you a license to bow to an idol? Do you really think Hashem is going to reward your unbridled arrogance because you're too stupid to think for yourself? Nobody needs your bullshit anymore, you're done. You and your idol are filthy degenerates and you're going to burn together. More harm has been done in the name of your pig Shneerson by his psychotic dogs that call themselves rabbis than any good that may have come about. You have sown hatred and resentment, and seem to think that when your dead shitstain Schneerson rises from the dead, everyone will see that we deserved your derision all along, yes?

No, fucko. You're done.


To clarify Yossi's ambiguous statement - I believe that when he refers to "his father the rosho" he means Herzog's father and not Stern's.

Now that Herzog has left Melbourne the real shluchim can work without being threatened and harassed. Maybe in NY Herzog will get the psychiatric assistance that he so badly needs.


Chaim Herzog has been menace in Melbourne for years. Even now he still stalks Menachem Stern, who is an offical shliach. His father the rosho was chased out of Melbourne and now he should also go.


I've never heard anyone call the Satmar rebbe the messiah.
Why not? We in Chabad are merely following the tradition discussed in meshechtes Sanhedrin:
.And there[12] (at the beginning of the discussion): "the School of Rabbi Shilah said, Shiloh is his name, as it is written, "until Shiloh comes"; the School of Rabbi Yannai said, Yinun is his name (similar to Yannai, [thus] each one explained the name of Moshiach after his name[13]), as it is written, "May his name endure forever, as long as the sun, may his name be perpetuated (Yinun)"; the School of Rabbi Chaninah said, Chaninah is his name, as it is written, "I will show you no favor;"[14] others say Menachem ben Chizkiyahu[15] is his name, as it is written, "for far from me is a comforter to revive my spirit."[16]

And we (Chassidim) follow their example[17] (in regard to our Rebbeim, our leaders, in particular My sainted father-in-law, leader of our generation): Yosef is his name, as it is written[18] "The L-rd will continue [Yosif] to apply His hand a second time, etc., and He shall gather the lost of Israel, etc." Yitzchak is his name, as it is written,[19] "Then our mouths will be filled with laughter [s'chok]"

CM Brexxer

about time chabad did something about the meshugoim

Korben Dallas

At least Satmar doesn't deify the Teitelbaums. They may be mafia dons, but I've never heard anyone call the Satmar rebbe the messiah. So at least they have that going for them. Yes they're the world's most successful organized crime family but idolaters they are not.

Korben Dallas

mendel, I realize that talking bullshit is second nature to you filthy Chabad turds, but I'm in the business of calling it like I see it. Burn you shall, and what are Jews supposed to do when we see idolaters burn for the sanctification of Hashem's name?

We rejoice.


Take the gag out of your mouth so we can hear what you truly feel.
Show some dis-inhibhition if you can next time.

Korben Dallas

You Chabad turds are going to burn in the name of your fucking idol. I'll light the goddamn match personally. You psychotic dogs are racial supremacists and this country is waking up to how disgusting and corrupt your filthy gedolim are.


Everyone. Except your friends over at The Vestigial Brain Center.


[Shmarya is accused of waging a war” against Chabad everywhere and of waging anonymous online campaigns to defame and threaten followers of the Rebbe M"HM and anyone else who is Chabad whom he dislikes.ed.]
Does anyone disagree with my correction?


herzzog is nothing more than a thug and a disgrace

it is high time he not be allowed to use the name of chabad at all

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