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October 11, 2012


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Dose anyone know how to post a new post or story. I have a persinal experience with "Religouse chabadnic" i wuld lyv to tell the chasidish shtetel about. X


I've only just discovered this blog it being a topic of conversation at shabbat lunch with regards to Chaim Halpern, I'm shocked of all this talk about greenhouse, my best friend told me in confidence he had sexually abused her as a teenager but i had no idea it was well known and that the manchester community were protecting him (no surprises though) he essentially destroyed her life and his should be destroyed too.


and what about yossi elkubi?

Bat Sheva

What happened this Shabbos in Reb Chaim's Beis Hamedrash?

feel so sick



This entire blog is a joke as you are all overlooking the major issue! I for one am disgusted that these allegations are being taken so lightly by the Rabbis of the Jewish Community and I have ZERO respect for any of them any more. There should be NO special treatment just because the man is Jewish or a Rabbi - legal action should have been taken long ago and someone needs to stand up and reassure the rest of the community of what's going on, and what to expect because quite frankly, this 'scandal' is making a lot of people in this community lose any last pieces of respect that they may have had for the Rabbis leading the community. In addition, guilty or innocent, the entire Jewish Community have heard so many version of the same story that no-one knows what to believe. And if the Rabbis excuse is that they aren't able to give out any information because it's LASHON HARA, I am literately going to lose it! It's all a joke.
This man has effectively ruined several families and woman's lives and quite frankly should rot in hell. This story makes me sick and the whole Religion is a bloody joke if this is how lightly the the situation is being dealt with.
These men are not 'our leaders' their an embarrassment.


It was packed to the rafters

Ploni Almoni

If anyone is still on this page, do they know if there was a minyan at R C's this shabbas ?


Read this for a dif perspective.



May I declare this blog officially dead ?

Tottenham Gossiper

board - bored - excuse the typo.

Tottenham Gossiper

Do you guys really think that this is the only scandal? That the RCH is the only person in SH/GG who has a normal, healthy, heterosexual, non - pedophiliac libido? Come on, get real. First there is going to be some other 'scandals', perhaps not as shocking as this but only because of how gullible people were.

How many of us wish we could have a little extra on the side even though we would not want to go through with it? How many of us have admired a woman other than our own? whats the big deal? Its like people are jealous of rich people and criticise them for no good reason.

I think thats why Gaby Lock hasnt said anything. Because he is a smart man after all and knows that RCH hasnt done anything so terrible. After all, Gaby thinks that learning is everything, the reset means nothing. Ive tried to rant like he does but failed.

So. Im already totally board about this RCH story and the other site isnt ticklish anymore either just a bunch of bouch svrues


Ernie - Why are you conversing with a mindless person?


Curious - You know, sometimes a few asterisks can be worse language than "peeing".

It's very commendable that you are not ashamed of what you so modestly call curiosity. I don't think you have a dirty mind; you don't have a mind at all.

You are sadly mistaken in your assertion that I wish to portray myself as noble; I am not the issue here, and whether I am noble or not is immaterial. What matters is whether commentators on such sensitive issues [ details of which, as I have pointed out, hopefully quite clearly, are irrelevant by now ] should be cultured or, in your case, vultured.

However, I do appreciate your kind words about my command of the English language.


Ernie - It seems there's just you and I left on this blog, how boring.

You're very eloquent, your command of the English language is enchanting, but you failed to convince me that you're as noble as you wish to portray yourself.

Mentioning porn movies and using bad language (peeing instead of urinating), doesn't befit a nobleman.

Bottom line - people at my end of the globe are asking: "What did he do? Did he kiss? Did he f***?" Do we have a filthy mind? Not per se, we're just not ashamed to admit that our curiosity has been tickled.

Be well nobleman.


Curious - No, my friend, I am NOT as curious as you are. Don't make any immature assumptions.

And although details COULD HAVE made a difference halachically at one point, neither you nor I are part of any Beth Din to so decide.

And no, NOT all of us "would like to know how far it went". Just the humanoids.

And no, I am not holier than thou (I'm sure I have plenty of bad qualities); but to openly gossip in a forum that's visible to thousands, including children, is not just simple curiosity but the attitude of vultures and jackals, especially since the matter has now been dealt with [satisfactorily or not] and further discussions of intimate details are not going to make any difference anymore.

Such gossip is nothing but indecent exposure, albeit from a safe distance, and portrayed as "human nature".

I assume you [probably] wouldn't be caught dead by a neighbour or fellow parent [or maybe even your spouse if you have one ...] renting or downloading a porn movie, or peeing in public - although that would only impact yourself. What you are actively pursuing here, however, impacts others. [Disclaimer: I am not a member of CH's shul, not a follower of his, and don't even know him].

