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May 07, 2012


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And could it be that that this wife is wacky? Could it be that this woman's claim is not legitimate?

Has there ever been a divorce case in which you haven't blamed the woman?



She has the choice to accept or refuse. Just as this recently jailed woman has refused for 16 years.
But in our case a virtually unused and unknown Halacha may be used so I am not concerned.

Anyway the takanot of rabbeinu gershon have expired at least according to rabbeinu gershon.



Oh yes I have a crazy wife who likely won't accept my ghet

You do know she has no choice?


Today in Israel if either party wants custody or finacial issues decide by the secular District Family Court , that's were it happens. The Rabbinic court system has nothing to do with any settlement issues and just processes the get. Hmm that was left out. Wonder why?

She forgot to mention that although.the rabbinate gave the husband permission to marry because a different part of the Israeli government is prohibiting his remarriage. Whoops a minor detail.

And could it be that that this wife is wacky? Could it be that this woman's claim is not legitimate?

What a lot of these advocates forget to mention is that divorces in Israel are often litigated just as they are in NY. And if you want a hearing date for let's say discovery issues you have to wait. That stretches out the time of the divorce preceding. Which many of these advocates distort as being men withholding ghets. Nope it is the length of the legal proceeding and it can take a couple of years.

Let's not forget non Jewish minorities in Israel, Muslims,Copts, Catholics ,Eastern Rites,Protestants ,Druze,circesians who do want their religious denominations to control marriage and divorce.

(btw if your catholic in Israel and want a divorce you officially convert to Greek orthodox and they will divorce you. Then you become a catholic again and the divorce is still valid. Easier than a annulment )

I am involved in divorce that may go to Israels high court of justice and may make some international waves within the Jewish community. my wife could spend up to four years in jail on felony charges.I am working through the systems that exist and deal with issues that come up when they come up. Oh yes I have a crazy wife who likely won't accept my ghet and she owes me money.

No legal system is perfect , not in the states and not in Israel.


Also she has lots of faulty logic it is a poorly thought out piece oh yes and it is from haaretz


I dismiss it because it was in haaretz and has issues with veracity.

She is playing loosey goosey with the truth in this case and what is currently happening in beit din reform issues.


Let's see how many posts this goes before someone dismisses it because it was in Ha’aretz.

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