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May 22, 2012


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Garnel Ironheart

Can't blame the police. What's easier to deal with, 3 self-righteous feminists or 500 rioting Chareidim?


That cannot be allowed. Could lead to dancing.

Why next, they might ask to be counted in a minyan!

So is it also illegal for a man to wear a sheitel?

Bob Guthrie

(Male) Ultra-Orthodox worshippers have also hurled chairs and other objected at Women of the Wall groups.

Haredim Chivalry at it's finest.

Garnel Ironheart

> So is it also illegal for a man to wear a sheitel?

Yes, but a toupee is permitted as long as you wear a kippah over it.


When I visited Mea'Shearim I did have a couple of them come up to me mumbling something (my Hebrew is still work in progress). Was I being cursed at and does anyone have a nifty response I could hurl back at them?


Show us your tallits!

Office of the Chief Rabbi

The organization, which uses the Hebrew name "Nashot HaKotel" (I'm sure the grammar gets up some hackles here) was not formed as a protest group, but as a group of shomrot mitvot who wanted to davven as a community at the holiest site in Judaism.
It's only becuase of the resistance to their presence that they're seen as a protest group, as oppossed to just a group of women looking for a Jewish religious outlet.
A relative of mine was davvening with them in their initial year, and got bit by one of the hareidi women. Beheimas!


The haredim own Rabbinic Judaism in Israel.

It is their fiefdom and most of the seculars have ceded it to them.


@Dan - too funny for words but hey I was wearing a maxi skirt, black of course, hiking trainers as I was going up some mountain or other in the afternoon and a navy cardigan beyond my elbows :-O maybe my face just screamed evil foreigner.

Steven W

Like the Torah gives detailed instructions on tallit. Not.

Gevezener Chusid

As far as I understand halacha, women are not required to wear a tallis but are not forbidden to do so either.


i don't think women should wear tallit.
not at all.
but if a woman chooses to wear one....i respect
her and have no problem with it.
i would never wear tallit.
but let anyone pray to g-d in a manner that pleases them.
wearing tallit is harmless.
more important subjects loom.

Yochanan Lavie

I'm glad the police are finally going after real criminals and are leaving innocent child molesters alone. (Sarcasm).

Bassy the Haredi Slayer

All this meshugaas started in 1995 when the left's idol Yossi Beilin wanted to please the Haredim and gave the position of the kotel rabbi to Rabinowitz. Before that the kotel was open to everybody and even had a mixed section. 

Beilin is responsible not only to the death of thousands of Israelis but also to the haredization of the rabbinate. 



You wrote:

[…]more important subjects loom.

Nice pun.

Alter Kocker

Typical-Haredim do nothing for the country except take welfare, drink coffee and vodka, smoke and fart all day long but they have the balls to demand that overworked and underpaid cops arrest a woman for wearing a prayer shawl in an objectionable fashion.

Would serve these petty dictators well if one of the women would haul off and kick his nuts over the wall.


Is this the infamous "Women off the wall"?



Not entirely related, but this is about a Dutch inter-religious (and thus sorta secular) group for women, who in spite of a secular divorce are still trapped in a religious marriage. With the main group affected worst being Muslimas, "Orthodox" Jewesses come second, at least in the attention they are been given by the press.
Hindus and Roman-Catholics seem to round out the group of women trapped in religious marriages.

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