Yes, curiosity is "human nature" as you call it, but so are many other traits which you would never demonstrate in public [I jolly well hope] - see above. That's where concepts such as restraint and common decency enter the picture.

Looking at the expression "human nature" visually, I just noticed that the last 3 letters of each word add up, in that order, to "manure". Probably just a coincidence, but you may quote me anyway.

Ploni Almoni

Pretty heinous YouTube here on Halpern affair: http://youtu.be/_ledEDsp6Tw



I'm sure you're as curious as I am, so don't give me your holier than thou attitude. We would all like to know how far it went, and although the details DO make a difference halachically, most of us are simply curious, it's called human nature, don't delude yourself that you're different.

Still Curious


I have to agree with Tottenham G. It's simply human nature to "get over" crises, and this will be gotten over, too.

Whether Stamford Hill will rule will depend on GG. But I don't believe there is anyone in GG who would organise any meaningful resistance, so I'm afraid Tottenham is right. Gloomy, but right.

The extremists have a lot of experience at introducing chumra after chumra, and to play the balls of compliance (by appealing to bad conscience and threats of ostracism) into the more moderates' court. Until there is united, effective resistance to that, actively supported by outspoken, respected rabbis, this manipulation will not stop.

Tottenham Gossiper

Bat Sheva,

Wasnt there a scandal about the meat in Monsey (where you live) a few years ago? New Square an even bigger accusation? It all dies down no matter what, how big or with whom. This one will boil over soon too and the Golders Greeners will be Meshubad to Stamford Hill as it ever was.

Bat Sheva

I live thousands of miles away. This story has no personal impact on me. I see it has been going on for months. Surely if the conduct complained of is so bad the British police would have arrested him by now?


Curious - Please don't try to live up to your handle ID. To be concerned about the principles, the impact the situation has on individuals and on the Kehilla, is one thing. To poke your nose into sexual details which, in the final analysis, make no difference, is quite another matter. What you are displaying is nothing but immature voyeurism for your own puerile gratification. I strongly urge you to back off such idiocies.


If I understand correctly, nobody is accusing him of intercourse (am I naive?), just touching with/without a towel. Did he ask these naive women to satisy him in any way?

you wanker

chaim chaim chaim, what have you done to us????
we try not to believe but all the evidence and rabonim have conviced us that yes its all true.
why have you acted like this??? why have you harmed so many neshomes???
why are you denying everything and acting as if nothing happened????
you are a true rosho merosho!!!
you should be joining the likes of


chaim chaim chaim hu rosho!!!
why why why???
you are an utter sick low life!!!
you have killed neshomeos,
how dare you just carry on with your life and deny everything???
if i ever see you, i will scream at you on top of my lungs, you absolute rosho!!!
if you think that you are getting away with this, you are hugely mistaken.
this is only the begining.
you dirty filthy animal!!!

Tottenham Gossiper

Whatever you say, ITK's posts are witty and well written. I dont think ITK is really ITK even about its gender.


I think ITK Rebbe(tzin) just gossips for gossip's sake and plays self-righteous. For someone who claims to know so much, (s)he knows precious little.

Tottenham Gossiper

So, ITK, if you really are ITK, whats next?

The In-the-Knower Rebbetzin


Tottenham Gossiper


The In-the-Knower Rebbetzin

I am mortified at this mockery of justice that has taken place. He remains in position at his shul with a letter stating effectively that he was bullied out. No admission of guilt, no exposure to the community of what has happened and no police. Whose bright idea was this?


Ernie, R Chune had to resign as he was part of the union and so in effect it would have been him forcing his own son to resign.


Rebbetzin, you of the shaved head - Your freshly revived wit has left me with no alternative but to soon send you an e-mail. I am addicted to wits.

The In-the-Knower Rebbetzin

Sigh. Oh Ploni. You do like to be the bearer of bad news.
There is another possibility. You can stick fliers into the JT for a small fee. How about it?

Ploni Almoni

Emergency editorial meeting tomorrow morning at Jewish Tribune - self-styled "Organ" of Anglo Jewish orthodoxy. Subject: How NOT to report the Halpern affair and resignations.

The In-the-Knower Rebbetzin

Ernie, what can I say. When encountering such ignorance, I'm pushed beyond my mortal limits. You can rest assured, I held on to my towel when I cursed so I'm surely absolved from sin.

Ploni, if you can assure me it comes without the kehillo, I might consider it. Its about time I set up camp.

People, what has happened in this case to police involvement? The ending is not quite as satisfying (double entendre intended) if alleged perpetrators are given licence to roam freely in other parts of the world. Israel has too many problems of its own to need this geezer, too.


Ploni Almoni - This may be witty (though more half-witty than witty). But please try to contain your Schadenfreude. It's not Jewish (after all, CH is not Jabari), and decidedly not classy. Thanks.

