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April 20, 2012


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babies with cerebral palsy

This is just outrageous. Religious traditions are one thing, but this is about the life of a child.


I have seen the intimation of sexual aspects but many of us have no such idea, nor do we use it as a cudgel to attack the people we disagree with.


Don't blame the mohel so much, the parents are the ones who accepted the risk that this could happen.



Hometown Postville

Lord- Please forgive these pedohiliacs for focusing on the sexual organs of infants! They do not have balanced insight of mankind! They spend all day with males, secluded from normalcy, so how could one possibly know what is appropriate!


At this time, I would like to thank my wonderful parents for allowing me the privelege of being circumcized and better yet, on my 8th day of life.

Posted by: itchiemayer, man of the pretty

And lobotomized on the ninth day of life.

itchiemayer, man of the pretty ......

A nurse once told me that Jewish penises were prettier than non-Jewish ones. So I'll take my mohel any day over a pediatrician. Moreover, I know non-Jews that have mohelim do their children's circumcisions because they know mohelim do a better job. Are some better than others? I'm sure that is true. Thank God my experiences have been with well qualified mohelim. While there was no metzita b'peh involved, I do believe we should stay away from publically pursuing its elimination because it will give the anti circumcision crowd what they perceive to be ammunition. All factors must be weighed. At this time, I would like to thank my wonderful parents for allowing me the privelege of being circumcized and better yet, on my 8th day of life.


groogle... either make a coherent post (with correct spelling) or just STFU.


Sad for the boy and his family. Though we do know that accidents happen all the time, especially with trained licensed doctord.

Even Dear Leader Obama said so. When he pushed ObamaCare down our throats, He told us that it was necessary for Him to pass ObamaCare because so many doctord were amputating patients' legs when all the patients suffered from was a toothache. Therefore, He had to pass ObamaCare.

You don't believe he said it? Google it. Though some people who suffer from cognitive dissonance will deny this reality.


I can imagine the scene now. Flashbulbs going off as he cuts. Onlookers bumping up against the mohel, leaving him no room. I have seen it many times and never leave a bris without begging people to shut off their frigging cameras and to give the guy some room.

Nigritude Ultramarine

People die in hospitals all the time.

Sick people tend to gravitate toward hospitals -- death is not unexpected.

Dead people tend to gravitate toward cemetaries -- watch out for zombies.



Why do you want to know that? Pervert!


Heshyfriedman is guilty of the fallacy of red herring.


were you suctioned, Gail?


I still wanna know. Shmarya are you circumcised?

WoolSilkCotton, rock star and sports superstar

Would you have a clergyman come to your house and remove your appendix with you laying on the kitchen table?

A. Nuran

Everyone will say "Well, my mohel never has any problems. He's trustworthy. We've been doing this for thousands of years. Besides, doctors have done terrible things."

It's a surgical procedure with significant risk of death or serious injury. Anyone who is doing it should be licensed and undergo a minimum of scientific, evidence-based training founded on modern medicine. The ritual and magical parts are a separate issue. No actual medicine, no license. No license no bris on pain of going to jail.

As it stands there's more careful regulation of cutting a chicken's throat and stuffing it onto a styrofoam tray than there is of doing invasive procedures on Jewish babies.


It bothers me that many (or most?) frumma mohelim have no medical or surgical training. (And may not even be familiar with the most basic biological concepts.)

Sure, they have never needed to have it.

We are however, living in the 21st century and times do change. We expect higher levels of knowledge and expertise in everything and a person modifying the most intimate and possibly the most important part of any male must be the best trained and knowledgeable there is.


Take a look at the men in the picture. Would you trust any of them to take a scalpel to your baby boy?


check out what the parasitic penis-sucking pig, aron leib shteinman just said.


western jew

How could such and egregious error happen? I am sorry, but it might actually be more likely that we need physicians to do this job in the future. I for one would rather see a successful circumcision done with modern equipment than the old fashioned mohel equipment if that be possible.


Yoel Mechanic:

It would seem that he is the Heshy Friedman of http://heshyshouse.blogspot.com/

He can tell us if this isn't true.


A friend's 7-year-old son was complaining so she took him to the doctor. It seems he had a problem that was due to his bris, and the pediatrician said it was "common" and not a rare thing. I didn't ask for more details, but the kid needed surgery. He got to go home the same day of surgery, but then he was in bed or didn't go back to school for a week or so.

The mohel was a well known rabbi, and I asked her why if she wasn't suing his pants off (pun intended) why she didn't at least post it on a blog or something so that it will prevent the man from injuring other children. She didn't feel that doing that would be right, and she doesn't want to think badly of the mohel, as he is a "choshuv" rabbi and surely didn't hurt the kid on purpose. Can anyone say "Cognitive Dissonance"???

Or course mohelim who are BAD at what they do don't lose their jobs or aren't taught to do it better, because like everything else, it is all hushed up. Don't want to say any loshon hara and make the mohel lose his job now do we?! Nope, kids with mutilated penises are a better option.

