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April 22, 2012


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Quico Antonio Lostauau

Who cares if anybody has a small penis...I don't! Grow up!


The people who comment here against the mohel are very foolish for their comments before checking out facts. I checked out his site http://www.moel.co.il/Articles
and he boasts of being an expert in halacha and being a doctor and that's why people should use only him. He has a degree as a mohel musmach from the rabanut and misrad habriut, and as a surgeon from belinson hospital.

Shmarya would be very proud of him, as he shows a video on his site doing metzitza with a glass tube, and he does local anesthesia, which is why all the non-frum people love to use him. He also charges a grand total 2800 NIS for his services.

What I don't like is that he puts down many mohalim claiming that they don't give so much care as he does. From my experience, I find it to be not true, and other expert mohalim don't charge as much, or don't charge at all for the mitzva.

chicago sam

The pious rabbi should ask himsef: What would the Hafetz Hayyim say about his comment?

Hometown Postville

You moron! Think of 20 years from now. What if it were YOU who read what you had posted about YOUR penis? Talk about destroying a young person's ego! Shame on you! What is sacred these days!

Mike S.

face facts, a mohel contributes nothing of value to society.
the satisfaction of a demand attributed to a fictitious entity... it's madness.


perhaps the mohel is anxious about it all....humor is often a defense against anxiety.

more to the point, if he thought it might be a case of ambiguous genitalia (a due to a relatively common genetic mutation in Ashkenazi jews), then perhaps caution, as shown by the other mohels, not humor, is in order...if he thought for a second that it might be a girl...perhaps he should think for a second.

rabbbi of no penetration

Is it my imagintion or am I really seeing some infection on the right side of his lip (FACING HIM) looks like he may have some sort of herpe infection.

Yoel Mechanic

>This is yet another example of how the Grade 3 educational level

This is the essential point: this is an example of very immature behavior.

(but lets not do the montains and molehill thing)

Alter Kocker

This orthprick has nothing better to do with his time than to tweet about the penises of little boys?

I have but one wish for you Mr Groise Mohel: May you get terminal arthritis in both of your filthy hands. May you never work as a mohel again and may your hands hurt so very much that you can't even jerk off-motherfucker.


If the mohel had medical knowledge he would have realised that the penis suffered from a recognized malformation and was not some mere curiosity that he was challenged to circumcise where others had refused. As Wool said, it was irresponsible (in the least) to do a bris without prior medical advice.

This is yet another example of how the Grade 3 educational level of most frumma does not cut it in the real world.

Dr. Dave

I guess: It's not the size, it's how you mock it!


Mohel needs to know, some penises are "show-ers", some are "grow-ers". Babies you can't tell anyway, so why be so mean, huh?


Posted by: Yaakov | April 22, 2012 at 12:38 PM

Totally agree with your analysis of this situation. And WoolSilkCotton's comments, too. This mohel did something obnoxious and against halacha as I learned it.


WSC - you've proved my point. Thanks. You too.


the penis would be much bigger if pearl perry reich poses nude for playboy !


Slow news day, huh?

WoolSilkCotton, rock star and sports superstar

Groogle, maybe you're just an asshole. Actually, that would explain everything. Have an unpleasant evening. Goodbye.


anyone who doesn't agree with you is a troll? Do you suffer from cognitive dissonance or are you simply a self-absorbed szchizophrenic?

WoolSilkCotton, rock star and sports superstar

++ groogle | April 22, 2012 at 04:11 PM++

Why do you need to be a troll here? Is your life that dull?


Why does every day need a "big story"? Is your life that dull?

WoolSilkCotton, rock star and sports superstar

Yoel, Seymour, ok, it wasn't the worst crime in the world, but it was low class.
It's a slow rainy day here in the NY area, so it will have to do as today's 'big story'.

Yoel Mechanic

PS: seymour: you are one of the good ones, who still has a bit of decency left to even bring this point up.

