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May 08, 2012


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It isnt even a question
unless these agreements are broken

(they are in Hebrew)
The hands of the government are tied.

The way the numbers are currently if, and this is a very big if, the haredim leave then the agreements no longer carry any weight and anything can happen but as long as shas and yehadut hatorah remain it is difficult to see how anything would significantly change.

Yerachmiel Lopin

Netanyahu has obviously promised one thing to to the haredim and another thing to kadimah. The question is which party will he screw or will he screw both?

Even those who agree with his politics do not trust him personally to keep his commitments.

The interesting thing is that the hunger for patronage and power is so deep and corrupting in Israel that everyone seems to go along with dishonest partners in the hope that either the other guy will be screwed or that they will get theirs before they are screwed.


Netanyahu “Reassures” Haredim, Hints Draft Exemptions Will Continue

I am ok with that as long as one of the provisions of their exemption is that they work - at least part-time.

I don't see haredim as much of a soldier, anemic, flabby, good only for cannon fodder. However the looming economic issues bothers me more.

Garnel Ironheart

None of the major parties will tamper with the system. Yes they could set things up so that a majority is easy to attain but who wants to be the party leader that has to watch his opponent win one?

Yochanan Lavie

The electoral threshold needs to be raised, and regional representation needs to be implemented. Loony parties have too much influence.

Garnel Ironheart

He's finally in a position to toss them from the government and change the rules without interference and this is what he does?


Posted by: Mike S. | May 08, 2012 at 07:59 AM

Mike well said

and just reinforces the hedeim that they are entitled to special treatment

No army, but get more that IDF members for housing
No organ donation, but want to take organs

lets see if Mofaz has any balls

Mike S.

Reassurance that they may continue to shirk any obligation to defend the society whose coffers they drain!

It is nothing other than reassurance that the Haredim may continue to view themselves as the only true Jews, the only ones worthy of the name, and w/o repercussion from those whom they necessarily disdain.

queue hershyfriedman's pseudo-pious bombast in 3, 2, 1...

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