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July 08, 2012


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Israel is beginnig to sound like the Old West. No law to speak of


I'm about to make Aliyah, and let me tell you... if any of these ignorant parasites (Haredim men do not work and expect the government to support them for the most part)ever tried to hurt me or my kids, I'd zap them and pepper spray them to no avail. Why do Israeli citizens have to put up with these Taliban wannabes? I don't see the difference between the two. Seriously. To let women be stoned without any arrests made makes me think that there is still something really PRIMITIVE going on with the Israeli government. What? Her car gets trashed and no one pays for it? Looks like I'll be gearing up to protect myself more from these crazies than from terror attacks.


Is there a post I could read to understand just who these Heredi folks are, how they excuse themselves from Torah, and why their behavior is tolerated in Israel?

Thank you...


I am going to make one comment, and then not read this for a few weeks. If Israel institutes a "stand-your-ground" law, Beit Shemesh will look more like South Los Angeles, not Texas or Florida. The street gangs would be really scary, think of the J-man, he had a gang of dead people following him around.

chicago sam

Maskil, I just wanted to offer some constructive afterthoughts for you to consider.

You should never refer to a woman as a "c**t"" , your choice of words reflects a disrespect for women. I was surprised to see someone who is articulate like yourself use such language.

Lastly, your sympathies should always be with the victims and not the assailants

chicago sam

Oops the silly iPhone replaced "tasar" with "radar"...

chicago sam

Thanks for clarifying your position Maskil.

I personally think the Haredi rabbis are to blame for fostering a parasite mentality among their mindless drones. They have never promoted wise family planning or encouraged their flock to develop an attitude of self-reliance. The young people are full of self-loathing and are directing their anger outwardly rather than inwardly.

The Israeli police do nothing when they ought to be practicing tough love by arresting the thugs who are guilty of attacking innocents. I wonder: Will it take the death of a child
to motivate the police to carry out their civic responsibilities?

Maybe the ladies need to carry a radar and zap a few of these young thugs, or maybe put them in juvenile homes for rehabilitation.


Now that you've all had your crack at me, I want to lay some of the blame here on Shmarya re: my first post. He clearly indicated that this was a story he "missed." Given that this is the same woman from the story he did publish, and that in that report her baby was with her, it is not irrational for anyone here to have questioned why this woman (who clearly thinks to much of her feminine appeal) got "in to it" with stone throwers a second time and both times had her baby with her. (Not that this would in any way justify her being stoned, only that she would have, for the second time, wanted to flatter herself by unilaterally declaring that the motive was immodest dress, while she apparently would have been seeking out this kind of attention at risk to herself and her child).

But that isn't what happened. I could have been more diligent in checking the dates, but let's face it: Shmarya is a source to be relied upon and I had no reason to doubt him.

I do blame society, Israeli and Haredi, for Bet Shemesh. It is different than what happens in Mea Shearim and Bene Braq. I've been there, there is a lot of moderation (despite the signs) and the older generation is quick to bring in line a young confused individual who does not know how to deal with diversity. I also have a relative in a Gur suburb of Mea Shearim. He knows who throws stones there on Shabbat: it's the kids who aren't adapting to haredi life (new gadgets a la smartphones etc., visitors to Internet cafes where they gain access to everything forbidden at home from sports to porn, brand name clothing, and genrally still not over the age of 17) who have been pushed out of their homes by their mother on hot shabatot with their 8 siblings to wander the streets, and it's not about cars driving on Shabbat, it's about throwing stones at cars period. One must take great significance to the words of the Haredi who was arrested for calling the soldier a slut when she wouldn't take an empty seat "I'm not even from Bet Shemesh!" Bet Shemesh is cesspool of young haredim with no wisened leadership (although there are a handful of good rabbis there). They are the gypsy camp of haredi rifraf outcasts no other community wanted. They are their own phenomenon. But mostly, my point was that women have a persecution delusion when they are around haredim. Over 99% of the time the haredi guy is either not looking at them or he is checking them out: but in their minds, as they have been programmed to believe, they are being judged and scorned. Not so! There is a problem with the stoning and insanity of modesty restrictions in Bet Shemesh, but it's not about they way the stonees are dressed. The problem is that these people are animals and the law is not being applied to them as it is to other sectors of Jewish society. The government and law enforcement has already written them off like they have the Arabs and decided two laws for two peoples: one for the civilized and another for the barbarians. "They're Arabs, what do you expect? Sometimes they stone their sisters to death for premarital sex." And now, "They're lawless haredim with no leadership with whom to settle this breach in civility, what do you expect?"

There is a problem, a big one, but let's stop pretending it's about modesty. It's about their deteriorating structure of society and the ensuing lawlessness and barbarism. And it needs to be stopped. Even if you could get them to accept skanky women as normally dressed fellow citizens, the stone throwing and insanity will continue. It was never about that to begin with. "Properly attired" women and men get stoned there too, they just don't call the police. They don't call their rabbis either, because there are no rabbis to call. They just try to stay out of the "wrong" neighborhoods, as a white person tries to avoid certain parts of Harlem and Detroit.

