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May 23, 2012


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Can someone help me find out some more info on Lipa Geldwerth. Thanks.

Lawrence M. Reisman

The Times reported that according to the arrest warrant, Gold "kissed and fondled the child." He admitted to sexual assault, not penetration. In 1983 (I don't know what the law is today) Tennessee had a very expansive definition of "rape" as it applied to a minor under the age of 14.

Josiah Nott

A chalal is the son of a Cohen from a forbidden mother. They are not allowed to duchen.


>With regard to Eugene Gold, go back and
>read the New York Times articles from the
>period. Had Gold really raped the girl,
>Tennessee justice wouldn't have let a NY
>Jew off with just probation. As the Times
>reported at the time, if you fondled a
>minor below a certain age, you were
>deemed guilty of rape.

You are completely wrong, again. He plead guilty to sexual molestation a lesser charge as part of a plea deal with probation. The aggravated rape charge was dropped after 2 years of good behavior as part of the agreement. In Tennessee, if you penetrate (not fondle) a minor below the age of 13 (here 10) you can be charged with aggravated rape (not deemed guilty of rape as you state which makes no sense anyway).

Also Gold acknowleged he sexually assaulted the 10 year old girl not once but twice.



Yerachmiel Lopin

Jewish Whistle Blower, you wrote, "The prevelance of pedophiles and abuse is the same in all religions and groups. The dynamics of how the group deals with abuse varies."

You may be right about the prevalance of pedophilia, though we don't know for sure because there is no scientific quality data on the orthodox community.

But let's conduct a thought experiment and assume pedophelia inevitably affects the same percent of adults (let's say 3%) in all communities. If one community prosecutes while the other covers up where will there be more kids abused?

Here is another question. The haredi community has a much higher ratio of kids to adults. In practice that means less adult time per kid to supervise. How might that affect the rate of abuse. We know that crime rates are a function both of motivation and of opportunity. Finally, are pedophiles more likely to act out successfully if they have the cultural advantage of a cultural norm that gives adults the upper hand?

Lawrence M. Reisman

I don't know what the chalal rumor is, but 100+ years ago, a lot of East European Jews with long or unpronouncable names were give names like "Cohen" and "Levy" by the clerks at Ellis Island. I know a Leavitt who is a kohain, and a Kohn who is a Levi, not to mention numerous Cohens and Levys who are neither. It was a common phenomenon. And please remember Sean Ferguson.

Josiah Nott

"With regard to why RDC doesn't duchen, it's because he's not a kohain"

You mean the chalal rumor is not true? It has gained a lot of traction even on the blog of one rabbi who opposes RDC for his halachic positions.

Josiah Nott

The open letter was written by a former "insider". There were a number of card carrying Agudaniks who quit the organization in disgust due to the Kolko cover up. Most notably after the meeting where the Agudah decided to follow advice from slimy lawyers over the furious protest of Rav Pam.

Lawrence M. Reisman

With regard to the open letter, then who wrote it? With regard to why RDC doesn't duchen, it's because he's not a kohain. Some jerk at Ellis Island gave the name Cohen to his father or grandfather because he couldn't pronounce or write his real name. With regard to Eugene Gold, go back and read the New York Times articles from the period. Had Gold really raped the girl, Tennessee justice wouldn't have let a NY Jew off with just probation. As the Times reported at the time, if you fondled a minor below a certain age, you were deemed guilty of rape.


People have approached RDC and he has refused to listen to them or help. He's close to the Brenner family.

Josiah Nott

JWB, could you shed some more light on RDC's protection of Brenner & Bryks?

Josiah Nott

I know where Lawrence Reisman is coming from. Rabbi Dovid Cohen has taken a stand, and a very forceful one at times, against SELECT molesters. The Chassidish world hates his guts for giving the psak to report Hafner from Bobov to the police. He has given similar green lights in other cases. It all depends on the politics de jour, who is asking and who is being reported.

