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August 27, 2012


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Ach, the world wants to do what ever heralds in money and power.

God is not amused

So because Haredi men are dogs, Gods beautiful artwork aka Israeli women should be hidden in a cave? You ugly bearded bloated gluttonous perverts YOU go hide in a cave. The world WANTS to see the beauties of Israel, not YOU.

Bob Guthrie

"But Cnaan and Egged did not run the ads, allegedly because of a “dispute over the length of sleeves” worn by the women depicted in those ads.

Instead, they have now reportedly decided instead to stop using any photos of any people, men or women, on Jerusalem bus ads from now on."

"You don't want us to pull down the ads with Females down?. Well, then no Humans will ever be displayed on our toys, ever and ever. Nyah!!!". How do you discipline adults pulling a tantrum?.

"The need for a new arrangement arose from the real and pertinent danger to which the public and bus drivers in ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods are exposed."

Oportunistic pretext. Is this the "Smart and pragmatic" part. LaC?. Knuckling down to extremist Charedim's violence blackmail?. That's neither "Smart" or "Pragmatic", that's "Public Cowardly Surrendering".

"But the violence possibility!"... Several European countries carry a security or off duty officer in their bus, train, or subway lines. While visiting L.A., the Metro Blue line has Police officers getting in and out at stations, with Police vehicles with the letters "METRO" follows the trains along parallel streets. The US TSA is drafting plans to arrange security personnel on Amtrak trains, the same as France's Le Conseil de sécurité intérieure regarding their SNCF trains.

EL AL carry plain-clothes agents, etc, etc, etc,... So, it's not because of a will.

Just plain, stubborn, fanatical beliefs. And the extremist Charedim possible violent reactions are not helping, either.

Don't anybody apologize or justify any of this, it makes you look weak and subservient.

Bob Guthrie

Posted by: Lubavitchers are Christians
"Smart and pragmatic."

Unlawful and obtuse. Evasion of a court order, and a self imposed decision based on an extremist misogynist belief.

Avi Rosenthal

The good news is that Shas can't run ads with pictures of Rav Yosef.


@Lubavichers are Christians

That's twice in one week I've been forced to agree with you.

Let's not make a habit of it.

This was a business call - plain and simple.

Posted by: Rebitzman | August 27, 2012 at 04:53 PM

a call based on threat of violence maybe secular should start breaking any ad for any religious organization


@Lubavichers are Christians

That's twice in one week I've been forced to agree with you.

Let's not make a habit of it.

This was a business call - plain and simple.


The whole country is quickly become one large
lunatic asylum.


What about pictures of dogs and cats...as long as they're wearing clothes?



No pictures of plate sucking hotties? Not fair!

Lubavitchers are Christians

Smart and pragmatic.

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