Yosef ben Matitya


this one ain't no maskil as in theuyroh or as in enlightened.

chicago sam

If haredim threw rocks at me, I would shoot them on the spot. I hope women in Beth Shemesh do the same.

spacedout BT

I didn't become BT in order to witness these chayas throw rocks at a yiddishe mama and kind. Let me see ONE Torah leader excoriate the chayas, ONE!


I wonder if these (pigs) would have the nerve
to throw rocks at the woman and baby if her husband was also there.

I think not!


I'm with Alter - time to defend ourselves from these thugs. Their definition of "immodest" is idiotic, and the fact is that western men do NOT get all hot and bothered when looking at a normally dressed western woman. Only Chereidi do, because their whole culture is hypersexualized. They're mentally ill and unable to discern what is truly meant to be "provocative" because they are too brainwashed to discern the difference.


Really scary... that they would do this to anyone, but to a mother holding her baby is beyond contempt. And these kinds of things go without arrest?! Enough pandering to these neanderthals. So glad the Tal Law is expiring soon, serving in the army will give the Haredi youth a chance to rid themselves of the twisted Haredi mindset.

A. Nuran

Ah, Maskil. You think it's just great for filthy illiterate savages to try and kill a mother and baby. But you can't bring yourself to say the word "cunt". Too much toireh has destroyed your brain and buggered your morals.


I don't care what the woman was wearing. I don't care if she was naked. Throwing rocks is assault with a deadly weapon. No arrests were made or even attempted for this and the property damage?

These "people" are no better than lawless thugs. As long as there is no punishment for their criminal behavior, it will continue unabated.

Alter Kocker

I am for arming women in Israel. Next time the Haredim attack a woman they think is defenseless, let her put a few bullets in their crotch. No great loss!

Yosef ben Matitya

beit shemesh is a place named after the sun as a deity, that is צְבָא הַשָּׁמַיִם .
no different than heliopolis, bamot baal, baal zefon, beit yerach, all these idiots dressed as alien slavs and living in a place dedicated to the god sun are idolaters.
as we say in hebrew, fooya! fikhsa! on them and their kohanei habaal leading them.


Maskil... you are lower than the dogshit on my sneaker treads.

Kindly go fuck yourself!


Posted by: Maskil | July 08, 2012 at 09:41 AM

You gave yourself away today, you. You're a lying misogynist and an apologist for violent extremism.

You define "immodest" as mini skirts and halter tops yet you know quite well that the Haredi definition is far broader. You know that there are documented cases of attacks on girls who wear such innocuous items as open toed sandals.


Posted by: No Light | July 08, 2012 at 10:40 AM

Fair enough.

No Light

This is the same fat c**t as last time (who was in the car). Nobody is preoccupied with how she dresses except her - and she really wants to flatter herself.

Do you kiss your mother with that mouth? Filthy, bigoted, misogynist pig.

To then say in the next comment "Oh it's the same incident, it wasn't her clothes, it's just that those men are animals"

So what is it? She's either a fat lying cunt who instigates stonings because of her disgusting immodesty, OR, it has nothing to do with modesty.

Yeah, backpedal faster dude, Superman's still dead.


Israel needs to introduce a "Stand Your Ground" law like Texas or Florida.


Maskil -Society forgot or failed to educate--
are you for real arent we everyone of us responsible for our own behaviour?you cant be for real blaming society.


Oh, wait this is "last time." This story is over two weeks old, and was already reported here.

“Immodestly” Dressed Woman Stoned In Beit Shemesh

Seriously, haredi men do not care if someone is not dressed immodestly. At least not any more than when any Jew violates halacha anywhere in the world, even discretely. A sconrful glare is usually just a guy thinking about some local or domestic issue, and if it is directed at the "offending" woman it is usually serving the purpose of the attractive attire (that is why they show skin, isn't it, so that people will notice it?). With thier wives, however, it is a different story - a story that reads the same practically everywhere.

However, it is typical of women who suddenly feel uncomfortable in their skimpy clothes to begin to tug down on their mini-skirts and tug up on their halter-tops when in a haredi environment. This is a persecution complex and no more than that. For some it is the sudden guilty feeling of being underdressed, while others would just like to flatter themselves. While a haredi may be thinking about his destination, or even just checking her out, she will believe that all eyes are cast upon her with contempt. Bet Shemesh is a neighborhood of people with no roots and the is no older, wisened generation to teach by example. Most likely one could not see what this woman was wearing, and most certainly she was stoned by a group of wild and unruly people lacking any culture or discipline on a hot summer's day. No one got stoned that summer because of immodest dress, she got stoned because that neighborhood is swarming with a bunch of wild animals that society forgot (or failed) to educate and discipline.


This is the same fat c**t as last time (who was in the car). Nobody is preoccupied with how she dresses except her - and she really wants to flatter herself.

That this is the second time she claims she was targeted for dressing immodestly indicates that this was no random incident, not on her part and not on the part of the stone throwers.


This will only end when either:

A woman opens fire on these guys - killing a few
The police actually make mass arrests, and stiff sentences are handed down
The rabbis in the area make it clear that such violence s a violation of Torah, and that it will not be tolerated.

Now, the third option would be the easiest but least likely, I HOPE (in the absence of the third) the second takes place, but fear it will be the first.


at least two came to her rescue

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