In the case of Eli Greenwald, RDC weaseled out by accusing Greenwald of being "biased" against Margulies. It was a ridiculous excuse. It's not clear what his real motivation to inaction was.

RDC did NOT author the open letter to RMS. If anything, he threatened abuse victims at Yeshiva of Brooklyn that he will retaliate against them if they seek help from the same activists who brought down Kolko.

RDC incidentally has a bad habit and a long track record of making up his mind without hearing both sides of the story.

It also may be of interest to look into why RDC does not duchen. It may explain some of his behavior.


The prevelance of pedophiles and abuse is the same in all religions and groups. The dynamics of how the group deals with abuse varies.


Is the pedophile problem the same in the Reform Jewish community as in the haredi/ hasidishe community?

The latter community clearly wins first prize.

In addition, your family will be ostracized if you complain to the authorities in the haredi velt. Not so with the Reform or other less orthodox groups.

It is not the same regardless of religion.

But facts probably don't matter to you, do they?


>With regard to Eugene Gold, he admitted
>to fondling a 10 year old girl. In
>Tennessee, that made him guilty of rape
>in 1983 (talk about tough laws).

Gold raped the 10 year old girl. He was investigated and charged with rape. He made a deal to plead to a lesser charge of fondling to avoid jail time. He still is a confessed/convicted pedophile and child rapist. Gold is also Hynes mentor, former boss and long time advisor.

Rabbi Dovid Cohen is a known protector of pedophiles. He is close to convicted/confessed pedophile Rabbi Lipa/Lewis Brenner's family and has protected Brenner and Bryks. I have no idea what you are talking about any "open letter". I think you have your "facts" completely mixed up.


All the studies I have seen indicate that the pedophile problem is the same regardless of religion. So stop the trolling.

Lawrence M. Reisman

With regard to Eugene Gold, he admitted to fondling a 10 year old girl. In Tennessee, that made him guilty of rape in 1983 (talk about tough laws). See http://www.nytimes.com/1983/10/21/nyregion/gold-gets-probation-in-fondling-of-child-agrees-to-treatment.html

With regard to what Rabbi Solomon said at the convention, can somebody please post his exact words? I'd love to know exactly what he said, not that I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt.

with regard to Rabbi Dovid Cohen declining to intervene, didn't he claim to have authored the Open Letter to Rav Mattisyahu Solomon which detailed close to 40 years of Kolko's abuses? But he didn't intervene when he had the chance? Doesn't sound like him. He's a bull who brings his own china shop with him wherever he goes. (I stole that from Winston Churchill).


Figures that a lie like that would come from someone using a screen name Save the Children which is a notoriously pro-Arab & anti-Israel NGO.

Posted by: Josiah Nott | May 23, 2012 at 01:49 PM

Speaking of Arabs, it is a great shame that the Arabs in New York have no pedophile problem while we Jews have.

yechi ben levitas

its time for jews who abhore child sex abuse, to sign a petition to the president of the U S A. this petition should far exceed ,in number the signatures for dear rubashkin, presently in otisville.Surely mr failed messiah you should be able to kick start such a petition,.? perhaps the d a will then re think his plan.secular jews not only in new york but abroad are being swallowed by chabad and other hardei. i am speachless by what i read about the chabad filth in australia, a country of closeted people who are supposed to obey their nations nanny rules.


Question why would anyone want to remain part of a community that damages their children and shuns them instead of supporting them and serving punishment to the perpetrator?

And thought violence is not something I generally would use as a solution. Why isnt anyone taking care of these creeps outside the legal system?

Josiah Nott

"Most pedophiles in New York are haredim and most haredim are pedophiles"

Figures that a lie like that would come from someone using a screen name Save the Children which is a notoriously pro-Arab & anti-Israel NGO.


. What other groups, if any, do they also treat this way?

Most pedophiles in New York are haredim and most haredim are pedophiles that is why one must fix this injustice.

If you love your child you must leave Brooklyn.


