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September 27, 2012


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maskil . . . congratulations! you apparently have a supporter cheering you on quietly from the shadows. Never mind that he is a "nobody." The sound of one hand clapping never resonates unless it meets your face dead on.
Wake up! Prostitution, malfeasance, exploitation, opportunism, hunger, starvation, excesses beyond being immoral, etc., are all part of the deal we made in our choosing to follow the path of knowledge. This alone should suffice in making your insular defense of the arrogant and ignorant subjegation of those who are most vulnerable.
Yet, you still must answer to that element of you that is bottled up in all this pain. Your authentic self. Your benevolent spirit. Neither Israel nor anywhere else will be able to resolve any of these issues by it's abhorrent treatment of these children of the cradle. They are there for a reason and Israel exists for a reason. And "no" i'm not kidding!


In the late 1950's, actor Danny Kaye (remember him?) used to star in UNICEF newsreels telling the public how much good the agency was doing for the children in poor countries. He was right. Infant mortality and childhood illnesses were going down sharply in the thirld world. But the population of these countries was exploding, as birthrates were declining much more slowly.

Israel will have to deal with illegal immigration for many years to come. As hard as life may be in south Tel Aviv, it is probably a whole lot worse in Sudan, Eritrea or wherever else these desparate immigrants are coming from. There are no easy answers.

Before a Sudanese refugee can get to Israel, he has to cross Egypt, which is a much bigger country and which shares the Muslim religion with Sudan.

The illegal immigrant issue would greatly diminish if family planning became more widely adopted in the third world. Unfortunately, religion interferes in all too many cases.

Israel will have its hands full soon enough with its own Haredi, who continue to have more babies than they can afford to look after.


Right on Maskil, but don't expect your eloquent, logical, factual answers to be well received.


...someone so bitter must not possess wellness of being.

I may not be living the high life of a high-tech tycoon, but I think I have it better than 50% of the population. No one in my family has to pimp themselves out in prostitution to pay for food. We do not scavange in the refuse bins for food or goods. The bank lends me more money than an Ethiopian family can even imagine. The Falash Murah were recognized as being descendants of Jews (with some small percentage of those still in Addis Ababa being Jewish but with no way to prove it) and have the right to citizenship here. Yet, quotas are placed on the monthly allowed entry to Israel (about 10% of the monthly illegal entry of African migrants). And even these quotas are not being upheld. Want to remember history? It was right here in Palestine where Jews suffered the brunt of quotas. Meanwhile, those left behind are not getting adequate nutrition or medical care and are living in a refugee camp with disease and abhorent conditions. Yet, some assholes are paying $5,000 a head to traffic illegal migrants across the border--as long as they don't end up in their neighborhood. These migrants are not deported but are not given the right to work legally (as they should not, because there are Jews looking for work). They are an element of crime, and a distraction from national issues, especially those related to racism. Then you have the government establishing Ethiopian ghettos rather than integrating the population. I don't think Netanyahu or Sa'ar are racist, but their hands are tied by the Tel Aviv elite who don't like these black Jews and don't want to be in the same category as them (and certainly don't show up to protest the discrimination they face). Move on to the periphery where the only form of wellfare; soup kitchens etc. is Shas and the Shas school system. Move on to a family where three girls are raped by their father, but had they turned to the police they would have been sleeping on the street within two months (the department of wellfare can't subsidize their rent or mortgage payments if the father is imprisoned), so these girls need to choose between homelessness or incestual rape (eventually the mother finds out, needs to make the same choice, and ends up sexually molesting them too). Then you have "contract workers," who are generally lower-class Sefaradim who work for companies contracted by the government and other institutions in order to keep a degree of separation between them and their employees. They work long days with diminished benefits and cannot keep up with the cost of living. Transit to and from work is about two hours. They are told by the government agencies that it is "so good they are working" so they can "breathe" easy while they pull things together, yet things will not come together. Their kids will do poorly in school and will drop out to work illegally or for prostitution or crime. They will repeat the cycle again and never have the time or ease to organize politically to put and end to the unfair redistribution. Yet, count the amount of government spending! Where does all the money go? To agencies that work short days and shorter weeks and live good and comfortable lives that are so distant from those they are supposed to be helping that they don't understand what these families are up against. When these problems are fixed we can start to worry about some draft-dodging foreign leaches, and only then can we invoke words like "racism" and "history."

Africa is the source of all manifestations of life. She is where it all began.

