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November 07, 2012


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Joel is a Poe


My kids are Talmudei Chachomim so they must stay learning all day. It would be a waste of time for such brains to go to work.

bas melech

Joel | November 08, 2012 at 10:32 AM

Why should the goyishe secular stte support your learning?

If you'd stop isolating yourself from the public like a monk, you might have more insights into the realities of the world!

Government welfare programs should be for those who need them, not people who choose to lives of poverty and not work!


Don't make fun of Medicaid. If your child needs braces, your dentist will be much nicer to you with Medicaid, then the most expensive health insur.
All people with Medicaid get approved for Braces immediately. The Government has alot of money.


3-Dots -

Joel never legally married his wife in the first place. She got single-mother benefits for their 7 kids - food stamps and section 8 free rent, govt healthcare, etc.


Joel if you legally divorced your wife, and had your children do the same, you could all adopt each others children and fleece the government even more.


Urgent Plea:!

I am in Kollel in Lakewood for 37 years. I have four sons and three son-in-laws in Kollel as well. We all devote our time and energy to Torah learning.
In order to properly dress and feed breakfast lunch and supper, and decent housing for our 48 children and grandchildren, we need all the Government help and programs we can get.
So, please don't be stingy on your taxes, we need it.


Clinton - The Onion is a satirical publication. It's for humor only, nothing there is real.

bas melech

The storm taught us not to take our securities for granted. Anybody can have all necessities one day and lose it in a mater of seconds. Food stamp recipients rose during the past few years because of job loss. People in my community who never dreamed of applying for food stamps and unemployment now do.

I hope that the new poverty class will now stop blaming all poor for causing their own situation.

Also, the more government relief programs, the less private efforts to help the needy. We need both, not one ore the other.

bas melech

SkepticalYid | November 07, 2012 at 04:19 PM

You have it wrong. Many religious blame the storm on unnatural sex permissiveness and other transgresssions. Doesn't MBP and cruelty to animals fit in those categories?


@MM: "Although I tried to, I got no help from the Federation"

Shmarya has been complaining about this for years, and he's right - the Federations have little to no interest in dealing with Jewish poverty, either temporary or chronic. They provide limited housing and services for children, the elderly and the disabled (as long as it's a disability they can see, like blindness or being wheelchair-bound), but apart from that - forget about it. For the Jewish community in general, Jewish poverty is an embarrassment, and the prevailing attitude has for a long time been, "If you're Jewish and you're poor, it's your own damn fault."

It wasn't always this way. Two or three generations ago, when Jewish charities were still small, self-contained organizations - nursing homes, mutual aid societies and the like - they operated much more effectively. However, as soon as Jews started becoming affluent (which didn't take very long), a lot of money began pouring into them, they began merging and a class of professional philanthropy managers arose. Now these organizations are corporate entities operating under the heading of "non-profits" (an irony I don't think I need to point out), and are all about providing those bureaucrats with six-figure incomes and cushy retirement packages. Although this process began, I think, during the fifties and sixties (Shmarya would know more about it), it became worse during the Reagan administration when the economy was artificially pumped up and for a few brief years everyone was making money hand over fist. We're still dealing with the effects of it today.

It won't change. Everyone today has an unprecedented attitude of entitlement, and nearly all sense of communal responsibility or interdependence is gone. This is one of the main reasons humanity has very little time left.


MM - hugs

mashiach agent- go ask the yeshiva of spring valley if they'll allow you to lecture there. you'll have a captive audience. they really like people like you.


Shmarya - excellent points.


Republicans believe in smaller government. They want the charities to help people in these natural disasters and other massive destruction events. But charities simply do not have the resources of billions of dollars. But the government does. With just one dollar of taxes from 100 million Americans and they can help tons of people. What charity can do that? Charities are limited to the extent that people want to give. Taxes do not give people a choice, but raise money that then gets distributed in large amounts.

Republicans are big talkers about small government until they are in need of the government to help them.


MM - You've been through a lot. I'm sorry for all your losses. What you wrote is so true.

Yoel B

Another lesson from the storm: FEMA Disaster Centers Shut Doors 'Due to Weather'

mashiach agent

it used to shock me when tragic events happened (from 9-11 to leiby kletzky etc...)
BUT now things have changed. it doesn't shock me anymore when we go from one tragedy to the next R"L.-due to many reasons-one of them being that we don't accept Hashems wake-up calls for teshuva, we leave Hashem no choice.