Frumkeit - if you have serious stuff you want kept secret - become frum - it's the best place to hide. The only reason the general population doesn't know about this fact is because - like everything else (drumroll) it's a secret!

Yoel Mechanic

Is this Heshy the same heshy fried
who does Frum Satire?

WoolSilkCotton, rock star and sports superstar

From what I can determine- someone correct me if I'm wrong- there is no state licensing or certification of mohels in the USA. Some are medical doctors, and claim to be licensed, but that's their medical license.

Perhaps some mohel training programs offer a certificate to their graduates, but there is no state board that certifies, credentials, disciplines, or otherwise regulates the practice.

Parents are on their own to determine if a mohel is competent. I agree with JWB's recommendations above. If parents are subsequently dissatisfied, particularly if there is a surgical complication, I assume they can seek legal redress and sue for malpractice. Mohels need to have malpractice insurance, like any other professional.



I have seen the intimation of sexual aspects but many of us have no such idea, nor do we use it as a cudgel to attack the people we disagree with.

I think those who do, do a disservice to the children that we have genuine concern for.

Haimish McHorny

Although what heshy friedman says, in all its repulsive imbecility, is entirely consistent wth the chareidi weltanschuang.

Of course children are punished for sins done when adults in former lives. Its all a big chesed from the all merciful one so they can avoid gehennom.

And yes, having kids suffer for parental sin is a good old fashioned bit of toirah morality. Even Dawkins couldn't imagine quite how wicked, perverse and corrupt charedi "morality" actually is. The rabbonim try and water it down and invnt less vile explanations in much the same way as christians do, often borrowing from their writings, but the horse is so dead no amount of flogging is going to help.



Relevance? (Other than "penis accident")

Posted by: Yaakov | April 20, 2012 at 04:44 PM

We have a penile fascination here so as you surmised correctly its relevance is penis in nature.

The whole MBP is one of infecting an open wound but because it involves the penis it has taken a life of its own. There is this underlying tone that the mohel is deriving some form of a sexual gratification by that one suck and spit of blood from an eight day old infant.


@ Yaakov:

Just looked him up. Yep, fringe nutter to the T.


The heshyfriedman here is entirely consonant with the Heshy Friedman of the blog that bears that name. He's a fringe nutter, it seems.


@ The kvetcher:

If you're thinking of the guy from Frum Satire, his name is Heshy Fried, not Friedman. Also he wouldn't post such stupid s***.


I hope Heshy Friedman isn't his real name.


Ouch... I feel so bad that that poor boy is going to have to grow up that way. It is a rare incident, but it is tragic nontheless. If he was (or is) a Haredi boy, it wouldn't matter much anyway, because they repress the boys' sexual desire to such a degree that it's like they don't even HAVE private parts to begin with. But no matter who it is, it still saddens me to think of the difficulties he will most likely go through. Hopefully the doctors will do whatever they can to salvage whatever is left of it.

Oh, and heshyfriedman, I hope you're joking, I really do. Even then it wouldn't be funny though.



Relevance? (Other than "penis accident")


Arun Sandhukha, Indian Man, Dies After Penis Allegedly Bitten Off By Rats

An Indian man who died in a state-run hospital is alleged to have had his penis chewed off by rats, Asian Age newspaper reports.

Arun Sandhukha, 53, had been a pneumonia patient at SSKM Hospital in Kolkata (formerly Calcutta) since December 11. According to the newspaper, his family members arrived at the hospital for a visit and found him in a pool of blood, with no medical staff in sight.

"No nurse was found at the scene and he was writhing in pain. His penis had been nibbled by rats," a victim's relative identified as Bishwanath said. The relative said that hospital staff "admitted the presence of rats in the hospital."




I think going around naked is probably worse.


that's it. so many tragedies. now i really will stop wearing that long duster.


If you are not a troller,

He is.



With this comment you are completely and utterly without credibility. If you are not a troller, you are so out of touch with reality that you have nothing at all to say worth reading.

Either way, you are persona non grata on my planet.


Posted by: heshyfriedman | April 20, 2012 at 03:03 PM

You did NOT say that. Any of that.


Heshy... you are a repugnant piece of shit. Seriously... go fuck off!

Do frummers really believe in past lives and karma? WTF???

Turd Degree

Every mohel who screws up in this way ought to be compelled to donate 1/3 of his own pecker to another jew who desperately needs to undergo surgery for penis enlargement.


"Doctors make errors each and every day. People die in hospitals all the time. Its life. Maybe this child was a gilgul and got punished for previous sexual sins of his former life or perhaps for his parents sexual sins. Children under 13 do die for their parents sins.

Posted by: heshyfriedman | April 20, 2012 at 03:03 PM "

Heshy Friedman, you're a moron. And that coming from me, an "ultra-orthodox" chareidi.


>Are you crazy?
Google him (former blog Heshy's House, currently in JPAC). Heshy posted how he and others meet to meditate in wooden coffins.


S, my point is that one should ask the mohel what training/experience he has with the given method. You may not want him to use a mogen if he's previously used it twice and had a day or two of training for example, when he's performed hundreds without the mogen.