Here's what I am trying to figure out. The predilection of the DA 's office in Brooklyn to forebear from serious investigation, prosecution and punishment of pedophiphiles, abusers and intimidators in the ultra orthodox community is clear. What other groups, if any, do they also treat this way? Themselves? I know Hynes has an agreement with the Catholic church. Prior to that were they also treated similarly?


Hynes backs down on tough talk on arresting rabbis who dissuade the reporting of abuse. Agudath Israel tells mandated reporters to break the law.


Indeed, a few days after his NY1 interview, Hynes himself appeared to backtrack. In a May 20 interview on WABC radio, the DA admitted that if a rabbi counsels an ultra-Orthodox Jew not to report abuse but does not threaten that person, “there is nothing I can do about that.”


Under New York State Law, social workers and mental health therapists are classified as so-called “mandated reporters,” with an absolute legal obligation to report to law enforcement authorities when they suspect child abuse may have occurred. But Zwiebel has stated that mandated reporters who are members of the Orthodox community are also not exempt from obtaining rabbinic permission first.

Zwiebel said the rabbinic imperative to assess claims before reporting them to police was similar to what he characterized as a requirement for teachers and therapists to establish “reasonable suspicion” before reporting a case to law enforcement under New York’s mandatory reporting laws.

But state guidelines issued pursuant to those laws set the bar much lower. A mandated reporter does not even need a child’s claim of abuse to go to the police. “Your suspicion can be as simple as distrusting an explanation for an injury,” one of the guidelines states.


There will never be justice or accountability for this kind of thing in America. The idea that we are all equal under the law is completely gone. They're all sodomites, they have each other's best interests at heart. They'll propagandize or they'll occasionally make token gestures but they will never, ever force any real or lasting change. Just accept that if you choose to have a child in Brooklyn, it must be passed over the fire of Molech (MBP) and used as a sexual object if someone higher up decides to use him or her. Just meat. That's all you're producing there in Brooklyn. This is Haredi leadership.

Has there ever, in the history of klal yisroel, been a leadership that has been as throrougjly hated by its own people as these wretched impostors?

Torah torah  chigri 'SAK'

The Torah calls anshei Sdom "Rai'm V'achataim L'Shem", it eclipses The rasha of the Hagaddah by far. It is encumbent on all of us that truly care about our young children victims rather than the perpetrators to ask the Rabbi of lakewood, Rabbi, "Meheichan Dantani", indeed, it states, "Vehoelokim yavakesh et hanirdaf", ??? It seems, Hynes banded together with those that have the power to gather and deliver to him the VOTES. VOTE him out, it is YOU actually, who truly has the power to restore order and safeguard OUR TAYERE children. Rmember, your influence counts, use it!

Long live Mark Mayer Appel, a truly devoted Advocate for the downtrodden, abused, victimized YOUNG children and their families.


>The only way to stop Hynes ...

Billboards, flyers, TV ads in 2013 with the following:

In 1983, former NY District Attorney Eugene Gold was charged with raping the 10 year old daughter of a colleague. Gold plead guilty to sexually abusing the 10 year old girl and only received probation and moved to Israel.

In his innauguration ceremony in 2002 current District Attorney Charles J. Hynes publicly honored pedophile Eugene Gold.
In the same year a prominent New York City trial lawyer was chosen to run for the office of Kings County District Attorney. During his campaign, he added one word to that slogan, which came to embody the goals of his administration and mine. The word was Justice, and so his campaign promise, which he later fulfilled became; Law and Order with Justice. He was my mentor for the six years I was fortunate to serve in his Office, and he has been one of my most important advisers ever since. Please welcome the three term former District Attorney of Kings County, Eugene Gold.


Send a message to Charles Hynes and the rest of the "fixers" in Brooklyn who have protected Brooklyn's pedophiles for decades. It isn't 1983 anymore and child rapists belong in jail not as honored guests at the DA's innauguration ceremony. Vote Hynes out of office. End his pedophile protecting legacy.