Ploni Almoni

For Sale Bridge Lane, NW11.  Forced sale, owner emigrating. Desirable residence oozing with intimacy. Many heated towel rails. 


In-the-Knower Rebbetzin (let's just call you Rebbetzin) - I thought (albeit only based on your previous witticisms) that you had more class than to say (quoting verbatim): "I would be further gratified if assholes like yourself..." etc. This disappointing clause wasn't targeting me but someone else, but still my sensitive nature got a rude wake-up call of nature. Almost like a kick in the butt, I daresay.

Are such semi-expletives and comparative body-part insults worthy of a Rebbetzin who, without any doubt at all, wears a "Tichel" over her shaven head and actively participates in anti-LBD mass rallies?

Tststststs, Rebbetzin. Where hast thy decorum vanished, oh fairest maiden? Or has the fall of CH brought out your wurst, hitherto carefully covered?

Tststststs, yet again.


Dog - You are barking up the wrong tree. (Sorry - with a handle like this, you are begging for it).

As I said repeatedly, I am really neutral, as I don't know CH at all and in fact live thousands of miles away. But, given this particular set of circumstances, it's impossible to PROVE innocence in this situation. An accused robber or whatever can actually prove his innocence by providing an alibi, but this wouldn't apply in this case. Yes, if all the witnesses and accusers would all retract, or proved to be lying, that would be proof of innocence - sort of. But that's unlikely to happen, of course. Call me a hair splitter, but though it's true that he is innocent until proven guilty, he is only presumed innocent, not proven.

This doesn't mean that CH is guilty - but if he is innocent, only Eliyahu Hanovi will be able to PROVE it, bim'heiro b'yameinu.

Unfortunately, at this point [i.e.: after his resignation] even the presumption of innocence stands on very shaky legs; not so much because he resigned, as he may have resigned because he couldn't stand the pressure anymore, but because to the uninitiated observer it would seem that there was a deal: his resignation in return for the Rabbonim not citing him. Or am I being cynical?

We can all read into this whatever we want.

I don't know most of the Rabbonim mentioned by commentators during the past weeks and haven't even heard of many of them. But I do know Reb 'Chune Shlita, and to me his co-resignation has all the makings of an epic sacrifice of an old giant, ad meah v'esrim. This must hurt him big time.

Of the others, I only know Rav Roberts Shlita who (whether or not you agree with some of his right-wing hashkofos) is a man and Rav of unimpeachable integrity and values. He, too (along with many other decent Rabbonim, to be sure) must be hurting badly after this, and all the garbage that has come to the surface recently.

The biggest Nebbichs, though, are CH's wife and children (no idea how old the kids are). It would be a big Mitzvah to counteract this whole scandal by being m'karev them and helping them.

Pragmatically and cynically speaking, this whole affair will die down sooner or later. Hopefully the next scandal will be that a certain Rav was seen drinking unsupervised tap water.

i feel sick

u fucking dirty basterd, get the hell out of this town now. how dare u have the cheek to stay around and pretend to be inocent
please take your younger brother moshe with you

The In-the-Knower Rebbetzin

The Portman Clinic is a dedicated service that offers therapy and treatment to sex offenders. I'm sure the kehilla can pull some strings to get him seen there

A concerned Baal habos

If this saga is true he needs help. It is such a shame that someone who has helped many people now needs help himself

Who will be there for him??

The In-the-Knower Rebbetzin

dog: I suspect its highly unlikely that we will be embarrassed. Sadly, it is looking that way for CH's supporters.
Personally, I wouldn't rejoice at the downfall of the man. Rather I take some comfort in that, in its own mediocre way, the community's hand has been forced finally into taking some modicum of action. I would still like to hear of the police's involvement.
I would be further gratified if assholes like yourself would stop covering for criminals by looking at the world through blinkers.


Cant believe so many people in GG would be so happy to see the downfall of this man, where has your hakaras hatov gone? You will all be embarrassed when his innocence is proven!




Latest Bulletin from tickle blog

It hit the fan. Father and son resigned of Kedassia and Beis yaakov, the curtain is down.

Tottenham Gossiper

ah, by whom and under what circumstances? tickled under a towel perhaps?

The In-the-Knower Rebbetzin


Tottenham Gossiper

is everyone getting tickled? where is everyone?


Our rabbonim have forgotten the most important trait of being a leader – tending to one’s flock. The Medrash Rabbo explains why both Moshe Rabbeinu and Dovid HaMelech were shepherds – it was to test their ability to care for simple creatures before they went on to lead Klal Yisroel. When they demonstrated their care for even the weakest sheep in their flock, they showed they were fit to take responsibility for greater things.

