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June 14, 2012


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Shaul Spitzer

"Butler" is he Skver Rebbe's Butler...?


another case where they went easy on him because he is orthodox.

Yochanan Lavie

In jail, he will be a "buttler."


In jail, he will be a "buttler."

Posted by: Yochanan Lavie | June 14, 2012 at 07:00 AM
I doubt he will be doing the serving though.


Do they serve kosher Rubaskin meat at the jail where he is going???


Its important to note, given Shmarya's dangling modifiers, that the thief is the son of Lanner's enabler, not the enabler himself.

Not Surprised

Did he do these things because of the Internet? Is this Toeyavah? Are these the 'outside forces' Zeiebel talks of? Was he influenced by TV, Indian Wigs, Lipa??......


Why didn't you write 'Rabbi' Moshe Butler? He's wearing a Kippah!


He is modern ortho


Thank you maven for noticing the dangling modifier.

I was also puzzled how a 33 year-old could be Lanner's enabler, since the crimes took place in the 90s.


Cuz The "Honorable Judge" can't help him.


I think the crimes he was convicted of, which took place in context of is job as a principal, took place later. The NCSY related incidents addressed by the OU report spanned a period that began far, far earlier than the 90s.

John Nagle, Silicon Valley, CA

Not only a crook, but an inept one. This guy failed at gambling, failed at commodities speculation, and failed at fraud.

This seems unrelated to religion, though. It's just a routine fraud case.


i feel sorryh for his wife and young kids

his father was a thief of childrens lives by protecting lanner and he stole and will sit


The only thing this story has to do with dogs
is hot dogs. HAShem yerachem. which they will be feeding to the young prisoners.
Good for you Shmarya on deleting all those irrelevent comments.


butlers drug program was only to influence the judge

the whole thing was a scam and people were misled


Sad thing is, he is getting a stiffer sentence than most of the child molesters discussed on this blog.

Moshe A

I think he gets out soon....

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