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August 27, 2012


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International School

Whether these kids remain in the nation or come back to where they came from, this implies there is a opportunity that their experience with the Jewish people of Israel will have enhanced them, and probably given them a opportunity to enhance themselves further.

Bob Guthrie

Posted by: zionist goy
"Here here! A great victory for all the people in every unstable country on the continent."

Dismissive, yet Racist. Now we need an anti-US Liberal non-article related quip, and we are done here

"Better yet the government should adopt the U.S. policy of "anchor baby" status."

There we go. And nothing of value was provided to the discussion.

Bob Guthrie


Hole in one.

Drive-by Dan

Where is there a religion that is not bigoted, racist, dogmatic, and nonsensical?

Anyone who says they are "chosen by god" must first prove that their authority is legitimate. Without a basis for authority, there is no authority.

Did you guys get a receipt? Anything?
Will your god back you up on you claiming to be chosen?

Judaism has no legitimacy whatsoever and anything deriving from it is also illegitimate.

This racism has been going on for centuries, for thousands of years.
It is not wrong to point it out and not wrong to want to see it abolished forever, yet there will always be someone who hates to have their crimes revealed for all to see.

Would you prefer a chabad-led holocaust that everyone ignored and turned a blind eye to?
Already they have driven off the dark-skinned Ethiopian Jews with blatant racism and other types of bigotry.

Israel is not a good place to live if you want peace or sanity. These refugees need to become refugees of refugees of refugees and suddenly appear in a Canadian embassy seeking asylum from their oppressors.

Always with the racism! I have no patience with bigots.
Religion-based racism is worse, for that is how the Holocaust was started.

With religion, the believers do not think of realities, of consequences, of what is right or wrong, for they think all that is not up to them. They have no morals, having given up their moral judgment to the lies of the priests who interpret the written lies however they want every damn time!

zionist goy

Here here! A great victory for all the people in every unstable country on the continent. i propose that Israel creates a special class of refugees for any and all black women from Africa who want to escape female circumcision for themselves or thier young daughters. A perfectly compelling reason to render special refugee status, better yet the government should adopt the U.S. policy of "anchor baby" status.


Woops, wrong story, still foey how they treated the African children.



Posted by: baba boooey | August 27, 2012 at 02:30 PM

Baba, you are absolutely right. It was "foey" what they did to the soldier but I can not express it as well as you do.

God is not amused

Israel the same as the "Old world Europe?"
Courts have to tell them not to be bigots??

Chabad just sent a laison to Hungary in response to the rise of alleged "anti-semitism." They should stay home and worry about their own back yard!

Maybe if they stopped buying up land/historic building in Hungary(using store front lawyers. The natives are not stupid they know it is Israelis/American Jews) and then jacking up the prices so the "natives" can't afford it, thereby alienating them, THERE WOULD NOT BE ANY FUEL FOR ANTI-SEMITISM. What Europeans are not allowed to be ehtnocentric??? only Gods choosen people???
"God made them all," and expects all to be "civil" to one and other.


The seculars are going to be thrilled by this!

Posted by: Sam | August 27, 2012 at 09:48 AM

I don't know about that but I am sure that the haredim are thrilled by them not being forced to accept them.


Over a half-century ago, the U.S. decided "separate but equal" wasn't any such thing. Nice that Israel is beginning to catch up.

p.s. Box - I'd tell you to go crawl back into the sewer you came from, but you'd dirty it.


The seculars are going to be thrilled by this!

Alter Kocker

We can always count on the Haredi trolls on this site to enlighten us as to the racial purity of Israel. Ah "box" we live to hear the dulcet tones of your racial epithets all done in conjunction with your glowing command of the English language. You spur our people on to greater things.


They'll be put in some room by themelves & watch cartoons all day to the Israeli government quietly gets rid of them & their breeders.


Whether these children stay in the country or return to where they came from, this means there is a chance that their encounter with the Jews of Israel will have improved them, and possibly given them a chance to improve themselves further.

It would have been far better to do this out of compassion rather than under duress but at least the outcome is good.


put your head in the toilet, flush and the world will be better off


Israel is such an elightened country . Populated with progressive, compassionate, and tolerant people. Oy what a country!


Why do u care about niggers so much? Wtf dude are you a coon lover? I ur mamas baby black?

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