When have our rabbonim ever showed their leadership qualities? They’re supposed to be our shepherds and PROTECT us but there is a wolf amongst the flock and they’re frozen with inaction. Worse still, the wolf is one of them. Do they expect us to fend for ourselves? Do they expect baalebatim to take on the power structures that have been entrenched over decades? Or perhaps they don’t genuinely care for us very much?

This situation is so unfortunate that the rabbonim risk losing an entire generation of yungerlite.

Rabbi Schmahl – where are you?
Rabbi Brief - where are you?
Rabbi Greenberg - where are you?
Rabbi Hager - where are you?
Rabbi Friedman - where are you?
Rabbi Roberts - where are you?
Rabbi Cohn- where are you?

Are your noses buried in a sefer? You are the senior rabbonim of North West London – act like it! How can you let your ‘boss’ R’ Padwa dictate that you continue to allow a predator to prowl on your doorsteps? Is your standing within UOHC more important than basic yashrus?

You have failed to listen to the cries of the victims. Some of you heard and ignored them whilst some of you did not even open your ears when you knew you had the chance.
You have failed as leaders. You have failed your flock, your god and yourselves.


It seems that the fellow in manchester was massered with the haskomo of shraga feivel zimmerman rov of gateshead. Unbelievable


Tottenham - You didn't get me. Maybe your mind isn't dirty enough. The Rebbetzin and I can fix your mind so that you can descend to our depths.

The In-the-Knower Rebbetzin

I heard that there's a rumour that there's a rumour!

Tottenham Gossiper

I didnt say that the allegation was about abuse just that there is a rumour. Hey, it may well be that there is a Mohel who REFUSES to do Metziza bPeh and thats what the rumor is about!


Tottenham - How do you know it was abuse ? A Mohel simply has to do Metzitza ...

Tottenham Gossiper

I hear there is a new rumour about a Mohel from Stamford Hill? Apparently started by GG. Anyone know anything?


Witty as always, know-it-all Reb'tzin.

The In-the-Knower Rebbetzin

"Mrs in the knower rebbetzin - you are a proper pompous ass. Go write shmancy letters for the tribune. And yes, where IS mr gaby lock in all this? He could at least give us some laughs about this, instead of all this puerile rubbish. Be true to yourself, not to your rebbes. Worship the ribono shel olom, not mortal rabbis who are tainted by money and corrupted by kovod. And let the lettuce be damned.

Posted by: Ploni Almoni | November 15, 2012 at 06:09 PM"

You seem to know a bit about my ass. Have we met?
For the record, I don't read the Tribune. Wouldn't even use it in place of CH's alleged towel! so I'm unlikely to take up writing them shmancy letters. (I prefer to think of my writing style as intelligent, but I'll take "Shmancy." Thanks.)

I do agree with you about the lettuce. Let it be damned, indeed.


I think we can both agree that at this stage more talk isn't going to do much. Just wait and see.

Tottenham Gossiper


Come on, its been going on for months. If anything was going to happen it would have done by now. The Rabbi and his family have now shown how strong they and their case are compared to how weak, pathetic and gullible the GG community is.

Alan, where you at the 'Showdown meeting'? If ANY of his community would believe any of it, would they still go into his Shul? If they would it says more on his members than any allegations on him.

This has been one embarrassing situation for the entire GG community regardless of what side of the mechitza / shmatte you sit.

You for one, Mr Alan, are a showing up to be a gullible and arrogant fool. The only thing you have going for you is that you have not named yourself. Kudos on that at least.

As for me, Im soon going to go to a Haiseh Mikve as I do every erev shabbos and we will find out the naked truth with no cover ups where everything is out in the open. Sorry Rebbitzen, cant bring you there with me.


Difficult for who? If you have any connection to Kedassia or rabbonim in GG, do ten minutes of research and you'll find out exactly what I'm talking about. This is game over, as pretty much everyone connected to the story (included his former staunch supporters) now realises. Don't expect me to do your homework for you.



What evidence?

Why does everybody keep on going about about evidence, but we are still stuck going nowhere and to top it all, a story comes out about a showdown and surprise surprise, a stalemate.

Surely there is no REAL evidence?

If there are hard facts, why is their extraction proving so very difficult?


Gossiper - Are you mad? Are you aware of the showdown in Kedassia yesterday or the meetings of Golders Green rabbonim or the fact that much of his shul, having been made aware of the evidence, has given up? This is very much for real, your delusions notwithstanding. He's toast and deservedly so.

Tottenham Gossiper

So there we go.

The accusers will now have to accept that there was no smoke and no fire.

Its all over now having caused terrible damage to someone who has devoted his life to the Golders Green community. Well, in fact the entire family have.