Hashem & rochel imeinu are crying every day for a stop to the tragedies & destruction of peoples lives. But we have still not accepted upon ourselves to bring upon us a time for teshuva & fasting & kinnus with a return of achdus to klal yisroel

When this occurs (hopefully soon) then Hashem will not need to send us hurricanes & other tragedies to wake us up

may mashiach & the geula arrive ASAP


I have a friend who, ever since the 1994 Northridge earthquake, is unable to walk by a dark window or put a cup in the sink without a towel around it. She doesn't understand why. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is tough and frightening in and of itself. MM, so right. Comfort, help, a hand to hold and a shoulder to lean against - the warm feeling of security and contact will be needed forever.

Shmarya, beautiful.


I just found this amazing article

Shmarya could you find out if this is true?


Posted by: jancsbacsi | November 07, 2012 at 04:33 PM

Uncle Johnny, it was a joke. I forget that sometimes you magyar types take statements literally.



great post.


i love the link. thanks.


so sorry for what youve been through. thanks for sharing. it makes my sandy displacement thanks to flooding and no heat seem minor, in a good way.


I can speak to this. One day I was comfortably (upper) middle class, living in a 2400 sq ft house filled with stuff, much of it of sentimental, as well as monetary, value: artwork, heirlooms, antiques, rare books, and so on. The next day I was homeless with only the clothes on my back and the contents of a small carry-on. Although I tried to, I got no help from the Federation or the Red Cross, and I did not get all that I was supposed to from FEMA. For months my job was wrangling on the phone with two insurance companies trying to get the reimbursements that my policies called for--with limited success. If I hadn't worked in the insurance industry and didn't know what my policies really provided, I would have gotten even less. Fortunately I had some assistance from my son (logistical, not financial) and some savings, or I do not know what would have become of me. With my own resources I was able to survive, have a roof over my head, food on the table and other necessities. In the general atmosphere of no help I do have to thank a group of Jewish volunteers from North Carolina who cleaned out the contents of my flooded house (a disgusting job) and another group of Southern Baptists who gutted my house--and the US tax code which allowed me to deduct portions of my $300,000 worth of uninsured losses. In addition I lost my whole circle of friends and acquaintances, health care providers, etc., etc. These social ties were extremely difficult, in some cases impossible, to reproduce in my new life.

In addition I have suffered psychological trauma that I don't think will ever pass. A heavy rain (even here in the desert) makes me very nervous, and I am very distressed whenever there is a hurricane on the loose, although there are no hurricanes possible in Arizona. At an event marking the fifth anniversary of Katrina, I met a friend, neighbor, and colleague who also relocated to Arizona. She told me that she didn't have enough clothes or furnishings because she was afraid that if she acquired anything, she would lose it. I told her that I have a ridiculously excessive wardrobe, because I am afraid of being left again with nothing but the clothes on my back. Eerily three weeks after this conversation, my friend's new home was burned to the ground by an arsonist. One of my best friends was rescued by a Coast Guard helicopter just before a looter, carrying a gun, was about to enter her home. She continues to have post-traumatic emotional problems.

The point of this is that those who have lost their homes and been displaced by Sandy will continue to have emotional problems even after they are rehoused, warm, and properly fed. And chances are, they will be relocated in areas near thire original homes, families, and friends, which was not true for those affected by Katrina. The Sandy victims, particularly the elderly, will need ongoing consideration and emotional support--the trauma will be a long time going, if it ever does.

Just so, the chronically poor among us will never be able to cope alone with the physical and emotional stress of being ill-housed, ill-fed, and socially isolated. They deserve the support of those who are more fortunate and in a position to help. An operative word here is fortune. Much of what drives people into poverty is simply ill fortune. Most of us do not have the resources to cope with catastrophic illness, mental health crisis, widespread economic collapse and other such misfortunes withou thet help and compassion of others who have the luck not to be so afflicted.


SkepticalYid -Dont say that i live in bp besides if you know bp its next to sunset park which is a couple of hundred feet above sea level in bp there was no flood neither in flatbush or willie, so get that fact straight otherwise lets pray we dont get no more earthquakes:)


It's pashut. The lesson we learn is to not attempt to ban MBP or Kaporos. Otherwise the next mabul will drown BP, Willie and Flatbush like rats in a sewer.. oh wait.. (sarcasm)


I watch the science channel and i see there so many different ways that such situation where water electricity food can be tottaly disrupted in other words catastrophies one is and it happened in ontario a few years ago where the sun shoots out a gigantic solar flare where all electric grids can short circuit it could happen in new york on a massive scale the best lesson we can leran is to be prepared start now after this storm with prevention measures against loosing out ability to have the basic neccesaties.


The previous article says it's all God's will. Mitt Romney & friends say it's not the Federal government's business to help people.

Shmarya, you're flying in the face of all these experts.

Hell, many of the Republicans on Staten Island say it's not the government's job to help people after disasters.

Oh, wait, this time is the exception.

Cognitive dissonance:

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