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August 08, 2012


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Imagine a world without DigitalDirectSecurity or even security cameras. More unsolved crimes and more criminals on the loose. I'm just glad that there's security cameras.

my two cents

Have you ever seen a chaps'em? It' not the domestic victim that's at issue here, it the way shomrim behaves when catching a perp. It's not always on the up and up. I know. Ive been a witness to a crime and subpoenaed to grand jury to find out that a shomrim member claimed he was a witness to the crime as well. Well I was there and was the one who called shomrim, so I know that witness testimony was a lie. And that's how they keep the streets safe and the police dont have to do much in their neighborhoods. -- VIGILANTE JUSTICE.

As for Eisenberg (36 yr old shnook) -- he's digging his grave real fast. He thinks if he behaves like a chassidish rebbe, he can become a litvak rebbe, and the funny thing is -- how in his case the chassidim recognize it's just a "cult."

Finally, what really went on with Kletzky between the police and shomrim, noone talks about anymore. How when the camera footage was found at the leasing lot trailer, the police actually called off their participation for about an hour or so, bc the shomrim and chassidim involved were not working with them, but seemed to be trying to take over the whole investigation. Precious minutes lost.


@ Eli, although I agree with YOUR interpretation of the facts, however, I seriously doubt this is what the original poster had in mind; otherwise there would have not been the 'mea culpa exclamation' of 'There, I said it'.

Eli, what me messiah?

Posted by: Sabine | August 09, 2012 at 09:45 PM

Oooh. Went right over my head. I digested this as meaning they milk the Holocaust to justify misuse of social benefits and not being prosecuted.


@G*d is not amused

You know .. you don't have to share everything that pops into your head. Neither do you have to believe everything you think. Remember that please.


The Chassids make a good argument for the Holocaust. There I said it.

Posted by: God is not amused. | August 09, 2012 at 09:20 AM

Isn't that going a little too far?


"Boy are you fixated with KJ just don't go there to often becuase you'll get a heart attack seeing what a nice community it is."

Nice community? It's filty dirty with hundreds of toddlers running outside without adult supervision while their fathers study and their mothers gossip. It's the poorest community in NY state but the community with the most granite countertops, the biggest chandeliers, the whitest marble floors and the largest underground black market. A decorator's dream and a shrink's worst nightmare. Nice?


Posted by: God is not amused. | August 09, 2012 at 09:20 AM

Every politician Jew or gentile is working for themselves ONLY.
Politicians are wetting their pants when they hear the word "AIPAC"
Solyndra was given over five hundred million dollars by the politician Obama.
The banks were given billions by the politicians to help out Americans in the mortgage crisis to be able to modify loans i have yet to find ONE person who was eligible for loan modification.The list is endless how the elites and the super rich are sucking the government dry and all you are "concerned" is how poor Jews are collecting money "illegally" to be able to live normal.Disgusting,sick.
They have nothing to be ashamed of even with all their wrongdoings that you so desperately try to seek out.
Boy are you fixated with KJ just don't go there to often becuase you'll get a heart attack seeing what a nice community it is.

BTW,You remind me of another drunken poster who babbles away with all kind of fantasies about Charadeim.

God is not amused.

Sarah/Brooklyn DA Hynes is critised by NYPD officers as "being in the pockets of the Chassids."

Deremes/You are right Gentile politicians are as much in the pockets and are aiding/abetting the Chassid mafia as the handful of Jewish politicians in NYS. My friends tell me "all of Monroe Town Board has been in bed with Kiryas Joel for years and work ONLY for the benefit of KJ not for Monroe and as a result their bank account has grown vastly, is the rumor.
Jew or Gentile criminal behavior has NO PLACE in CIVIL society, as the end result is anarchy.
What kind of humans build a society/culture around OTHER peoples hard earned money??? lowest of the lowest. Sit on your ass/make kids/get state dole, don't forget to kick back 1/3 to the rabbi for getting grants and welfare laws rigged in your favor.........DISGUSTING.
The Chassids even got Obama to get rid of "workfare for welfare."
The Chassids make a good argument for the Holocaust. There I said it. Whys should decent Jews be painted with that bursh??? BECUASE THEY DON'T SPEAK UP and don't get rid of the criminals. Don't want to hand them over to "goyimn" authority???
Then get out of "goyims" land and society. Go home to Israel.

Esser Agaorth

I don't like their motivations, of course. I'm no fan of handing Jews over to goyim (whether it's technically mutar in some cases in Hu"L) for whatever reason.

But, since we have no confidence that perpetrators are going to be "dealt with" properly, they should be handed over to those will (theoretically).

That all being said, regardless of politics or religious opinions/hashqafah, I don't think that anyone has any business trusting the U. S. Gov't. when it comes to surveillance.


This question may sound a little naive, but how can a group of whom so many of their members collect welfare have so much political power? I mean if this were to happen in the barrio or the ghetto it would be ludicrous!

Posted by: Vince Ortega | August 08, 2012 at 08:51 PM

Here in America everyone's vote counts equally, rich or poor, male or female, black or white so the fact that someone is on welfare is an irrelevant point.


Close down Shomrim and the Agudah immediately.


So where is the Brooklyn DA on this outrage.


Vince Ortega -

They are called "Chassidim" and they have a Rebbe who is a central authority figure who they follow unquestioningly, believing that what the Rebbe says is God's will. Anything the Rebbe commands, they do.

