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June 08, 2012


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I have no problem opening up the window to prosecute criminally sexual abusers. Lets get these fiends behind bars!


I have no problem opening up the window to prosecute criminally sexual abusers. Lets get these fiends behind bars!


Sorry for the double post, typepad delayed showing first post so I thought it got lost in the "cloud"



Chabad ???? please show us some proof,and let's be honest 99% of Chabadnik live in Black majoirty districts so I don't think their too powerful.

Plus if one bill is for sure not passing why not invest the energy in the Hikind bill???? which would at least be much better then what's NOW.


Storm on the horizon, and the The Jewish Catholic Church / Agudah does not get it.

The big USA govt. is not afraid of religion. When 9/11 happened they locked up countless extremist sheiks. Ditto Catholic Monsignors (whatever the Heck title that is , but me thinks its big in their hierarchy) are doing hard time, with muggers.

If Agudah does not shape up ... why they may get another Govt. grant & money for an organization callled say... "Matir Asirim" in both its Hebrew connotations.

Eli, what me messiah?

Shmarya, can you share the evidence of Chabad's support for efforts to block the bill?
Sounds like, typical of Chabad duplicity, another example of cultivating a public image very different from their reality.
"we are not a cult!"

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