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June 19, 2012


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Bob Guthrie

Posted by: Human
Jeff, you're a complete loser.

Uh, what Jeff?. Nobody has posted with that name?. Wrong thread?.


Jeff, you're a complete loser. Go crawl back under your rock.

Bob Guthrie

Posted by: Texting while driving
Actually it could be modern orthodox as the attack was at 1:30 am when they were unlikely to kill anyone

*Sigh* Well, strike the comment I made about Texting while driving about being "too intelligent" (see: "Three Haredim Arrested In London").

How come every time there seems to be a user contrarian to the concept of this forum, expressed with opposing, but rational written responses of his beliefs (somebody to have an discussion with), they have to go and (pardon my french), "screw the verbal pooch"?.

Yochanan Lavie

Lo: Your analogy is offensive to innocent chimpanzees.

Lo K'darkah

“If we wanted, we could catch them and when we want to, we will”

Said just like an Israeli General. Every single word in that sentence is bullshit - and mixed with hubris in a very efficient package.
People were even predicting another torched mosque since the lunatic chimpanzees of the settler bloc have been too quiet recently. But what percentage of the country's defense budget is actually being used to control its most volatile, armed, and dangerous subculture: the only ideology so far that has killed an Israeli prime minister? What are they doing to stop the hate that is destroying the nation? Nothing. They don't care anymore - not this generation. The status quo of conflict is great if you're a general; there's always a threat of war, you get to feel like the man, and besides if there was actually peace in the region then what the fuck are you gonna do with yourself?
As for chilul Hashem - this takes the cake.


Yochanan, very well said.
There are also rabbinical opinions (which I agree with) that Christianity is avodah zarah and Islam is not. However there is absolutely no excuse for these attacks. They are not only immoral but stupid since they damage Israel's cause in world opinion.

Atheodox Jew

My favorite line...

“If we wanted, we could catch them and when we want to, we will”

I'm not sure whether to be heartened by that, or disturbed.


Actually it could be modern orthodox as the attack was at 1:30 am when they were unlikely to kill anyone

Posted by: Texting while driving | June 19, 2012 at 12:20 PM

Stop trolling or I'll ban you.

You know very well that price tag attacks have been filmed, and that the attackers are Harda"l (haredi dati leumi) teens from places like Yitzhar – where everyone is Jewish and Orthodox.

No more warnings.

You do it again and you – and your comments disappear.

Texting while driving

Actually it could be modern orthodox as the attack was at 1:30 am when they were unlikely to kill anyone

Texting while driving

There are a lot of Russians in the settlements and most of the Russians in Israel are not Jewish. I don't know if modern orthodox types are capable of banding together like that in a way more organized than a lone lunatic like Baruch Goldstein.

Yosef ben Matitya

I hate to say it, but Satmar (NK) appear more and more as gentlemen in comparison.


So, who pays for the damages? I suspect it is the Israeli government. Price tag? More like a charge back. lol!

Yochanan Lavie

There will be hope when the Palestinians stop indoctrination their children in Judenhass. And scripture is always open to interpretation, or else we should live like we did in biblical times. Excuse me while I tend to my sheep.

Adam Neira

To Y.L.

Yes Maimonides explains his views on this subject in "Guide for the Perplexed" which was written in the 12th century ace, approximately 2600 years after the mitzvot was first detailed in the Pentateuch.

"The Palestinians and Israeli Arabs are already radicalized beyond redemption."

Incorrect !

You seem to suggest there is no hope for peaceful co-xitence in the Holy Land between various people.

Yochanan Lavie

Adam: According to the Rambam and others, Christianity and Islam are not Avodah Zarah and therefore churches and mosques are not idolatrous temples.

All: Targeting mosques is not only morally wrong; it's tactically stupid. The Palestinians and Israeli Arabs are already radicalized beyond redemption, but people of other faiths including moderate Muslims (they exist) will turn against Israel. We don't want to add grist to the Israel=Apartheid mill.

Adam Neira

Such wanton acts of violence in the Holy Land are terrible. Deuteronomy 12:2 states "You shall completely destroy all the places wherein the nations whom you are to dispossess served their gods." This clear mitzvah would seem to suggest that destroying a church or mosque in the Holy Land is thus kosher. However the prophecies state that all people will turn to G-d over time (The Redemption, counter-balancing, of humankind is a process that unfolds over time.) So the petty delineations between the sects will break down. Now houses and places of worship where people gather in a real spirit of friendship, prayer, learning and mutual spiritual uplift should not be targets of violent acts.

The battle going on in the Holy land and all around the World right now is a philosophical one. Various worldviews and frames of reference are battling it out.

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