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September 05, 2012


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God is not amused

Now is the time to investigate Monsey and Kiryas Joel. Has section 8 housing and RED LINES "real poor people" out of the opportunity for those housings. Last time I looked housing discrimination is a crime.


Woolsilk.they will arrest you you will run to RABBI GLANZ for help.and guesd what he will Help You even if you dont deserve it


Rabbi Glans

How perfect...

Posted by: S M L | September 05, 2012 at 04:49 PM

Particularly since he shafted the City


Rabbi Glans

How perfect...


"New York City’s Department of Investigation reportedly said that the brother’s scheme was the largest individual case of tenant fraud it had ever investigated."

Are the investigators that stupid? This is just one of a 1000 such frauds in Williamsburg. They just have to take a look at his neighbor, cousin, friend and they will find much bigger section 8 fraud cases. They really have no clue what's going on in Hasidic communities with section 8.


Another win for US Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Preet Bharara. A future New York City mayor? It appears that Americans of Indian background are on their way up while so much of the Jewish community is on its way down. The future of the Glanz brothers' children does not look very promising. Are they being brought up to major in gaming the system instead of in math and science?


wool and others

the issue is not that this guy stole every group has thieves

the real issue how does the community treat him as a tzaddiuk or a thieve

sadly history says tzaddiuk


Just a Guy, and Gil, how's that Hasidic Penis Sucking Ritual going for ya?

27 years! Hooray! Mordecai Samet and S.M. Rubashkin seem none the worse for their 27 year sentences.

Does Rabbi Glans also do the Hasidic Penis Sucking Ritual?

And shall I repeat once again, 'the Hasidic Penis Sucking Ritual'?

Chief Hole-in-the-Sheet

I have a shaiylah to ask all the rabbonim out there:
Do Leib and Menashe have to do t'shuvah for this as the new year approaches? Did they steal, or was what they did legitimate from a halachik point of view?


27 years would be just about right.

Posted by: WoolSilkCotton, rock star and sports superstar | September 04, 2012 at 09:24 PM

About what I would expect from a "man" who calls himself a superstar. Isn't that sort of like a used car salesman calling himself "Honest John"?

Yeah, I'm sure WSC must be aqs clean as the driven snow...not!

Chief Hole-in-the-Sheet

Somehow this reminds me of a line from a Frank Sinatra song:
"Leib was just a Glanz away, a warm embracing tantz away."


Who left the door to the Stupidorium open?

just a guy

Posted by: WoolSilkCotton, rock star and sports superstar | September 04, 2012 at 09:24 PM

I don't know anything about you or the people involved in this, but to wish anything so horrible on another person -- well, you must be a horrible person.

How do you live with yourself?

Nigritude Ultramarine

Goodnight, funny man.

The Nudnik

Here is a link to the press release issued by the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York:

WoolSilkCotton, rock star and sports superstar

27 years would be just about right.


when will the satmar rebbes be thrown in jail?

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