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April 08, 2012


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a reiner meshugener

David Sternlight

For details on this interesting topic (Pascal's Wager) see http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/pascal-wager/

David Sternlight

Correction: Actually it was Pascal's Wager, not Descartes.

David Sternlight

"Radical Feminist" misses an obvious POSSIBLE explanation for the Shmaryas of this world (and maybe even some radical feminists): trouble with their fathers while growing up. Nothing to do with religion; it's a classic etiology.

David Sternlight

Descartes' wager: If you believe in olam haboh and you're right, you win big time; if you're wrong it won't matter. If you take the contrary position and you're wrong you lose big time; if you're right it won't matter.

why do frum boys go 4 bacon and blond nonjews?

Radical Feminist says: It seems that someone who leaves for purely (and legitimate) intellectual reasons would become generic (or modern) orthodox (and go to college, in an ordinary way --

Except that even if this was something they wanted to do, they had no skills or ability because they had no English education -- no ath skills, no reading skills literally beyond 3rd or 4th grade. So the only means of survival is to get a low level labor job... And you become like people you hang out with. Who else is working low level jobs?

Did you ever notice ALL the mailmen in Brooklyn are Asian? They apparently have a connection into the US Postal Service who is hiring them. So the high achievers in the Asian community go to Harvard, MIT and other Ivy League schools, while the ones who didn't succeed academically work in the post office.

What options do the frum chareidi boys have? Who is guiding them? So they get immersed with sensory stimuli-- music, movies, sex etc and life seems good. At that point, whats the motivation to move on up and raise themselves higher? Do they have role models? Mentors?

And that's why so many end up where they are. Come along Footsteps who isn't any help as far as religious identity is concerned. What happens to the boy who wants out but has nowhere to go other than to Footsteps where there is a lot of peer pressure to just drop it all. No we wont be serving kosher. Noone is forcing you to eat the treif.


i just want to see pearl Perry Reich pose nude for playboy

Yoel Mechanic

Question, when frum boys leave the fold why is it always to try, bacon and blond shiksas? Just asking.

Posted by: Radical Feminist | April 10, 2012 at 10:04 AM
Perhaps those with experience will weigh in.
Here are a few hypotheses

1. They felt confined, and left in search of fun and adventure. They didn't merely leave to work hard at college, but to escape a confined lifestyle.

2. They felt embittered and were pushed out of the community. These outrageous acts are self-confirming signs that you have really broken clean. They help reinforce the feeling that you really have left.

3. It seems that someone who leaves for purely (and legitimate) intellectual reasons would become generic (or modern) orthodox (and go to college, in an ordinary way). Therefore those who leave for other reasons will engage in less than rational behaviors.

grow up girl

Hey there Krock
if Perry Reich was sleeping w men all over Lakewood, what does that say about all those men in Lakewood? One bad apple-- Perry, okay. But how many rotten apples have you on the other side of the mechitza? Like they didnt know she was a married woman? Or they think it's okay to take advantage of a woman who as you claim is known to be mentally unwell? Admittedly, I think she needs some professional help. But who are all those Lakewood men anyway? Just asking...

charlie runkel

This is awesome, watching some otd'ers get their message of being so enlightened out to the world.


why are people angry at me when i call for pearl perry reich to pose nude for playboy?

Yochanan Lavie

RF: Not being from that lifestyle, I don't know for sure. But I think it has to do with being an extremist. It's easier to go from one extreme to another than pursue a path of moderation. Sometimes extreme leftists become extreme rightists in politics, and vice versa.

Radical Feminist

Question, when frum boys leave the fold why is it always to try, bacon and blond shiksas? Just asking.


Twersky, divorced with two children, said that after leaving the faith, he played the field for a while.

“The lifestyle didn’t fit me,” he said. “You can’t sleep with a lot of women.

And there, in one beautifully short but succint sentence, we have the real reason that Twersky has gone OTD. The girls!!

Malka Gittel

The only problem with complaining to the men here that they slut-blame or use "shiksa" is that they think they have a perfect right to. Being so superior and all. Some of them have already proven to be uneducable.

Malka Gittel

The problem with this show is summed up in the bacon photo. People outside the community really believe that Jews are either frum/Hasids or else totally secular bacon-eating types who whine about how evil the frum are. Most Jews aren't either. And I discover almost every day that I speak to someone who thinks they don't know any Jews personally.


That aside, apparently abandoning Judaism means abandoning the injunction against disgracing G-d's name as well.

Posted by: Imitorar | April 10, 2012 at 04:50 AM

wow aren't we all holy this morning!
did it ever occur to you that g-d is the ultimate
being? that said he must also have the ultimate sense of humor!
please who made you g-d?


