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August 13, 2012


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osted by: Bas Melech | August 13, 2012 at 08:30 AM

i was trying to say here they do all this shit and they complain about sleeve length!!!


No Light and WoolSilkCotton, rock star and sports superstar -


WoolSilkCotton, rock star and sports superstar

You folks are awesome.

Kolko was in the neighborhood because a nearby clothing store had a sign "Boys Pants- Half Off".

No Light

Well, the only thing I really needed to communicate was "Help! I can't breathe in here!" or "Does my arse look big in this burqa?".

Womanly trivialities, I know. Oh, and I needed to scream "OYY NEBECH NEBECH!!!" whenever someone mentioned the evil goyishe authorities who practice overt anti-Semitism by arresting people like Prophet Rubashkin, R' Weberman, and the beloved Kolko.


No Light -

Also, as it was essentially a 7 foot, opaque hamster ball, it was fairly difficult to move, breathe, and communicate

i understand the breathing and moving as it relates to women , but when we frum men around, why would any female need to communicate? i thought that was just a masculine term.

No Light

I'm glad the asifa was a success! Sadly, the custom 360¤ mechitza I had ordered, to keep my filthy female body away from the pure and untainted FM men, did not arrive in time.

Also, as it was essentially a 7 foot, opaque hamster ball, it was fairly difficult to move, breathe, and communicate.

Perhaps I can perfect the design before the next stadium event. I hear that Knot Kosher did a great job of the catering, and at only $150 per head. Wow!


it was nice of YL to schedule it so that our 2 olympians were able to join us after the flight from london.


i forgot to add that all those arrested for going overboard at the asifa were released within 6 hours and are back safe and sound in their respective mothers basements.


it was great seeing everybody at the FM asifa. my favorite part was the moving video tribute to rav elyashiv. and who would have expected kolko to show up?
i'm also proud to say that not a single child was molested at the event. thanks to YL for getting the ball rolling and arranging the stadium venue. we were all sorry he couldnt be there. instead we settled for a live performance by john lennon.
and the biggest thanks to shmarya for making it all possible. when we benched mezuman we said "beershus moreinu v'rabbeinu harav hagaon hagadol shmarya ben moshiach tzidkeinu". AND WE MEANT IT.

Chicago Sam

Israel should ship the Haredim to Iran--the Mullahs would receive them with open arms.

Alter Kocker

The solution for this is to enshrine in law the obligation to report to the police. Those who fail in doing so would be subject to fines, criminal records and imprisonment. Rabbis doing the perp walk should clear up this problem PDQ.

Bas Melech

Why should your sleeve length be a problem to men attracted to little boys? These perverts would not know what to do with an encounter with a real woman.


The Failed Messiah asifa was a rousing success. Trolls were kept out by our Chinese enforcer at the door. Many important topics were covered but we missed Yochanan and his songs. Shmarya- I will be sending the bill to you under separate cover. Pictures may have been taken but one woman was present and her face needs blotting out before release to the public. Let's do this again!

Bob Guthrie

Posted by: think for a change
Shmarya in you rendition of the Haaretz news piece you managed to screw it up."

ReRead the article, bubbeh.

Comprehension, not for breakfast anymore. =)


What is that photo? Rikers?


Posted by: think for a change | August 12, 2012 at 09:47 PM

I think you need to read it again.


...and they have a problem if my sleeves are above my elbow?

think for a change

Shmarya in you rendition of the Haaretz news piece you managed to screw it up. While in the the original Haaretz piece the transition to the accusing part is made clear, in you regurgitation and tampering with the words you managed to obfuscate the main point. Maybe try "But already in 2010 the rabbi's..."

Office of the Chief Rabbi

It wasn't a secret event. It was under the blanket of security, to keep it trollenrein.




Any word on today's Failedmessiah secret event? How many people finally showed up. Any pictures?

R. Wisler

Whew! Luckily this happened in a foreign country. Thank goodness that our rabbinical authorities here in the land of the free would NEVER cover up pedophilia of this sort!

A. Nuran

The banality of evil. Like Eichmann they consider it their duty to destroy Jewish lives.

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