Posted by: MARK MEYER APPEL THE VOICE OF JUSTICE | May 23, 2012 at 12:16 AM
oops. sorry.
How can hynes steal your name? Thats crazy and has to be not legal. I bet you can sue him and force him to stop using your kol zedek name. Lets see him defend himself against that! Shmarya, write a post about this.

Josiah Nott

Lipa Brenner is the father in law of Ephraim Bryks. Bryks runs another private beis din together with Belsky and the Queens Vaad's Rabbi Peretz Steinberg. They act as corrupt hired guns to the highest bidder, usually in messy divorces or other dirty affairs. In one case they stepped on the toes of the National Council of Young Israel who came after them with attorneys and forced them to back off.

Bryks uses these opportunities to "counsel" women going through a divorce. Rabbi Yosef Blau has warned that women should stay away from him. Bryks maintains close ties to the Queens Vaad despite their public posturing of dropping him from membership.





Josiah Nott

The only way to stop Hynes is to bring in the Feds. There are way too many political bedfellows in NY State to effectuate a satisfactory resolution. Even Mike Bloomberg after he is finished mumbling a few words for public consumption, will do squat.

Ben Barber also needs to be neutralized. He owns Elegant Linen in Boro Park. When one of his showrooms was located in the Avenue Plaza Hotel on 13th Ave he was reportedly heard bragging around the hotel lobby that he is the point man for all the sects to get molesters off the hook. When he was questioned about his efforts on behalf of a Chassidish horndog who fondled a Hispanic woman on an elevator, he is quoted as saying that it is not his job to know who is guilty, only to make sure they never end up behind bars.


It isn't the same organization.

Hynes essentially took the name of Appel's org.

Posted by: Shmarya
Shmarya, I think you're making a mistake. There are a few Appels, One Appel has an org called Am Echad (not Avi Shafran's Am Echad but a different one) that did abuse stuff for a while.

This guy looks like he's with Hynes but i could be wrong.


Hynes' mentor and former boss was convicted and confessed pedophile Eugene Gold. Gold was his advisor for many decades. Here he publicly praises this low life pedophile. Understand who Hynes is? A protector of pedophiles.

JANUARY 9, 2002
In 1968 the Country was reeling from its first surge in crime of that Century. Although the apparent crime wave would never come close to the pubic safety crisis of the crack-driven 1980's, a slogan was developed and used repeatedly by all candidates for political office – that rallying cry became, Law and Order. In the same year a prominent New York City trial lawyer was chosen to run for the office of Kings County District Attorney. During his campaign, he added one word to that slogan, which came to embody the goals of his administration and mine. The word was Justice, and so his campaign promise, which he later fulfilled became; Law and Order with Justice. He was my mentor for the six years I was fortunate to serve in his Office, and he has been one of my most important advisers ever since. Please welcome the three term former District Attorney of Kings County, Eugene Gold.


WOW. Mark Meyer Appel who works for the VOICE OF JUSTICE - KOL TZEDEK is telling his boss to fix his own office. This guy has balls!!

Posted by: anon@me.com | May 22, 2012 at 11:44 PM

It isn't the same organization.

Hynes essentially took the name of Appel's org.



WOW. Mark Meyer Appel who works for the VOICE OF JUSTICE - KOL TZEDEK is telling his boss to fix his own office. This guy has balls!!

Josiah Nott

If you know some history in NY State politics, you'll know it's highly unlikely that Andrew Cuomo will do anything to sideline Charlie Hynes. Because Andrew's father Mario Cuomo aka the Sfacim (pronounced Sfatcheem) is an old friend of Hynes. Mario appointed Hynes as a special prosecutor which gave him the momentum to win the election as Brooklyn DA.

Ed Krotch also rarely does a good deed unless it is political payback against someone else. Koch still holds a bitter grudge against the Sfacim for running a campaign slogan against him of "Vote for Cuomo, not for the homo". Koch also used his endorsement of Bob Turner for Congress as revenge against the Weprin family. There was a lot of bad blood between Koch and David Weprin's father Saul.

