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July 08, 2012


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Israli Logic:

There are a hundred thousand Ethiopian Jews in Israel, yet only you and your friend ended getting assaulted by the police. The pattern shows that there is no discrimination (and any mention of race during the altercation was simply incidental). Moreover, why of all people did it happen to you? What did you do to get in to this situation? It had to be something. Make too much of a fuss and we'll have to figure out what it was and charge you with it. But don't hide behind ethnicity as that is clearly not a factor.

/end israeli logic/

Only heavy community activism can bring this before a judge and explain the principles of racism. This needs to be done, but I know of no social activism to combat racism against Israeli Jews in Israel. If anyone does, please indicate so on this blog or the inaction on this incident will act as a message that it's okay to act with overt racist gestures and violence towards this community even when (or especially when) acting in a capacity of state granted authority.


Posted by: Lubavitchers are Christians | July 09, 2012 at 02:23 PM

I'd debate you by mentioning the restraint the police show against Haredi stone throwers , as compared to Arab protesters; or the protection the settlers receive from the IDF, but what's the point? You'll never see past your own prejudice no matter what the facts are.

Lubavitchers are Christians

This is the same way Israeli Police respond to every settler and haredi demonstration. They come out of their cars, start beating and arresting the first innocent bystanders they can get their hands on, and then the media blame it on those terrible settlers and those terrible haredim.

This time the victim was a black man, so at least the media was on his side against the police, for a change.


mandatory police training requirement: six months to one year service in diverse ethnic neighbourhoods. . . working in out reach and support programs to enhance awareness and tolerance for people of differing cultural, ethnic and racial backgrounds. Or we can have a pray off, in which case each of us will pray for the destruction of the other where in the creator will decide whom to decimate or let survive. . .

Yosef ben Matitya

Soviet platitudes? What in the world are you talking about?

I was reffering to AN's 'parve' comments allowing him to show (false) concern towards the soldier whithout finding fault in the cop's behaviour


Perhaps the police were trained by Bull Connor?




If someone's head rolls for this, it will be a step in ending this sort of racism. If not, it will get worse.

Is there any agency that will work to make sure this is properly covered and legally investigated?

How can the public be involved in investing in this outcome?

zionist goy

once again the Israeli government hasn't acted quicker and more descisively in both the deterrence of the African infiltrators and thier repatriation or exit out of the state. Falashas are becoming the innocent victims of this anti infiltrator frenzy and the former issue will damage Israel's image more than the illegal problem. Ethiopian jews are rightfully there to stay and there should not be a random anti- black carryover. The u.s. govt. and others have a stake as they contributed monies to airlift, and settlement which as we see now was scandalous in how the funds were misdirected.

chicago sam

I pray he files charges.

chicago sam

This type of incident makes our enemies joyful with glee. Like other "civilized" Western nations, Israel has a serious social problem.


Posted by: Yosef ben Matitya | July 08, 2012 at 06:37 PM

Soviet platitudes? What in the world are you talking about?


If this policeman is convicted, he should be forced to do community service work in an Ethiopian community in addition to his jail time. If he is forced to see them as fellow human beings and fellow Jews, maybe he'll do teshuva.


In war there is an expression called "the fog of war" he summed up what happened by saying "the wrong place at the wrong time". There is a problem with the illegal African influx. I am sure that if he was in uniform or if he were wearing a kipa maybe things would have been different.


The quality of regular policing in Israel is nowhere near that of Nassau County,USA..


Lots of racism which manifests in different ways running around Israel.
Sfardi vs ashkenaz, everybody against black, ashkenaz against sfardi.

These cops need to do time, which of course they won't.

Yosef ben Matitya

Based upon what evidence?

'Prayers for vs excellent job'
these, SkepticalYid, are soviet platitudes designed to project even handedness.


Posted by: Adam Neira | July 08, 2012 at 04:22 PM

Based upon what evidence?

Adam Neira

Prayers for Jajao Bimaro.

However the Israeli Police and Border Police do an excellent job in general.

A. Nuran

Whenever cops are forced to admit something bad happened - they never EVER admit they did anything wrong - the cure is always more money for training.

Fuck that. If they do crime treat them like any other thug who commits violent crimes.


This just disgusts me.

The cop that did this must be caught and put to trial.

And, all cops must be retrained on this kind of issue, and more.

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