Isn't Shauli Grossman the one who put out a song a while ago 'Ich vil Zein a Rebbe'...also who composed various songs for Lipa, Michoel Shnitzler et al... Interesting


“My main purpose is to create a positive Judaism,” said the 30-year-old stunner. “And it would be a really good opportunity for me to get my face out there.”

Pearlperry Reich's association with Rabbi Shmuely Boteach seems to have had an effect on her, short though it may have been.

That aside, apparently abandoning Judaism means abandoning the injunction against disgracing G-d's name as well.

Yoel Mechanic

I am reminded of an earlier (feminist) maxim:

If a man does something stupid, then he is a stupid man. If a woman does something stupid, then women are stupid.

I think this same thinking is at play here, particularly for this reality show.


'I sympathized with Pearl Perry Reich until this news.'

Well said and I totally agree with you, I also supported Pearl Reich and even gave her money for her defense till I read about this freak show.

Posted by: Leo | April 09, 2012 at 07:05 PM

But you also made fun of those of us who tried to warn you about her. You told us we were part of the cult, we were haredi sympathizers, and that we are like all the rabbis who just try to enslave women and think that all women must be humiliated.

We tried to warn you that Pearl Perrt was sleeping with men all over Lakewood for years, and that her poor husband, who's been abused by her from day 1, simply wants his kids away from her abusive and self-serving home.

But you still supported her. You gave her money.

But now, suddenly, when she joins this show, yo suddenly realize how utterly foolish you've been to take her side.

No sympathy for you.


This will be interesting to watch. It reminds me a show few years ago with Amish people. I think the name of the show was Amish in the City.

Charlie Heston

50 Bucks?
Keller, your olam haba isn't worth a penney.
Ditto to Twersky.
You sick fucks think you're funny and macho now...


Can we stop using the degrading term "shiksa," even in "jest?"

Posted by: Steve | April 09, 2012 at 01:23 PM



next months playboy....the women of Satmar.starring pearl Perry Reich and Deborah feldman Nude!


grow up -

judging from your comments i dont think you ever supported her. just my opinion and i could be wrong. but it didnt say anything in the article about her NOT caring for her kids. why cant a woman be on TV and also be a mom? it sounds like you dont like her cuz shes OTD and you think her being 'secular' is somehow inappropriate for her kids.

grow up girl cuz you aint Nina Dobrev

"There are many Ex-Orthodox, who have gone to University and are living post-modern live..."

and find Perry Reich and friends depiction of orthodoxy deplorable. She doesnt speak for me or any other that I know who has a brain, self-dignity, intellectual curiosity, who pulled themselves up by the boot straps, and worked damn hard to get to where they are.

Perry Reich needs to go get herself an education so she doesn't continue making a fool of herself i.e., "I am MALIGNING a group". I still cant wrap my head around her nonsensical chocolate cake comparison. WTF was she saying? Once is a mistake and forgivable, but twice is a fool.

grow up girl cuz you aint no Nina Dobrev

mr. ah-pee-chorus

I really dont care what you believe. I was actually quite vocal in my support for her. And more than just rah rah rah.

But choices have consequences. And she has clearly made her own choices. The LOSERS imagine they are all so important right now, but noone really gives a hoot about them. Waa waa waa -- i was in a loveless arranged marriage at 18... yeah, so? And you are now 30 AND RESPONSIBLE FOR CHILDREN.

Next you'll hear Loser and Show-ly convincing her to do a THREESOME porn spread to promote their new show (similar to Vampire Diaries intensified to xxx)... mark my words... and she'll go along with it thinking it will help her get her face out there.

Ever saw someone careening out of control and heading over a cliff? Look again, it's right here.


Motti, slut-shaming is a low blow. Go back to the dark ages with that patriarchical woman hating thinking, troll.


I sympathized with Pearl Perry Reich until this news.Posted by: grow up girl

i dont believe you.


motti -

give mommy back her computer. or go somewhere else.

rational man

after the second episode when people get a glimpse of these people's past, and where they are now, where is the interest going to be...? at this point they are secular, anything they do is no different than the standard TV watcher's life or that of their neighbor....


There are many Ex-Orthodox, who have gone to University and are living post-modern lives, and happen to find most of the post and many of the comments on this website to be tasteless negative and despicable. More dispicable than those they are railing against.


'I sympathized with Pearl Perry Reich until this news.'

Well said and I totally agree with you, I also supported Pearl Reich and even gave her money for her defense till I read about this freak show.

grow up girl

I sympathized with Pearl Perry Reich until this news. The girl needs to grow up and recognize she needs to be a mother and take care of her kids. Act like a grown woman. Not be running around as an exhibitionist. This too shall pass and she will end up washed up and sad and realize she's been chewed up and spit out and is only a has-been. Only now do I understand the best interests of her children are really to be with their father. I hope he gets sole custody. She needs some real professional help.