Yoel Mechanic

>, they just look for stuff to hammer the ultra orthodox

Posted by: seymour | April 22, 2012 at 01:38 PM
Oh puleease.
The hammering takes place whether it is deserved or not. I suppose one can employ the good old whistleblower excuse, or the good old "bring to the light of day" excuse.



I wasn't clear. I was reinforcing what you said. I am particularly sensitive to "I was just joking" defenses, and here its even worse. He wants to make vice into virtue.

Atheodox Jew

Yaakov, I was referring to his comment: "I'm a famous mohel thanks in part to my sense of humor". We don't disagree.


Posted by: WoolSilkCotton, rock star and sports superstar | April 22, 2012 at 02:24 PM

I do understand your point

however, I think we are making much more about this that is deserves.


'Simon has small penis syndrome'

SHARON Osbourne says Simon Cowell is power-mad because he’s not very well-endowed.

Speaking on a US chat show, the outrageous former X Factor judge said Simon suffers from “small-penis syndrome” and claims his cocky demeanour is compensation for his limitations elsewhere.


rabbbi of no penetration

He felt it was humorous because he wasn't given much of a tip.


Athedox Jew:

A sense of humor suggests that you understand what is humorous. This Rabbi is confused about how to be funny. HIs defense is empty, he's not funny, he's just vulgar and insensitive.

Atheodox Jew

A sense of humor is a good thing, yes, but NOT when it comes at someone else's expense.

This lack of sensitivity (both in his initial Tweet and his utter inability to apologize in any way) is precisely why people are increasingly cynical about rabbis.

WoolSilkCotton, rock star and sports superstar

Seymour, how many circumcisions did he do on that Tuesday, on a child that had been turned down by 2 previous mohels because they had serious concerns about the child's anatomy?

It would be very easy for the family to realize who he was talking about.
As mentioned above by Nuran, a doctor in the USA would face serious charges of HIPAA violation.


WoolSilkCotton, rock star and sports superstar

How many circs did he do that Tuesday? It wouldn't be difficult for the family to realize whom he was talking about.

If 2 other mohels had already declined to do the procedure, because they saw something wasn't anatomically right, what kind of knucklehead parents would go to a third mohel? They should have asked their pediatrician to examine the baby and see if there was indeed something wrong, perhaps needing referral to a pediatric urologist. If reconstructive surgery is needed, the foreskin can be valuable.

It was irresponsible for this mohel to do the procedure if there was any doubt whatsoever about some potential medical/surgical situation. What was there to gain by going ahead with the bris? Oh yeah, he had to stroke his ego as well as take the money.

The mohel who did both my sons (Lubavitcher) told me he wouldn't touch any baby unless everything was 100% medically sound and the baby was cleared by the pediatrician.


Celebrity mohel?
So he's the mohel to the stars? Sounds like he should live in Beverly Hills and drive a 700 series Mercedes convertible.

And he knows better than anybody else that the kid doesn't deserve a right to privacy.
I hope the family isn't Orthodox. This publicity could impair any potential match for their boy. (God forbid he should still be single at 16.)

blueberry muffins

Only if you think a bit before you can understand what you want to think about.


patient confidentiality. Since he is not it is merely a breach of normal decency.

Posted by: anuran | April 22, 2012 at 02:04 PM

how could it be patient confidentiality when no name or place or time was given'

I think people need to lighten up a little


seymour, if he were a medical professional it would be a breach of professional ethics and patient confidentiality. Since he is not it is merely a breach of normal decency.


blueberry muffins:

I am thinking of starting a fan club. Should I put you on the mailing list?

blueberry muffins

"Many times, when I read one of Shmarya's stories, I have to think quite a bit before I can understand what I think about it."

"If I have an initial impulse to censure the actor in the story,..."

Arrogant, self-absorbed shmuck.


not sure why this is a story no big deal in he did not in any way let it be known who the baby was.

a little joke that is all, maybe because he is a rabbi people think he cannot have a sense of humor

a none story

let deal with the real issue that is a real problem. Mp

if people like us pick on every little incident like this, them people will just say it is not MP that bothers them, they just look for stuff to hammer the ultra orthodox


'Yaakov' is odd.


