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June 15, 2012


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Shtam a Guy

Once again a cesspool of low-lifes within this site that will jump to any bark (no pun intented) whenever and wherever one can besmirch Chabad or Lubavitch....and frum...and whatever...

Obviously these annonymous posters are the cream of the crop in loser central. Those that never married, or are divorced with bitter endings, jobless obviously or perhaps work as janitors as obviously such a low-life that posts such ignoromous statements has absolutely no college or real life experience.

Oh I forgot - said individuals likely still live with mom or dad...

You get the picture.

I am abit surprised that SHmarya has yet to ban some of these idiots or delete or even monitor many of these starkly neurotic posts. I do admire many interesting views and all and with the brains you have I ponder why you just don't weed thru the shit.

Gut Voch to any normal folks tonite - all others please do remember to take you meds tonite.


Unless of course, the poodle was sharing.

Posted by: rebitzman | June 15, 2012 at 04:51 PM

Of course they are.


Lazar is Putin's poodle

For a $1 billion, Putin would cheerfully gut his own poodle.

Unless of course, the poodle was sharing.

A Yid

R. Lazar says the envelope was lost, may be he thinks it was lost but in fact it was stolen by someone connected to one of the parties to the agreement it contains?
Isn't it easier to presume this than to think that Lazar would risk his reputation by intentionally destroying the envelope and saying it was lost?

Yosef ben Matitya

reading about these people, is like rumaging in a trash can.
from the rabbi to his supporter
to gaydamak, to the whole of the fsu
to putin and his administration etc..
a gigantic cesspool!

God is not amused

I no longer donate and keep tzedaka with any Jewish organizations. These are not the Jews of my grandparents. THEY were living Judaism. The Jews of the 21st century and especially in New York State are IMHO organized crime in and of themselves. Kiryas Joel is the perfect example.

does this look poor to you?



If Lazar did what he's accused of - to who is accused of doing it, he will be found washed up on the shore somewhere, hit by a beer truck, or become Hoffa's roomate inside of 6 months.

Posted by: rebitzman | June 15, 2012 at 09:14 AM

Lazar is Putin's poodle.

No one will touch him.


If Lazar did what he's accused of - to who is accused of doing it, he will be found washed up on the shore somewhere, hit by a beer truck, or become Hoffa's roomate inside of 6 months.

Eli, what me messiah?

Most organizations have good people in them somewhere and do good things for some people or they couldn't exist. Cosa Nostra (the Mafia) got its start by helping peasants overcome the oppressive conditions of absentee landlords in Sicily, providing sustenance for poor families, and creating close ties to the Catholic church. They, too, had their staunch defenders until they got caught up in extortion, contraband, drug trafficking.
Chabad is a cult, the term they despise because it is so true. And it is a cult that thrives by presenting this innocent face to the public. But, like Scientologists, they have their non-public side, and they engage in activities outside the law. If you haven't read the many documented cases, you won't find them hard to locate.

Eli, what me messiah?

Correction: the asset, the contract, is in Angola. There are contacts in Israel. I don't see the London court connection. Maybe Leviev has assets in the UK that G hopes to enforce against?
It would be fantasy for G to try to enforce a London judgment in Angola or Russia, where judgments could be bought today...

Atheodox Jew

@Eli - IMO calling Chabad an "international criminal enterprise" is truly unfair. They regularly put themselves and their families out there in the most Jewishly isolated circumstances with no other mission than to offer Jews a place to daven, have Shabbos/Yom Tov meals, and learn something about Judaism.

We don't know the circumstances of this case. Could be R. Lazar is corrupt, could be he is a tzaddik, could be he's like most people who are basically good and sincere but sometimes get caught up in things they shouldn't.

Eli, what me messiah?

Honest question: does Chabad basically get a free pass to do whatever they want in Russia?
And why the suit in London court, apart from avoiding the infamous corrupt and politicized judicial system in Russia? The parties are in Russia, the asset in Israel... how could the court get jurisdiction and how can its judgment be enforced?
I'm dying to read the next chapter of this story!

Eli, what me messiah?

I agree with APC that this is better than a movie.
So much is murky about the business deal. The only thing that is clear is Lazar's atrocious behavior.
What a rat. If ever there was a doubt about Chabad being an international criminal enterprise...


This is very similar to the famous joke:
A traveler arrives in a town just before shabbos; he has ten thousand roubles on him and doesn't know what to do with it. The baal habayis he is staying with says: "Keep it in my safe until after shabbos. Let's call the Rov over and he can witness the deposit."
So the Rabbi of the town comes over and witnesses the transaction.
After shabbos, the man asks his host for the money, but the baal habayis says: "I don't know what you're talking about." "Gevalt!" says the man, "let's go to the Rabbi's house, he witnessed the whole thing!"
They go to the Rabbi's house, and the Rabbi says: "I don't know what you're talking about."
Crestfallen, the man has no choice but to travel on. When he is just outside the town, the baal habayis runs after him and catches up to him and says: "Here is your money." "But why?" says the traveler, "did you do that to me?" "Actually," replied his host, "I was always intending to give you your money back. I just wanted you to see what sort of a Rabbi we have!"

Fleishike Kishke

In all fairness, he thought the envelope held the combination to their locker in 770. So why did he have to hold on to it? Two billionaires, if they ever forgot the number, they could just call a locksmith. What was in the locker anyway? some dirty mikvah towels and half a bottle of vodka?


Lazar admitted on Israeli television that he had been holding an envelope for the two men for safekeeping. But Lazar claimed that he did not know its contents because he did not look inside it, and anyway, he had since lost it..

Lost an envelope worth maybe $1 billion?

I just can't understand how the Charedim make such informal and poorly documented or undocumented arrangements and agreements for such large business dealings.

Fleishike Kishke

How do you get to be the head CHABAD rabbi? STEAL THE MOST MONEY.


this story is better than any movie. the rabbi is either a lowlife who's been paid off handsomely or has something to fear due to a threat.
why wouldnt gadya have made extra copies of the contract and had this rabbi initial those envelopes. they then could have been sent to other people or rabbis if they preferred. he also could have made leviev sign contracts in front of other rabbis too. to rely on just one guy who can be bought off or threatened seems pretty careless when youre talking about $100,000.
but when its 100s of millions it seems downright foolish.

Lo K'darkah

Hamotzi meichaveiro alav haraayah

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