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July 24, 2012

American Greed To Profile Haredi Scammer Solomon Dwek

Solomon Dwek American Greed.CNBC's venerable business crime series American Greed has new episode airing tomorrow night – The Jersey Score, profiling Solomon Dwek, the rabbi's son who scammed millions and then helped the FBI bag dozens of politicians and haredi rabbis. The rabbis laundered money for Dwek, using their charities and Israel to do it. One arrested haredi man was nabbed trying to sell a human kidney.

Solomon Dwek American Greed.

The show airs at 10 pm Eastern tomorrow night (and again at 1 am Eastern Thursday morning).

Here's a link to the episode's webpage.


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Tragic - the third "observant" Jew that I know of to be profiled - Shalom Weiss, Shalom Rubashkin, and Dwek.

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A TV star, how his parents and family must shep nacus!

Shmarya are you interviewed on the show?

Where can you download the episode thereafter?

no free live stream online?

I love how the show described Dwek as a George Costanza from Seinfeld, yet in his ultra-orthodox community he was a George Clooney! :)

link not going thourg anywere else?

were can i watch this episode online?

Try this for the Book TV episode: http://cs.pn/O3sEID

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