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May 03, 2012

Rabbis Rigged Haredi Meeting On Child Sex Abuse, Main Speaker Admits

David PelcovitzAt the Lakewood, New Jersey meeting, which took place earlier this week, the key speakers were Ohel's David Mandel and his co-author and friend Dr. David Pelcovitz, a psychologist prominent in the Orthodox and haredi community, who is also linked to Ohel. Mandel and Pelcovitz did not tell parents to call police when they suspect child sex abuse. Why? According to Pelcovitz, they didn't because the haredi rabbis backing the event told them not to.


The Lakewood View has this exclusive recording of Pelcovitz explaining that glaring omission:


[Hat Tiip: Dr. Asher Lipner.]


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They were "just following orders."

Spineless Cowards!

This is an incredible audio which should be picked up by main media. These so called 'experts' are LYING to our people.

Why did they not say to the Rabbis who in essence condone pedophilia that as LICENSED professionals they can lose their licence if sued for giving advice which winds up hurting an abused child. See under "Catholic Priests".

What leaders we have! Corrupt beyond belief.

Wow. Just wow. Can't believe Shmarya got this damning audio. Now let's bring it to government officials and see what they think.

Wow. I am not surprised but am saddened that they wouldn't speak. I don't want to condone the timidness of not speaking up, but I guess they felt this was the only alternative to not speaking about abuse at all. It is just too bad that the Haredi community continues to suppress their own when it contradicts their sense of Judaism and Jewish society.

I wouldn't be surprised if the Feds already have the recording..........and a transcript.......

It is very sad that Mandel and dr pelcowits are allowed to speak in our communities They are the problem not the solution

they just did not mention go to the police sick but no crime

Hershel gave the tape to the feds

Mandel has always been nothing more than a shill out for his own personal aggrandizement so no surprise there.

Pelcovitz is a professional who people trust. He should have his license revoked.

Leave Hershel out of this. He didn't tape it. He just asked the questions. There were five other people there. And they all had the same concern. Nobody was trying tyintrap anyone into a crime. This was done as a public service to reveal what needs to be done to stop molesters. Period.

This is the beginning of the end for the Kotler dynasty. It has spiraled down to this. Leaders that will allow harm to children in order to keep their good image. Can't call police, how would it make BMG look?

Inciting others to break the law. Conspiracy to do so. Find another crime or two and they could be RICO'ed out of existence.

First: make no mistake, I don't condone the behavior or halachic theory of Rabbis who hide abusers and refuse to notify the civil authorities.

Listening to this, I think the Rabbis who told them not to mention it imagine that their psak concerning this is halachically sound, and that they have the authority to decide it.

The question is, should they have refused to participate because of it? Was more good done by participating without saying "call the police", or was it harmful?

It is very hard for me to understand how to navigate this situation from the point of view of Mandel and Pelcovitz. He was forthcoming outside the event, and he said that it is his opinion that civil authorities should be called, and he advises it.

I suppose there is a danger that this looks as though the Rabbis are "doing something" without a key functional compnent, but, if they were to advise notifying the civil authorities at such events, no doubt they would not be invited back or to other places.

Did pelcowits get paid.

And still they allow Pelcovitz to speak...

Stop with the cheap shots at Dr. Pelcovitz.

Anyone who knows him knows that he is profoundly committed to eradicating sexual predators and protecting children.

But he is also pragmatic and in his judgment it is more important to get these topics on the community agenda (even if imperfectly presented) than to do nothing. Of course the efforts cannot stop here, but now attendees who previously knew nothing can seek out Pelcovitz's book, or other events that present a fuller array of responses. And as more communities recognize the necessity for calling in the authorities, that awareness will filter back to Lakewood.

It takes courage and dedication to speak about these issues regularly in various Jewish communities, as he does tirelessly.

If you think you can do better, go ahead and see how far you get.

If Pelcovitz/Mandel had professional ethics they would have refused the speaking engagement and made the reason for their refusal public. But alas they are not ethical and they profit from shilling for the haredi establishment. They should just end this farce and admit, "For the right price we sell out molested children."

It is interesting how they referred back to their book to claim that they advocate going to the police. But their book is ambiguous and full of euphemisms about community sensitivities, just like DA Hynes.

These miserable equivocal characters want to eat their cake and have it. They are hucksters who will offer up whatever will sell depending on the audience and who is footing the bill.

Sometime, a long way down the road, I can see them going with communal reform by saying we helped change things.

What pieces of moral detrius they are floating in our punch bowl.

If you think you can do better, go ahead and see how far you get.

Posted by: Matis | May 04, 2012 at 08:27 AM

The regulars here are mostly retired geezers in assisted living homes and are in no shape to make the lecture rounds.

He hesitates and says, "Umm Umm" four or five times before admitting it. Maybe he's lying.

“Lakewood’s an interesting neighborhood.” And when in Rome…

They were “told” not to? And therefore what? They decided not to?

I can’t imagine the issue did not come up. What did they say? Did they say not to call the police? To ask the rabbis?

If Lakewood is so “interesting” that it makes one lend their authoritative stamp of approval to illicit deeds, then why go speak there?

If you want people to have the guts to be able to go againstheir societal norms to report what needs to be reported, perhaps set the example by saying what needs to be said.

(Btw...the 'safety' book that Mandel commissioned was printed without an author's name.)

A helluva scoop.

I doubt the fearless duo of Mandel & Pelcovitz will ever write about this, but I certainly will. Such things as this should be featured in my book.

Why is anyone surprised by anything other than the fact that David Pelcovitz admitted that which we all knew and took for granted(including those in the charedei community who are not afraid to think for themselves). Both David Pelcovitz and David Mandel depend upon the charedei community for their livelihood and, just as importantly, their status and standing. One may be disappointed by their lack of courage and character, but one cannot be surprised by it.


Is this the same Pelcowitz who runs the traveling show visiting yeshivas about the "evils of the internet?"

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