No kidding. When someone asks me where I'm from I say Jerusalem. If they pause, indicating that was not the question, I say I was born in the US. If the pause continues, I add that my ancestors came to the US from Europe, and before that from the Middle-East, and before that from Africa--like everyone else's.


R.Wisler . . . blessings to you!
Shoshi . . . quite eloquently put, well done!
Maskil . . . my appologies I should have known that someone so bitter must not possess wellness of being. However it is for you to know that this is still your test to overcome. Africa is the source of all manifestations of life. She is where it all began.


Bassy, 6,000 out of one million illegal immigrants were rounded up. One million, or ten percent of the population is illegal-not refugee either. 9/10 people entering the West illegaly goes through Greece. This is a huge national problem there.

Bassy the Haredi Slayer

Pro-tip - in history, as in life, if you're with the Daily Fail, you're on the wrong side.
If you do not like the Mail you soccer hooligan here is the Guardian.

Or the Independent where you can give oral pleasure to Robert Fisk who never met a Muslim he did not like.


Thousands of suspected illegal immigrants have been rounded up in a drive to combat what one government official compared to a prehistoric invasion.
Around 6,000 people were detained over the weekend in Athens in an operation named after the god of hospitality, Zeus Xenios.
Officers stopped mostly African and Asian people in the street for identification checks. Most were only briefly detained, but about 1,600 were arrested for illegal entry and sent to holding centres pending deportation.

No Light

Oh look, it's Herr Maskil. My my. your white sheets and pointy hood are simply sparkling.

Draft dodging you say? Well no, not quite:


Eritrea marked 20 years of independence in 2011, but its citizens remain victimized by one of the world’s most repressive governments. They suffer arbitrary and indefinite detention; torture; inhumane conditions of confinement; restrictions on freedom of speech, movement, and belief; and indefinite conscription and forced labor in national service."*

And you know something? At least these people are working. Greedy, racist haredim just pop out kids, suck the state dry, oh, and they draft dodge. Should they be rounded up and put in camps until they give in?

What happens to children of Ethiopian or Eritrean refugees who were born in Israel?

Without countries accepting Jewish refugees in WWII there wouldn't be an Israel. How quickly you forget what happens when people are burnt out of their houses, attacked, and rounded up to be put into camps purely because of their race or religion.



"Remember you were once a stranger."

It's not whether one is Jewish or not that matters. Everyone should be treated with compassion and dignity.


These Eritreans are not Jews on the St. Louis. They are all draft-dodgers. And any simpathy for them or preoccupation with their wellbeing is a distraction from the rights and equalities among Israelis.

No Light

Ah, always nice to see someone referencing the Daily Heil, who advocated wholeheartedly for the destruction of the "Jewish menace".

Pro-tip - in history, as in life, if you're with the Daily Fail, you're on the wrong side.

Camps. Jews have finally come full circle. Of course anyone criticising them can look forward to Fucksman and his cronies whining about "anti-Semites " and "self-loathing Jews".

Bassy the Haredi Slayer

Most of the media, the Israeli and the international refer to them as immigrants, even Haaretz and the New York Times.

Greece has the same problem with African immigrants where they round them up in camp and they actually manage to deport them.


Greece's purge on illegal immigrants: Thousands are rounded up ready for deportation
PUBLISHED: 10:48 EST, 6 August 2012 | UPDATED: 10:15 EST, 7 August 2012
Comments (607)

The Greek authorities are rounding up thousands of suspected illegal immigrants in a large-scale deportation drive.
Up to 6,000 were detained over the weekend in Athens and more than 1,600 are to be deported in the next few days.
Public Order Minister Nikos Dendias said Greece could not afford an ‘invasion of immigrants’.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2184455/Greeces-purge-illegal-immigrants-Thousands-rounded-ready-deportation.html#ixzz27izxOLjw
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R. Wisler

These Israelis (especially the pig Yishai) should remember the Jews who came over on the St. Louis from Nazi Germany and were refused entry to various Western countries.

We Jews scream and bitch about how anti-Semitic those heartless Western countries were in refusing entry to the refugees on the St. Louis and that nobody lifted a finger to save us during the Holocaust.

If we Jews treat African refugees escaping for their lives like this, then those refugees on the St. Louis and other Holocaust victims deserved and should have expected the same reaction from the Western countries that refused them entry.

Foxman and his crew from the ADL should stop bitching about the Holocaust and speak out against this crime against oppressed refugees by Israel.


They should try to get the refugees into America. Here they would feel accepted, they will be able to get many services for free.

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