So they are able to offer politicians bloc votes in the thousands. The fact that it is illegal for a non-profit organization to recommend who to vote for somehow gets lost in translation, and all of this is done by word of mouth. The Rebbe's handlers tell the people who to vote for, based upon their negotiations with the politicians. If a politician does not dance to their tune, and give in to their demands, they move thousands of votes (in a "bloc") to another politician who WILL do what they ask for.

Also, like the Catholic church which was supported for centuries by the poverty stricken people buying their assurances of entry into heaven, these people give what little they could afford to their Rebbe for blessings, individual audiences, etc. The Rebbe lives like a king, and is usually extraordinarily wealthy.

Also, although the majority of them on an individual basis are generally poor, the rich and poor live in the same neighborhoods and sometimes next door to each other. Prestige in these communities is often based on the pedagree of one's ancestors (called "yichus"). So with the wealthy and poor living in the same neighborhoods, the wealthy provide the funds with which politicians are paid off (sorry, political contributions are made). The wealthy usually become big honchos in these places, gaining a lot of respect from the masses as they throw their money around, put their names on schools and synagogues they sponsor, etc. So while the majority are poor, there is a minority of wealthy Chassidim who live amongst them because they are all tied to the same Rebbe and social structure.

And finally, there is a lot of fraud which has unfortunately become acceptable in their circles. So that some of the people who seem to be poor on the books, are in fact very comfortable, but either make all their money in cash, or find other ways to cheat the system into thinking they are poor, while they are not.

And that is a basic 101 about the situation. Any other questions, feel free to ask. If I don't answer, I'm sure someone else will.

ultra haredi lite

You're ahead of me on todays Kolko development. What happened?

Bas Melech

Women are forbidden to report to the police domestic violence.

BT organizations should advertise;

Bas Melech


Regretfully, I will be unable to attend the gathering.

Best wishes or success.

Bas Melech


Regretfully, I will be unable to attend the gathering.

Best wishes or success.


Also note that the WJW story published today is wholly based on Eidensohn, who is not honest, and that it does not appear to jibe with Eidensohn's original claim, which is that police came to the scene and helped Friedman and that the FBI was involved.

Did it happen?

We'd know if Friedman would release the police reports but he hasn't.

Office of the Chief Rabbi

I'm pleased to see that Shmarya has expressed regrets about not attending the Kinnus. I have advocated from time to time that he go on a speaking tour to raise funds, with Yochanan Lavie as the opening act, rather than utilize unsavory pop-up ads. Perhaps when Yochanan's personal situation resolves (may it be for good) this could get planned.

As to the SECURITY CAMERAS: they are currently undergoing Beta testing with a software program that will recognize female figures and blur them so that has v'sholem the security people don't have to look at has v'sholem women. Only when this is accomplished, will the cameras be released.


What's up with the no reporting on the recent developments in the Kolko from Lakewood case, and on the Tamar Epstein vs Ahron Friedman saga?

Posted by: ultra haredi lite | August 08, 2012 at 06:02 PM

The Kolko development was this afternoon and the judge is full of crap.

I asked for proof of the Friedman thing and none was provided.

Vince Ortega

This question may sound a little naive, but how can a group of whom so many of their members collect welfare have so much political power? I mean if this were to happen in the barrio or the ghetto it would be ludicrous!

Alter Kocker

Agudah has pocketed the money and put up one most likely non-working camera. Arrest the entire bunch of them on suspicion of grand larceny and misappropriation of funds. Par for the course. Money is made available for security, but someone at Aguday needs some gold plated toilet paper.


I heard it was the marshals office looking for kranser. I was also womndering why in chicago.

aguda west

The feds are looking for gershom kranser in chicago. I wonder what the connection is?


"All politicians will do anything for votes and for money."

Romney was in Lakewood today for a fundraiser and raised 1.5 million. Pretty good for such poverty stricken Jews.


Deremes-It takes 2 to tango,satmerers and the politicians


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WoolSilkCotton, rock star and sports superstar

Deremes, you are right.

All politicians will do anything for votes and for money.

If Satmar has votes and money for politicians, they have the right to use those to their advantage.

ultra haredi lite

What's up with the no reporting on the recent developments in the Kolko from Lakewood case, and on the Tamar Epstein vs Ahron Friedman saga?


Politicians are politicians and will do anything to get votes.Look at Romney with his visit to Israel how much stupidity he rambled there all for the Jewish American votes.So my friend,it is not a satmar mafia thing its the politicians who are whoring themselves.




I think that since it was public money ALL people should be able to look in on the cameras, not just the police. The cameras should be connected to the web for all to see in real-time.

WoolSilkCotton, rock star and sports superstar

Perhaps this video will help explain. The Satmar Mafia has the governor on speed dial.


God is not amused

Kiryas Joel has a "Security Patrol" ALL PAID FOR by grants. This security patrol does not benefit the surrounding community at all. This 'patrol" sole purpose is to monitor "outsiders" who may observe the criminality going on inside the enclave. This patrol is a HUGE wast of taxpayer money that they get no benefit from considering that the State Trooper Barracks is right next to KJ less than a half a mile.
Haredi sponging/living off of taxpayer$$$$$ and rescources with NO RETURN of benefit to the community. Leeches.
If anyone can tell the gentiles what it is that the Satmar contribute to society and AMERICA please let me know.
Grant monies, at least 80% go into the pocket of the politicians. Look at Dov Hindkins assest now and when he first ran for office.


stop the funding now and claw back the money

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