For what? Why have we all been so gullible to believe rumours of rumours? Why have so many people wanted to see the downfall of a group of Rabbonim like a pack of cards? I will tell you why. Its because GG see that family as the link with SH via the Union and they want to 'break free'. Why now? well probably because the bigger and flashier donors and machers are now broke? Possibly. I dont know. I can only imagine, then make up a rumour and destroy other families just as my brothers and sisters in Golders Green have done.


The Preying Rabbi - BLOG

I think most people are by now satisfied that there has been a massive, disgraceful cover up. You can fill the comments with your Chofetz Chaims because if guarding your tongue is a licence for others to unzip their flies then you keep your Shmiras Haloshen and I'll stick to shmiras habris.

And I tell you what: don't believe a word of it. It's all rumours. Rumours of older women and rumours of younger women; rumours of decades ago and rumours of recent times; late at night and until the early hours of the morning; of single women, of married women, of divorced women; of direct contact and of a 'hefsek' through a towel; of hand wrestling and of intimate touching; physical contact and telephone chats; consensual relations and exploitation, if not outright coercion; with women who came for counselling and with women who came for shaales. You name it and there is an allegation to match.

The charge sheet reads like the menu on the homepage of a porn site and still it's rumours. Let’s get our legalistic sheitels on to declare, innocent until proven guilty, and for the moment continue to believe the suspect to be as pure as his Yom Kippur kittel. Of course if it was you or I whom these rumours were about school gates would clang shut in our face, shuls would barely allow us in for a kiddush and when dead we'd be lucky if they carted us off to the Cheshunt bog. If it was a bakery rumoured to be using mishas asiyo butter rather than mishas chalivo they'd have the heavies down and not for a bun fight. But when it's one of theirs they go into sleep mode and wake up only to search for loopholes on how to disqualify the evidence.

Does anyone still believe that someone with a vendetta has been spreading stories when you could set up a Keddasia licenced asylum with these supposedly deranged accusers? Ask yourself if you are not slurring thousands of rabbonim round the globe who selflessly put themselves out to assist couples yet no accusations are made against them. Ask yourself if this catalogue of alleged misdemeanours sounds like the ravings of a lunatic or whether they are not the cries of the offended, the exploited and the sinned against. Tell people who have not heard of the furore and watch their amazement that it has come out now when they have known about it for decades.

There is an apposite talmudic phrase, It is not the rat that is the culprit but its hideout.? If we are dealing here with a dangerous rat who is rumoured to have made it a habit of preying on women of all ages and backgrounds with a preference for our own naIve Stamford Hill types, then his hideout is none other than the rotten organisation that counts him as a senior figure to this day despite the megile of a charge sheet.

This is a story almost unique in the annals of frum and chareidi Jewry. No one can think of a precedent because there is none. When the posuk accuses the children of Eli Hacohen of sleeping with the women who assembled at the temple, Chazal mitigate the plain meaning of the verse because the accusations are too severe to fathom. Yet here there has been operating for decades what appears to be a UOHC licenced sex therapist but they have kept quiet for the sake of not exposing the enormous lie at the heart of their organisation.

Let there be absolutely no doubt: there is a massive cover up at play. For a start, and as people have said in the comments, despite the mounting allegations there have been no official denials nor anyone who will defend him on or off the record. When some pigs were caught getting too close to the holy flesh of Kedassia carcasses they were happy at first to defend the practice and then agreed, albeit reluctantly, to desist. But here we have allegations of a holy pig cavorting with flesh of the fairer type and they are shtum all around. A caller asks the Rov whether the accused is suitable for more serious shaalos and he is told it's business as usual. Not a word though on the integrity of the subject of the enquiry.

To appreciate the magnitude of this earthquake just consider that rabbis in our circles simply do not step down. Ever. We have them quite literally in good times and bad, to love or to hate until death do us part. They may move to greener pastures but neither Yiddish nor rabbinical Hebrew has even a vocabulary for investigating rabbis, suspending them or firing them. So when there are credible reports that a rabbi in the most traditional and conservative of UK communal bodies asked a fellow rabbi to leave town, and when there are rumours that Dayan Friedman and Rabbi Roberts warned the suspect many years ago to give up on his ‘counselling’ sessions you might have expected a reaction. But the only reaction one gets is tight lips. If this doesn't reek, Neutradol and Proctor and Gamble might as well close shop because no odour is bad after this.

Let us remember who it is we are dealing with. This is the organisation that concerns itself with worms in blueberries, worms in strawberries, worms on grapes and worms in fish. But its chief buries his head deep in a cabbage searching for infestations so that a giant snake can slither unimpeded in the supposed Garden of Eden seducing Eves with impunity. For worms they advise using a magnifying glass but for this reptile they wear a blindfold.

