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May 25, 2012


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The contracted security company will be responsible for maintaining the video feed of all cameras.
There is no organization acting as “gatekeeper” to security video footage; law enforcement will have unlimited access to security video footage.
Agudath Israel of America’s only role is to administer the financial aspects of the security initiative.

Note, however, that Hikind does not discuss who gets the cameras and why they get them, and where the cameras will be pointed and where they won't. He also does not identify the "contracted security company."

I assume the purpose was to clarify a few points not give an exhaustive breakdown as to where every single camera is, the vector coordinate of where it was pointing, its height above the street, the GPS coordinate of its location.

"where the cameras will be pointed" goodness, this level of detail from a politician! Maybe we can ask Obama for the locations of the cameras after all he is the man on top and should know EVERYTHING!

Yerachmiel Lopin

If Agudah is awarding the contracts you better believe they will throw their weight around and the contract recipient will ask "how high?" when told to jump.

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