One more interesting connection. Koch has a desk at the Bryan Cave law firm. Another Bryan Cave attorney is the son of a rabbi in Boro Park. That rabbi's shul is where Lipa Brenner took a child to rape in the bathroom. Despite Brenner's conviction of child rape, Hynes made sure that Brenner never sat a day in jail. Brenner at the time of the rape was Vice President of Iggud Harabbonim whose lay leader Ben Barber holds fundraisers in his home for Hynes election campaigns. Brenner is also a close friend of Rabbi Belsky. Brenner was forbidden to enter Yeshiva Torah Vodaas by Rabbi Avrohom Pam. Rabbi Belsky reportedly tried to get Brenner readmitted after the death of Rabbi Pam.

Nancy jacobs

How many years is Mr Charles Hynes already serving as Brooklyn DA?


It isn't going to matter. There is a kind of mental intimidation that can't be prosecuted by any "task force". Your child and other children won't be able to get into schools, no one speaks to you on the street, your not welcome in Shul. And the victim? Is he/she not going to be welcome at school? Other kids can be cruel. He's out of the community now? Which according to some of these posts, is the best thing? If the child stays, where is he sent, Rav Bina in Israel? I wonder. Do you think that after all this "now we know what happens to those that speak out"...will speak out now? The fundraiser in Williamsburg. It's a mental intimidation, as well as all else. Three things the Rav tells you, should you go..or years ago was said...1) you don't tell, 2) it's an embarrassment to the community, 3) no one will believe you. How is it that the Rabbis can decide on what is legit., when according to the Torah, there are some things...that are nothing at all. To those that think going to the Rav is the first place to go. The consideration I believe on releasing names of those prosecuted, including, those "charged"? Not proven guilty yet? The community will find out the victims names, not days, hours, if the names are released. Not that they are not easy to locate now, on high profile cases. They will stand in the courtrooms, they will intimidate, in many different ways. That's the reality. The victims, are victims all over again.


Jewishwhistle, Gold's case wasn't in NY, was it?


Dr lipner would be a great choice for this panel being that he has been a leading and outspoken advocate on this issue,However more important is the total revamping of the kol zedek office with asst district attorneys and trained police handling the intakes rather then untrained civlian employees.Senior staff of the D.As office have promised us advocates many times of this important process but has not kept their promise



The Brooklyn DA's office continues to do what it has done for decades, routinely handling abuse cases in the Orthodox community so that offenders do not serve jail time, do not have publicity and, since the establishment of sex offender registries, ensure that Orthodox sex offenders avoid being registered (or at least put on the public registry).

This is how it was done with Rabbi Yehuda Kolko recently just as it was done with Rabbi Lewis (Lipa) Brenner a decade earlier. No jail time no requirement to register on the public sex offender registry. Nothing has changed. The DA's office routinely takes advantaged of the families of abused children and pushes them to accept these sorts of outrageous deals claiming it is to "protect" the survivors/victims.

The Brooklyn DA's office was run for 13 years by District Attorney Eugene Gold, one of Hynes' predecessors, who was charged with raping the 10 year daughter of another district attorney. Gold confessed to a lesser charge of fondling and agreed to undergo psychiatric treatment to avoid prosecution and jail time. This is the routine way of handling abuse cases in the general community for decades and continues to be the routine way abuse cases are dealt with in the Orthodox community.

This is Hynes' legacy. He cannot be trusted. He is unrepentant. He must go.

Judith Eisenberg

סקופ:רב שיף רב של אנטורפן תומך בפדופילים
המסוכנים ביותר

הרב אהרון שיף רבה של אנטוורפן שבבלגיה רודף ומאיים על הקרבנות ומשפחתם ועל כל מי שמעיז לשתף פעולה עם השלטונות בארה"ב נגד ידידו וקרוב משפחתו (וחסיד בעלז גם הוא) מנחם דייטש.