Taharas Hamishpoche, kedushe, tznius. We are told that they go to the very foundation of who we are as a people and as a community but when they are desecrated in the King's parlour, in the Holy of Holies, they will see and hear no evil. Almost all shuls under the auspices of this organisation must have separate entrances for men and women, weddings licensed by them must have a partition along the entire lobby, even coloured panty liners must be regulated. But one of their leading rabbis goes well beyond the liner and they wring their hands piously, we have no evidence, it's hearsay, no one will come forward, a woman's evidence is not kosher enough. And when that won't do, they'll appoint one of their smarmy fixers to 'prove' his innocence.

Girls must be drilled in tznius from the cradle and their dress is the cause of all evil so that a rabbi can summon women in their nightdress while his place at the top table remains secure. Women can be dunked in a cesspit of a mikve, can be appealed to when the eiruv is an issue but when they are violated by those at the very top, their word and voice become 'koil bo'isho ervo'.

They will summon us to control our every mouse click but a massive rodent may hand wrestle his patients because he had a 'heter'. Would they eat off a kosher lepesach paper plate with that heter? Would they drink bottled water from that hashgoche? To invalidate the eiruv the most obscure footnote will do but a simple Mishna,? He who has dealings with women should not isolate himself with women, is beyond their ken.

Had anything remotely like this occurred in the ‘goyishe’ United Synagogue they would undoubtedly have acted quickly and decisively though that would not have stopped our great and good from gloating. But here when it's not in their own backyard but at their highest table they are as limp as the accused after a couple of sessions. Allegedly.

This may be the most important story our community has ever known and probably the most serious scandal in the history of the UOHC but don’t bet on anything bold from our feckless leaders. They have got away with so much over the years that they can't feel the ground under them shifting. But shifting it is.

If, as someone quipped, Leyton Orient was Padwa's belated inauguration then this is fast turning into his premature abdication. For there is something rotten in the state of our community if our leaders need reminding of the simple dictum, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, where there is profanity of God's name no honour is afforded to a rabbi.

Ploni Almoni

Mrs in the knower rebbetzin - you are a proper pompous ass. Go write shmancy letters for the tribune. And yes, where IS mr gaby lock in all this? He could at least give us some laughs about this, instead of all this puerile rubbish. Be true to yourself, not to your rebbes. Worship the ribono shel olom, not mortal rabbis who are tainted by money and corrupted by kovod. And let the lettuce be damned.


Call Rav Padwa and ask him what they're doing about 'Reb' Chaim.

Tottenham Gossiper

Alan, You are falling for more BS - unless you can give more info!


Tottenham Gossiper - You're obviously not a very good gossiper. The Chaim Halpern (no Reb anymore) story is blowing up in a major way at this very moment.

Tottenham Gossiper

Apart from some very entertaining posts by the knowledgeable Rebbetzin, this subject has become boring so I'm going to have to satisfy my thirst for Loshon Hora and Rechilus elsewhere. The whole Reb Chaim story is clearly nothing more than a damp bedika cloth, poor soul. It seems to me that one yenta got upset with him, fantasied about some fetish and it all blew up from there. Like a bunch of suckers we all fell for it as did many others.
Im no fan of Reb Chaim but I dont hate him either and I dont believe for a second that he did anything wrong other than try to help people for which he is getting a massive putch in punim. I could say a big kick up his big .... but that wouldn't be nice so I wont.

Dani (not real name)


I would like to echo the above comments made by Golders Green man.
R Shimon Winegarten is a very special person and its absolutely true he is a man who personifies an ish chessed working non stop morning till night tirelessly in literally all aspects of the kehilah.
We need many more like him and you will here exactly the same from anyone who knows him.

The In-the-Knower Rebbetzin

Ernie, why the retraction?

The In-the-Knower Rebbetzin

Ernie... I am.
I am happy to offer my email addy to you or anyone else who'd like to communicate. intheknowerrebbetzin@gmail.com


In-the-Knower Rebbetzin: if you are as fascinating and sophisticated in person as your style of writing, it would be great to exchange e-mails with you. Of course, as I have said previously you may turn out to be a Rebbe, but I'll take that risk for now.


Pinchos - If what you are saying is true, why don't you go the Police?

golders green man

CHAYA-who were you referring to when you said that the lbd have people there who shouldn't be there????
Also, rabbi Knopfler does not "love his Fruk"...... He is a well respected rov and you have no right to talk about him like that.
with regards to Rabbi winegarten, he works tirelessly day and night to help the community and has time got everyone. In fact he is involved in almost every organization in the London area be it chesed, tzedoka or mosdos and therefore your comment about him is a cheap cowards line and you clearly know nothing that goes on in the real world. I also noted that you didn't mention the federation of synagogues or any of their staff-how come??????

