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June 27, 2012


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lloyd a cohen

I have been in the Koshrus business for years going back to the old Morrison and Schiff days before Hebrew National bought them out. Even back then there was always question about the standards of koshrus of Hebrew National before they were under Triangle K. The issue never whether it was glatt meat or not.
Second, why is this even a Beth Din matter, all the paper did was to report about the law suits and alleged irregularities during the process. And, if there might be irregularities, the kosher consumer needs to know about it and needs to know if this issue has been dealt with--one way or another not by courts but by competent Rabbinical authorities.

Malka Gittel

I have now concluded that the greatest liability in any case is Nathan Lewin's mouth.


Seriously, I wonder if the Ralbags allow Hebrew National in their home, or even tostitos.


Failed Messiah special report: Life has been found on Mars. It should be noted that Sholom Rubashkin who was sentenced to 27 years in in prison is also a life.

To allegations of spin failed messiah replies: is not "spin." It's just important background information. Saying that HN is therefore the same as Rubashkin would be spin, which Shmarya did not do.

Posted by: Yochanan Lavie | June 27, 2012 at 07:31 AM


Is there no ambulance Lewin won't chase on behalf of the frumma?

Conflict of Interest

Check this out, Nat Lewin's wife is rabbi Aryeh Ralbag's SISTER, and she may well have some role in the VERY lucrative greater "triangle k hechsher" scheme of things!! It's a clear conflict of interest.

Nat Lewin is doing this for his wife and her only brother Aryeh, who has finally over-reached himself by entering the meat business rather than sticking to his father's Yehosef's (who passed away recently at a very old age) method of certifying mostly canned foods and juices.

Yochanan Lavie

Mentioning Lewin's checkered career is not "spin." It's just important background information. Saying that HN is therefore the same as Rubashkin would be spin, which Shmarya did not do.


Got to love the new format of Failedmessiah. It used to be cut-n-paste and then Shmarya had to strain to put "his" spin and carefully guide the reader into how to interpret the story. By rewriting the story he can inject items that were not in the origional story to condition the rader.

As an example, from the origional story:

Washington, D.C., law firm Lewin & Lewin LLP has initiated a claim with a New York rabbinic tribunal, the Beth Din of America, against American Jewish World for publishing its report without first consulting AER or Triangle K. “Journalistic ethics and Jewish law do not permit besmirching reputations so easily within our community,” said attorney Nathan Lewin in a statement.

No mention of Rubaskin or Agriprocessor, the "new story" prominently bring this in while not bringing in any other cases that he was involved in.

The spin is in, time to take the bait - hook, line and sinker.

Yochanan Lavie

Kudos to Reichenberg.

As to the topic of this post, as much as I like HN products and have nothing against Triangle-K, I think the lawsuit is spurious. The paper just reported the allegations, as well as the corporate parent's claims. It did not create the lawsuit (which in my opinion is bogus). Next Lewin will want to sue FM for merely reporting chareidi malfeasance. The man's a religious ambulance chaser. But maybe giving HN the attorney as Rubbishcan will give it a halo effect. Maybe the kosherer than thou crowd will come to see that HN is perfectly kosher, just not glatt.(Probably not).


Haredi man, Moshe Yosef (David) Reichenberg, who was electrocuted trying to save a boy's life during a hurricane, to get Carnegie Medal for Heroism.


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