כזכור מנחם דייטש נעצר ע"י משטרת ניו יארק אחרי שנתפס על חם בחטיפות נפרדות של שלשה ילדים חרדים ברחוב בבורו פארק וכלא אותם כל אחד בנפרד וביום אחד! בביהמ"ד דחסידי בעלזא בשירותים למטה ואנס אותם באכזריות נוראית באופן הגרוע ביותר, שהחריד כולם ואפילו המשטרה לא זוכר מקרה כזה, ורק אחר לחץ עצום של המשטרה וציבור החרדי על בעלז למסור את הקלטת ווידאו של ביהמ"ד בעלזא ברחוב 50 ושדורת 15 מנחם דייטש הסגיר את עצמו למשטרה.

לאחרונה רב אהרון שיף רבה של אנטוורפן אף השיא את בתו האומללה עם אחיו של מנחם דייטש!.

אחד מקרבנתיו הילדים של אותו יום הוא נכד האדמו"ר מבאבוב רבי בנציון שליט"א

רב אהרון שיף גם כרת ברית הגנה עם הסאטמרים באנטוורפן ובארה"ב הידועים לשמצה בענינים אלו, ובפרט לאחרונה בפרשיות כמו פרשת ברוך ליבאוויץ ונחמיה ווברמן בווילימסבורג שבברוקלין.

יצויין שהרב אהרון שיף רבה של אנטוורפן נוסע היום לניו יארק תחת המסוה של נסיעה מיוחדת להשתתף בכינוס הגדול נגד האינטרנט



Josiah Nott –

I asked Winston about the information in your first comment and she told me the JW's editors cut it from the story due to space constraints. I added the material back in with square brackets.

As for your second comment, listen to the tape again, it can be understood in two ways, one as you do and one as she does.

I noted part of your understanding within square brackets, as well.


let koch call out hynes for this travesty

Judith Eisenberg

Dear Shmarya,

The internet is indeed taking away the illegal & inhuman power of the Rabbis such as the Chiefrabbi Ahron Schiff from Antwerp Belgium, (Belze Chasid) who is some time now joining forces with Satmar, and especially in the case of his family and relative MENACHEN DEUTSCH of Borogh Park known to have been caught red handed kidnapping 3 haredi children in one single afternoon jailed then in the Belz synagogue (50th stereet & 15th ave) basement toilet Assaulted and raped them in a manor that even shocked the NYPD and is beyond any human imagination, Rabbi Aron Schiff from Antwerp Belgium is the one who is Threatening and Tempering with the witnesses, and their family’s not to cooperate with Authorities ,
Since he is operating from Belgium/Europe the US Authorities probably cant do anything about it.
One of the victims is a boy, the grand son of Bobover rebbie, Reb Benzion 48st.

Here are some Links:










Josiah Nott

Winston gets it wrong: "expelling the children of the people who publicized the Kolko allegations from attending communal schools"

What RMS actually said is that anyone running a blog should be punished this way.

Josiah Nott

Hella Winston is not reporting fully on the Eli Greenwald story. Greenwald outsmarted them by saying he has a right as the defendant to choose any beis din he wants. He picked the modern orthodox RCA's Beit Din of America where the dayanim are also attorneys and will immediately call authorities if they learn of child abuse. When Belsky, Margulies & Kolko tried to quietly slink away, Greenwald issued them hazmonos which they ignored. Margulies & Kolko have also ignored hazmonos from Monsey's Mechon Lehoraah & from the Agudah. The halacha in Shulchan Aruch is someone who ignores 3 hazmonos is automatically excommunicated without any formal act required by the beis din.

Greenwald was also brushed off by Ohel's Rabbi Dovid Cohen who refused to intervene.

Greenwald was repeatedly bashed in public by Kolko's friend Rabbi Lipa Geldwerth in the Shabbos morning sermons in his shul. Geldwerth is an employee of both Margulies and Artscroll. Greenwald was essentially forced to remove his children from the school.


"hakei es shinav" means "set his teeth on edge"


What are the odds that Hynes will be sacked from office??? he's sadly only up for election in 2013.

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