Tottenham Gossiper

Where is Gabby Lock on this? The most erudite and articulate spokesperson for anything pro Kedassia and rabbunim. Seems like his blog has been hacked, anyone see it?

The In-the-Knower Rebbetzin

If the only thing you got from my elaborate post is that your English needs work, well that's something, isn't it. We measure progress in insy bity steps. Well done! A credit to your Rebbeim.

ps we figured Dani wasn't your real name. The clue was in the mis-spelling.

Dani (not real name)

hey know it

Its so sad your such a misguided individual whos confidence is almost zero
so if it makes you feel good to put me down regarding my English so be it, boost your confidence, go on,.
And as with most individuals such as you they always miss the point.My point was i want proof.

shul no

My wife pays people for neck rubs...
But no nudity or hanky panky.
Nothing wrong with a neck rub... Infact I could do with one right now after reading the recent posts...

Cocos? Too expensive...
Maybe I can find a rabbi


to shmarya and lonely frum girl and indepedent jew the problems in manchester are very big i have done more than any body in this case annynomously if you can help lets change e mails through shmaryah

The In-the-Knower Rebbetzin

In direct response to your question, twice the length of time from the start to the midpoint

The In-the-Knower Rebbetzin

Tottenham Gossiper, I have consulted my crystal ball and I see fire.
As with all predictions this can have various interpretations all of which are directly affected by our own actions. I offer 3 perspectives:

1. The fire is that of a community fired up to burn out the old, rotten ways (good fire)

2. The fire of hell that seeks destroys all that is good - leaving only the charred, and grotesque remains of our sacred values (bad fire)

2a. B'la'az - "I see fire" is pronounced "Ah See Fahr" which is domeh to "Asifah". This refers to the force of the fire and brimstone spewed at the anti-internet Asifah triggered God's wrath and, as a result, hurricane Sandy. See link below:


The antidote to this (point 2a.) is to take action and get rid of leaders who make such a mockery of themselves, who protect abusers, and whose antiquated ways prevent the community's healthy development (see my previous post to Dani) as in point 1.

p.s. I try not to prophecy much these days.

Tottenham Gossiper

Dear In the Knower....

Your post made me smile. Thank you!

How long do you think this thing can drag on before it disappears?

The In-the-Knower Rebbetzin

Hi Dani,

You sound like an angry little creature yourself. And I would be angry, too, if I were you.

No education and an inability to string a complete and correctly spelled sentence together in English would cause me no end of anger and despair myself. For what could I consider myself fit, if not to mop up the mess of furry hats, literally and figuratively, I'm sure.

Dani, the tide is changing, you are right about that. Though not in the direction that you think it is. It is changing towards outmoding drivel-spewing, anachronistic and misguided victims like yourself.
In my utopian vision, you and your ilk will receive an education in English and Maths and the Sciences, and will learn to think for yourselves. You will demand leadership from your leaders, and you will have the capacity to recognise abuse in all its forms. Moreover, you will feel enabled to take action in the face of wrongdoing.

Dani, I wish you well. I can only hope that your first autonomous step that brings you to this forbidden internet and to this unholy site, will be the first step of many toward the vision I see for you.
And that is my bracha to you.

The In-the-Knower Rebbetzin

p.s. My vision even has a space for you to spell your alias correctly


I'm not too bothered if you believe me or not. Nobody 'in the know' doubts any of this and if you wanted to verify it, you could, with a bit of effort. Don't shoot the messenger.


Dearr Pinchos

unfortunately i would say that only a small minority would entertain believing thinking of this choshuve tzadik in such a way.
The tide is changing people like you destroy any shred of belief that he might have done anything.
The language you use and the blind hate that you expouse is self evident and proves that its all a farce to some jealous people who have some hidden agendas ie revenge.
Thank you Pinchos for expressing yourself and exposing the real truth about this issue its pure anger and revenge.prove me wrong.

ps im still open to the fact that i could be wrong HOWEVER UP UNTIL NOW THIS FORUM HAS CAUSED SOME SERIOUS CHARACTER ASSASSINATION WITH NO PROOF TO BACK UP THESE VILE ACCUSATION bring on the proof back up your words you absolute coward smell the coffe its sound like r chaim has some serious hitmen out there.
i got an idea why dont you just shoot him in the head yeh thats right you coward.

its easy isnt it spread rumors you dont even have to leave ur name pinchos yeh right.... pinchos who? I tell you who Pinchos with a chip on his shoulder.

In short to all the seemingly evil minded pichoses out there either keep absolute silence or bear complete proof to these vial accusations.

ps from someone who once thought there might be some truth to the allegations.