We continue with our fascination with penile topics.



This is a lack of derech eretz. But as we have seen so often, derech eretz gets lip service only in the orthodox milieu. This is not something terrible, but it reflects the perversion that is rife in the orthodox world, especially among its "leaders".

The "this" in bold refers to the Rabbi's inappropriate comments and not to the lack of derech eretz among the orthodox. That is a terrible thing.


Many times, when I read one of Shmarya's stories, I have to think quite a bit before I can understand what I think about it. This is one of those examples.

If I have an initial impulse to censure the actor in the story, I want to try to understand why they would act in a way that seems wrong on its face. Sometimes waiting allows more information to become available. Sometimes that is even a matter of reading the comments of ideologically-driven people about the story to see how they parse it.

My initial reaction to this story was repulsion at the vulgarity of this Rabbi. His public comment seemed both unnecessary and inappropriate. His defense:

"I'm a famous mohel thanks in part to my sense of humor, and I don't lose that," the rabbi told Ynet and added "The beauty of the thing is to take a subject that is sensitive and delicate and talk about it with a smile."

makes things worse. "I'm a famous mohel", he says, "thanks in part to my sense of humor…". Let's parse that. His "sense of humor" is valuable to him because it helps make him "famous". He considers vulgarity "humorous". Worse, he thinks it is funny to embarrass people. And, he does it to benefit himself.

He claims that no one will know which baby he is talking about. This may or may not be true. It is certainly true, though that the parents of the baby know, and will be embarrassed by this. It is also very possible that other parents will believe he means their son. Given that there is no benefit to any one here except himself, and some prurient onlookers, I can find no excuse for this, full stop.

This is a lack of derech eretz. But as we have seen so often, derech eretz gets lip service only in the orthodox milieu. This is not something terrible, but it reflects the perversion that is rife in the orthodox world, especially among its "leaders".


Last I checked, a micro-penis is actually a condition, a symoptom of a lack of hormones. I would think a mohel, someone who should know and study these things, would be knowledgable in these matters.

zionist goy

Stories such as this remind me that i'm truly bound to a "peculiar" people and a very entertaining one.


Heshyfriedman, this micro-putz is not a "nice guy". He's an adult man who is mocking a little child and embarassing the new parents. If that's how he tries "to bring secular Jews closer" he's doing a lousy job.

He's also a worse Jew than most OTDs or completely secular yidden. Since he's immersed in toireh he's supposed to know that it's forbidden to mock and defame people, especially those who cannot defend themselves. With all your "learning" you should know we even extend this consideration to corpses which no longer house a mind or spirit. How much worse is it to say something that will follow a poor baby around for the rest of his life?

Chicago Sam

This man is an idiot.


Good time to publicize Rabbi Avi Zarki's tweet and let everyone know that he will publicize his personal thoughts on your son's cock.

If that's what you want, then he is the go to man for prick slicing, as he notes.

Of course, this was all done l'shem shamayim.

Nigritude Ultramarine

In the U.S. it certainly is a violation of the patient's privacy as the health information was not completely de-indentified in accordance with HIPAA's Privacy Rule. For the past 2+ years this violation can rise to a criminal act.

//Health Information and Privacy Nerd
//through education and experience


What a PRICK!

Yochanan Lavie

Maybe when he did MBP, he was disappointed.

זרע לבטלה

Love these stories!!!!

please keep on bringing these penis stories gotto love em!!!!

Turd Degree

Well, at least he can't be accused of being a small dick.


This mohel is a nice guy. He trys to help secular Jews become closer to Judaism. The problem is the anti chareidi secular media. They want to paint him as a monster. The doctors took care of the problem so let's just move on.

Office of the Chief Rabbi

He first heard the term "micro-penis" from his wife.

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