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June 18, 2012


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Yosef ben Matitya

funny, shaarei zion is also the largest syrian shul in brooklyn too (that of r' kassin).
sheneimor: ohev hashem et shaarei zion, mikol mishkenos yisroel!

Yosef ben Matitya

almost equally funny,
Congregation Shaarei Zion of Bobov, has a facebook account,
did it survive the Asifo? or is it filtered!


FYI its 2012 now!!


nothing new wasn't Bobov involved a few years ago laundering money that involved the drug cartels?


seymour Those bobover tzadikim are truly god fearing thiefs.


The New York Post, who else.


If he alleged this in 2006, why has the FBI not done anything or arrested anyone. Obviously because there is no substance to this claim. So why do you see fit to publish this slander and some of your contributors jump in to condemn without a shred of evidence.


And why do you think that Izzy E. came back to Bobov. All the generosity of Izzy is a smoke screen for money laundering. There are some in the industry that call him the minnie Madoff. Though his firm is audited by E&Y so it is hard to beleive he is a minnie Madoff.



why wasn't anyone charged or arrested?


CJL-Ye, they the bobovers are as innocent as the spinkers youre right,the spinker ebbe is sitting in jail for gurnisht right?

Lubavitchers are Christians

Speaking of Chaskie Rosenberg:


Fleishike Kishke

Why is the FBI allowing another generation of Hasidim learn that financial crime DOES pay?


If he alleged this in 2006, why has the FBI not done anything or arrested anyone. Obviously because there is no substance to this claim. So why do you see fit to publish this slander and some of your contributors jump in to condemn without a shred of evidence.

Posted by: CJL | June 18, 2012 at 04:04 PM
knowing and proving it in a court of law are two different things

and again Bobov has a history of money laundering and have been convicted of doing it


Prosecutors often take their time in investigating and prosecuting.
I know of one case that after the arrest it took 4.5 years until the case went to trial.

black muslims are not wanted in israel

what else is new ? each and every haredi and chassidic shul in brooklyn launders TONS of money .


Posted by: Jake | June 18, 2012 at 05:16 PM

If that's the case the they wouldn't have released the documents since it would be considered an ongoing investigation - they obviously either believe that its not true or not provable in court


wich bobov is this doing money laundering ? 48 or 45

Get a clue

The context that's missing here is that Dwek tried entrapping all kinds of groups to score points with prosecutors including his own rosh yeshiva from Riverdale. Whatever he told the FBI is meaningless. If the Feds had anything on Bobov they would have joined the perp walk.


I agree with "Get a clue"

The authorities left no holes bared and used "Dreck" to catch as many fish possible. If they had a drop of evidence against anyone from Bobov more ppl would have joined the perp-walk! Chaskie Rosenberg is a great guy and one of the biggest Balai Chessed in our generations! And one of Hatzolah's most respected long time paramedics! When CV' a crises of any sort hits, you want Chaskie Rosenberg to be there!! Chaskie keep up your talent Keep up you work!!

I would rather smell than Dweek!

I just don't get how Dweck still has place in any news??!!?? If this sweet-talking bastard told me the time I would not believe him even after I checked my own watch. I would change my last name if I was only remotely related to this Scum!! I would rather change it from Dweck to Dreck, Dreck one can at least wipe clean!!


I wonder if the people attacking Dwek are doing so because of his criminal acts or rather that he has informed on fellow jews and rabbis. I personally suspect the latter as clearly among the orthodox the informer is far worse than the criminal. The Syrian jewish community has long had ties to various criminal enterprises including the mob.

Chochem Fin Da Manistanah!!

Jerry! When Dweck will trap you or a law biding family member of yours or a good friend, that was never exposed to any wrong doing in their life, you might stop wondering!! Until then "Happy Wondering" DaAaAaAaAaH!!!!!


My wife and I were married in that shul in 1970 when it was merely a Sephardic congregation with a striking circular sanctuary - so we chose it for our wedding. Then Abraham Hecht became an extremist and was banned from Israel and now this. Are there many (any?) non-Haredi congregations left in that part of Brooklyn I wonder, or many non-Orthodox Jews, for that matter?

Lubavitchers are Christians

I wonder if people hate Dweck because he entrapped otherwise innocent people, Jew and non-Jew.

Leftists love to hate the FBI for entrapment of "otherwise innocent" Muslims when they are caught planning terrorist attacks in the USA.

Bassy the Haredi Slayer

Bobov and money laundries are not a new things, in the 90's they git busted using a yeshiva to launder drug money. Way to Go Halberstam.

Grunfeld, 64, president of the Bobover yeshiva and an executive director of Bobov's New York institutions, said nothing as federal prosecutors charged him and 11 others in a conspiracy to launder millions of dollars in illegal drug profits for Colombian drug dealers through the bank accounts of the yeshiva and synagogue of Bobov. The largest Chassidic sect in Boro Park and the second largest in the state after Satmar, it has perhaps as many as 30,000 adherents.

The complaint charges that Grunfeld and Rabbi Mahir Reiss, 47, laundered tens of millions in drug money through the bank accounts of the Bobover Yeshiva, Congregation Eitz Chaim and Chaim Shel Shulem, believed to be a free-loan society and apparently located at the Bobover World Headquarters on 47th Street.


Chassidic rabbis implicated in Colombian drug trade

Drug Arrests Give a Jolt To a Sect Of Hasidim


To Jerry!


If you want to resolve your wondering or your lacking of comprehension, It might be a good idea for you to meet the old Rabbi that this piece of shit Dweck conned & trapped by crying to him that he needs food for Shabbat! Let us know when you want to meet him.


Perhaps everyone should wait for the jury system to decide whether this "poor old rabbi" is innocent or guilty. There is no question the vehemence of the reaction to Dwek is related to the fact he has informed on fellow jews.

God is not amused

A fellow Jew? There is no honor amongst thieves. A dirtbag is a dirtbag. Jew or not. These criminals are not my 'fellow' Jews. They are dregs of humanity, with no souls.

Jerry FYI!

Jerry, FYI. Firstly, I believe the Rabbi was let free. Secondly ask any decent attorney if they would want to see a Frum Jew accused of such a type of crime go to a jury.. In recent years loads of such cases end up cutting a deal/plea with the prosecution rather than letting it go to a jury "even in cases where any idiot would think the evidence would "not" support a guilty verdict" I just spoke to a high profile attorney, he makes it very clear that in most criminal cases "a frum jew can not have a fair trial in NY" Its just a simple fact! Therefore a jury ain't gonna ever give you a clear & truthful answer!

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