The real sad thing is that we dont have rabonim in our town that we could really trust.
Kedassia are just like a mafia
Lbd some of the rabbis involved should not be there
B knopfler loves his fruck
Halperns besides R'Dovid and the father are all shmutzig and shukronim
R Wiengarten simply is not so well and has no time for helping people
Roberts does not belong in north west london, he should move to gatshead
this is our sad town

Tottenham Gossiper

Pinchos - I think that is your fantasy and you should keep it to yourself. It is not uncommon for some men to wish that they had power over a large number of women to do as they please. You have clearly been wishing for this on yourself so much that you believe it happens in real life. It dosent - unless your'e a footballer your name is Berlusconi.


It was much more; there was nudity, and, in at least some cases, a happy ending (for him).

The In-the-Knower Rebbetzin

How would you feel if your wife was meeting a man to get her arm and neck rubbed? Just saying...

shul no

Thx pinchos...

Can u explain me.why this is such a big.scandal....
Sounds like a straight massage with no.nudity and no.happy ending?

When priests in the catholic church misbehave... They actually rape little boys RL... Here we have a case of arm and nec.rubbing....

Am I missing something....

R' C H Chossid

R' C H retaliates!



pinchos, how do you know all this? Your wife?

golders green man

pinchos-where do you get all you're information from-you seem to know about it-how????????? Have you seen footage of rav Chaim actually committing these acts or have you just heard about it-if the latter, how reliable is you're source??????????

The In-the-Knower Rebbetzin

Ern, you're spot on. I am pro-blog and pro-promoting a culture where abuse of any sort is swept out from under the carpet. For now, we have just this forum where in our veiled way we can begin to shake off this society's sordid style of secrecy.
I look to a future where action can be taken without fear of culturally endorsed systemic sanctions.


r"l said...
People really don't know what he did? Oh well, it’s about time someone stepped up to disclose the truth about R' Groper.

First of all he meets women in private in his office at all hours of the day and night. Single women, divorced women looking for guidance/support, married women with problems in their marriages... you name it, the more the merrier for this chazer. The more vulnerable and troubled the women were, the more they would open up to him and leave themselves open to being preyed on.

As these poor women and girls would pour their hearts out to him they would understandably become distressed and upset. He would then claim to be trained in 'relaxation techniques' to help them calm down, always stressing that being calm and relaxed are the key to solving their problems. These 'techniques', supposedly taught to him by other rabbonim (when in fact he probably learnt them from adult movies), involved him touching and stroking their hands or arms through a towel. Over a number of 'counselling' sessions he would progress from this to neck massages, then eventually encourage them to lie down for a nice back massage and at some point 'lose' the towel. From here these hands on sessions grew over time to the point where he was touching these women EVERYWHERE. As ridiculous as this sounds, this manipulative mamzer slowly drew these women into his perverse trap. Many of the victims were young newly married women from Stamford Hill who were simply too naïve to object until it had gone horribly far. When they woke up and realised that a rov touching them in intimate places is just wrong, these vulnerable women would be told that they were the most beautiful, precious people in the world and that he loved them deeply. Some bought this lie for a time others didn’t but eventually when they stopped coming to him for their sessions they all received threats. He would threaten to tell people that they made a move on him and that nobody would take their word against his. He threatened to not let their kids or nieces into his schools or spoil their chances of a shidduch. Those with marital issues were most vulnerable – how can such a woman tell her husband that the rov has been touching her during their late night sessions for the last 3 months? What would that do to an already rocky relationship?

This is the story as it has been told by over 10 women thus far. His methods are consistent and r”l apparently quite effective. However, there are individuals with more shocking tales. One young newly married chasidishe girl didn’t wake up to the fact that something was terribly wrong until this sick menuvel was giving her a ‘massage’ and she noticed he was unusually uplifted by the experience (ve’hameivin yovin). At least one lady was forcibly held down and groped after she told him she wouldn’t be coming back to his sessions. Finally one of his favourite perversions was to tell women their bedikkahs were not done properly and then describe to them in intimate detail how to perform them. He would then offer that they do their bedikkahs while on the phone together so he could talk them through it in great detail to make sure it was done kedas ukedin.

Rabboisai, don’t make light of these allegations. These women were duped by a charismatic pervert preying upon their insecurities and weaknesses. He abused his position of a trust as a rov, as a ‘marriage counsellor’ and as a school governor. He should be in jail for a long time but at the very least surely he can no longer be any of these things?

ובערת הרע מקרבך
6 November 2012 17:34


Seriously guys... does anyone have an accurate description of what RC has actually done...

Ive read all the posts.. and there is NO CLEAR CUT description... What DID HE DO?!? and is it to one person or many?

If we dont have answers now.. it is all stupid rumors going round and round...


I wouldn't dare to assume the right to speak on a Rebbetzin's behalf, but unofficially and with all the required due respect, my humble gut feeling is that she is pro-this-blog and anti-CH.

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