Heshy: So now you want to blame the baby? At 8 days old? Are you crazy?


heshyfriedman, your speculation is offensive to the boy and his parents. You are not God and do not know his motives. Bad doctors are disciplined, removed from practice and required to undergo monitoring/training. What helps us remove/retrain/monitor incompetent mohels? Or do care? Any injustice/injury is simply acceptable as it punishment? So why try to protect children or improve society?


Then a mohel should be trained to use it. I can't imagine there is a good reason for a mohel to be trained to use his fingers only.



fuck off
you're a pathetic human being

sexual sins???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


>any good excuse to not use a mogen

If one does not have the proper training and experience to use it.


"You want someone who is competent. Who has proper training and experience in the method used."

Of course. But do you think there is any good excuse to not use a mogen? The chances of an accident are certainly greater without one.


Doctors make errors each and every day. People die in hospitals all the time. Its life. Maybe this child was a gilgul and got punished for previous sexual sins of his former life or perhaps for his parents sexual sins. Children under 13 do die for their parents sins.


>and even putting on the mogen properly
>is a skill
You want someone who is competent. Who has proper training and experience in the method used.


"These botches are always by "mohalim" not following the traditional "outdated" methods of milah. When a mohel is trained properly as per the tradition, learning all the halachos as well as the anatomy, and using the "old fashioned" methods and tools, these botches don't happen."

This is simply not true. First of all, one of the things you mentioned, "anatomy," was not part of the traditional mohel's arsenal, and this led to many problems. Fortunately all competent mohelim today do indeed become adept at anatomical and urological issues.

Secondly, the mogen is a relatively recent invention. For thousands of years the mohel used nothing more and nothing less than his own fingers as a guide for cutting, and I understand some mohels still will not use a mogen. Obviously some mohels are, or can in theory be, adept at using their own fingers - but clearly this is not preferable (and even putting on the mogen properly is a skill). I don't know if the botches cases happened because of not using a mogen, or if that was the case here, but it is is still a problem. And most of the reason why milah is safe today usually is because mohels have been willing to upgrade and incorporate various safety measures which were not traditional before they existed.

Office of the Chief Rabbi

Was he working freehand, with no shield?

WoolSilkCotton, rock star and sports superstar


Some are catastrophes, such as accidental amputation, massive hemorrhage, etc. that warrant a call to 911 and a rush to the ER.

Some take a day or more to manifest, such as injuries to the urethra, injuries to the glans, or infection.

Others are not noticed until later on, such as 'skin bridges' , scarring, and other such problems that result in curved penis or a contracture with a bend.

The worst was a case where the mohel had a portable cautery (it's like a penlight with a hot wire at the tip to cauterize a small bleeder) he used to stop some worse-than-average bleeding, and he burned the entire penis off.


זרע לבטלה-You are a tottal imbacile a retard whom do you see smiling only a goilem like you can make such idiotic statement


linked articles


>Listen all! accidents happpen...
Read the article. Most are not accidents but clear incompetence.


>always by "mohalim"...
Wrong, read the linked articles in my previous comments.

זרע לבטלה

Listen all! accidents happpen so there"s nothing really to say or do about that!!

What is bothering me is...... why everyone reading this the first reaction is a big fat smile!!! Why do you all find this so funny? Try to imagine if it was you???


These botches are always by "mohalim" not following the traditional "outdated" methods of milah. When a mohel is trained properly as per the tradition, learning all the halachos as well as the anatomy, and using the "old fashioned" methods and tools, these botches don't happen.

Adam Neira

I am pro-circumcision but obviously care must be taken with all surgical procedures.

Prayers for the baby boy.


WSC, do they present in the ER? Are there latent injuries that don't manifest until later?

WoolSilkCotton, rock star and sports superstar

Pediatric urologists get plenty of patients from botched circ's done by mohels.


What is the Mohel's name and age? Was he on the Chief Rabbinate's list of mohelim? What experience and training did he have in the method he used? Were there previous complaints? Did he carry any insurance?

Butte Montana,

Chumus vomited on the keyboard from the headline. I am not kidding.


Unlicensed mohel suspected of injuring infants


Cantor/Mohel Samuel Greenbaum: Drinking and Circumcizing

flat earth

Cody: So that's why I pee up?
Cindy: Yes. We'll get it fixed, honey. It's on my list of things. Right after we get TiVo.


See: http://jewishwhistleblower.blogspot.com/2004/12/mohels-often-unregulated.html
Some Mohels are incompetent.


Outlaw the entire disgusting practice -- MbP and generic BM.

Where else in the U.S., Europe, or Israel do you have witch doctors performing surgical procedures?

How are Mohelim any different than witch doctors / clitoral barbers in the third world?


Did the mohel continue with the metzitza b'peh anyway?


How horrible! Prayers for this poor infant and his family.



What is your intention in posting this (admittedly terrible) news?

Mistakes do happen - but you will concede such a mistake is extremely rare...


my penis hurts

Gevezener Chusid

Time to ban tribal rites of genital mutilation of male infants.

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