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September 30, 2012

Haredi Rabbis Ban Candle Lighting In Sukkahs

SukkahLighting candles in a sukkah is a very unsafe practice, unless someone is going to be awake and watching over them at all times, and is prepared to put out a fire if the candles start one. Haredi rabbis have reacted to years of sukkah fires by ruling that it is better not to light Shabbat and Yom Tov candles outside in your sukkah.

Haredi Rabbis Ban Candlelighting in Sukkah 1
Haredi Rabbis Ban Candlelighting in Sukkah 2
[Hat Tip: Burich.]


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Shmarya - is this a mistake?

Since when have the frumma ever been concerned for safety?

If true, mazeltov! Things are (perhaps) changing!

Finally, some evidence that the frumma are following Halacha!

Remember boys and girls, if you act unsafely and your Sukkah DOES catch on fire (G-d forbid), you are meant to let it and your house and your neighborhood burn down unless you know that people will die. In that case, you must call emergency services, even on Shabbos / Yom Tov. (But I am not a posek, consult an orthodox / charedi Rav.)

And it needed a whole bunch of Rabbis, and not common sense, to tell them this?

How far the frumma have strayed away from Jewish principles and Halacha!

(Sorry for three posts in a row...)

Who ever said Haridim, can never be sensible and responsible?.


The proclamation include the provision that it is imperative to extinguish a fire that ensues from a dropped (knocked over?) candle on Shabbat or holiday, and not to wait for a non-Jew to do it, unless one is on the premises already.

There's a sukkah born every minute.

Haredi Rabbis Ban Candle Lighting In Sukkahs

As with anything in life, be cautious. If you use two tea lights on a large metal tray you will in all probability be just fine. If you bring out your large lachter on a small tray, that could be problematic.

Makes perfect sense.

What if you leave for a few minutes, and a piece of the s'chach gets blown into the Sukkah?

Chag sameach everybody.

(But I am not a posek, consult an orthodox / charedi Rav.)

Posted by: David | September 30, 2012 at 03:48 AM

it depends

how flammable is the sukkah?
can you evacuate all yiddin to safety without calling emergency service?
will any of the emergency service personal be Jews?

David they do need the details to answer then question

but we have been doing this for hundreds of years why should this be different than MP

mazal tov !! you finally posted some thing positive

mazal tov !! you finally posted some thing positive

Posted by: mendel | September 30, 2012 at 10:50 AM

the rebbies did something positive so he posted it

A broken clock is right TWICE a day, Rabbis, so let's see you issue one more good statement today.


You too, amigo.

this is ridiculous!!! its getting to be like germany in the '30s.

lighting candles in the sukkah is an integral part of the mitzvah. its been done for hundreds of years. do these rabbis think theyre the first ones that care about danger to jewish lives and property??
have studies been done that prove that there are more fires caused by this practice than there are in the general population??
the next thing these anti-semites will do is ban ALL candle lighting. THAT is their real goal. they start with this and then we yidden wont be allowed to fulfill the mitzvah of shabbos and yontif candles.
i have an expert who says that all the supposed cases of fires from the sukkah are lies. have arson experts who are charedi agreed that the fires were from this practice?
i will be lighting candles in my sukkah right next to open gasoline containers just to prove that these jew-hating rabbis cant tell yidden what to do. hashem will protect us. we cant be harmed in performing this huge mitzvah.

cars cause many more fires. do the rabbis ban cars?
and dryers too.

i call on all jews to perform metziza b'peh on the candles first, light them in the sukkah, and then use the light they provide to perform MBP on as many babies as you can find, male or female just to show we will not be cowed by anti-semites.

APC, awesome analysis!

I recommend that all Torah yidden should soak their sukkas in gasoline and then light the candles, to prove their faith in the Aibishter who guards his holy yidden when they do mitzvahs.


thanks, and a good yomtov to you and yours. and i forgot to tell you how much i liked your hat at the asifa.

eem yeertza hashem when moshiach comes and the beis hamikdosh is rebuilt yidden from all over will gather to light their candles there and burn it down. BIMHAYRAH B'YAMEINU!

these moronic rabbis should be listed in the dictionary next to the word "hypocrites" . they start out by quoting 'chazal' (chochmeinu zeechronom l'vracha- our wise men of old of blessed memory) who said that anyone who saves even one jews life its as if he fulfilled the entire universe. and that is why they are banning candles in the sukkah. here the danger is indirect. first it must cause a fire, and then that fire must spread to where it endangers a jewish life. yet even this indirect danger to life is sufficient reason to advise against it.
but with MBP, even if they claim its a part of the mitzvah-which it is not- the danger to jewish life is DIRECT . so why is the same concept of "SAVING EVEN ONE JEWISH LIFE" not adhered to???

please explain dear rabbis and charedi apologists.

who are these rabbis? i know MY rebbe didnt sign this. its probably a forgery or the work of some evil askonim who have lied to the gedolim.
how come none of these rabbis posted it on facebook or on their twitter accounts? until i see photo AND video evidence of each of the rabbis signing i will assume this is just the work of the conservative and reform movements whose goal is to eat pig on yom kippur and have their kids marry osama bin ladens kids.

ah-pee, thank you for the much needed dicta.

YL and all, hoping you enjoy your, as my neighbor called it, "Sukkit".

I now give the floor to WSC!

APC thanks, and a Happy Succos to all!

APC, a stunning analysis, clearly enough to sue Bloomberg over this!

And chag sameach to everyone as well.

thanks dh and eli and a chag sameach to all.

David- I think you are allowed to pour water around (not on) a fire on Yom Tov
Then, you can sit and watch the neighborhood burn down

Here is a link to a brochure on fire safety containing, I am certain, some very important tips for preventing fires in observant Jewish homes. It was published several years ago and although it is in Yiddish I am sure it did not get anywhere the attention as the above pronunciamento.

After all, it's signed by the Mayor and the Fire Commissioner of the City of New York. Who are they? Would you trust their hashgachas? Would you eat in their houses? Not only is one of them a "fry Yid" [not even sure myself what this means but figure it's appropriate] but the other is (gasp!) "a goy."

Clearly, a rebbe is a greater authority on fire safety.

Yiddish brochure: http://www.nyc.gov/html/fdny/pdf/safety/fire_safety_education/2010_02/12_fire_safety_for_jewish_observance_yiddish.pdf

English translation:http://www.nyc.gov/html/fdny/pdf/safety/fire_safety_education/2010_02/12_fire_safety_for_jewish_observance_english.pdf

The Boro Park fire precinct has been complaining for at least 20 years about the incidence of fires in sukkahs cause by candles. The current trend towards longer burning oil based neros only aggravated things.It finally took a rabbinical proclamation to get people to change.

Enough of all this shtoos about sukkah fires.
I'm off to watch another rerun of My Son The Schnorrer on the Satmar Channel.
Today's episode:

Yechiel Nachman convinces his wife Shayndee Hindy that biyah is a big mitzvah while sleeping in their sukkah and are rushed to the ER after an attack by the neighbor's rotweiller who confuses sex moans with a burglary intrusion.

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