What do all the characters have in common? Being divorced and abandoning their kids. Way to go Perry. You become like the people you hang out with... (luzer the loser and circus show-ly.) What happened to the dream of being a criminal defense lawyer? Just a pipe dream? Hey, nothing in life comes easy. You just want instant gratification. Time to grow up and act responsible. Get your act together for your kids sake.

And DBSesq-- weren't you the one who represented Gitty Kalfa too? Great job in that case I must say. Pery can use someone like that -- take her money and then tell her she is f'ed and you cant help her.


my opinion is valid. i think the next stage for pearl perry Reich is to pose nude and show the world her milk bags and mons verenus


Posted by: motti | April 09, 2012 at 04:56 PM

Posted by: motti | April 09, 2012 at 05:06 PM


There are limits to open dialogue. Please ban the scatological comments. They add nothing of any use to the discussion


@ Motti you a looser.

Many of you are jumping to conclusions foolishly. Assuming that the protagonists lack deeper perspective, or that it is all for self promotion. Why the rush to judgement?


will it be 3 people on the show? or 3 people as the viewing audience?


I doubt the show will last. There really isn't any reason to believe the general population has the slightest interest in Orthodox Judaism or those who leave it.


Disgusting. There are many good reasons why someone might leave Chareidiut. But such a show does nothing to address those issues. Whatever she may be, Pearlpenny Reich is no Snookie. Why should she demean herself in this way?


call-You meant to say mbp no?


3. treat the women there with the utmost respect.


hey call me,

i have some advice for you.
for a 17 year old virgin:
who feels the way you do:
1. go to a brothel. there are many beautiful women.
2. keep studying and stay in school

best of luck


omg...don't call me.
i was just calling you by your name


call me...

you sound like a 17 year old virgin

call me

Man, i wud pay big money to be blown by perry reich.


well said steve


Mike, as a zionist goy, surely you know the origin of the word "shiksa?" While many think it's a funny word, using it is as loathsome as calling a person a "kike" or a "hebe." We don't say "kike" or "ni__ger" anymore. Can we stop using the degrading term "shiksa," even in "jest?"


luzer looks like a really nice guy
and he's very very strong
and still learning

Har Eidiots

Luzer is a star!

Yochanan Lavie

Other Frum TV shows:

The Jersey Sure

Star Dreck

CSI: New Square

Dancing with Gedolim

The Biggest Luzer

Two and 1/2 Menschen

Law and Chumra

American Avodah Zarah

The Shimshons

The Big Bracha Theory


The Lakewood hottie is back - more pictures please!

Leave it to our favorite anti-Semitic paper the New York Post to pick up on it and what a better time than on a Jewish holiday.


shut up mendy.
think about all those WHO WANT TO LEAVE but are paralyzed with fear due to community pressures etc.
just shut up mendy


It will be amusing to watch these members of the IQ club butcher the English language.
This may last 3 episodes and then back to the streets.

Mendy Hecht

Uh, let's see...

Hasidic population of greater New York: Several hundred thousand.

Cast members of new show: three.

So who here are the real Hasidim of New York?


why doesn't Deborah Feldman join these 3 stooges on the Reality TV?

Posted by: Deborah Feldman | April 09, 2012 at 06:18 AM

because all these realty shows are about sex and the so called sexy people.

simply she is not cool


I feel disturbed that the people in the show, and the way they are described in the article, gives the impression that being shallow is the main reason for rejecting Orthodoxy, when in fact there are many serious and substantive criticisms to be made. But then, they want the average viewer to be able to relate, I suppose. . .


This quote is priceless:

>“My main purpose is to create a positive Judaism,” said the 30-year-old stunner. “And it would be a really good opportunity for me to get my face out there.”


Posted by: heshyfriedman | April 09, 2012 at 07:08 AM

You are a prime example of the failure of both Orthodoxy and our mental health care system.

It's hard for me to care, however, because you're also a despicable piece of drek.


Well Mr. Friedman... If you still have my number, feel free to call.

Heck, for fifty grand you can have my past and future olam haba.

In case you lost my number, here's my email address: contact@luzertwersky.net

Oh, and make it a cashier's check.

Levi Keller

heshy, you can have my oylom habo for just 50 bucks.


Three years ago on Purim night, the chulent group held a party in Boro park in a small catering hall. I stopped by as I enjoy debating and doing kiruv with Jews who are not yet observant or have laxed in their Judaism. I met Luzer Twersky there the very first time. He was dressed in a streimel and white socks.Knowing that chulent had some ex yeshiva type learned rebels, I prepared typed out sheets that were contracts to buy off their share of olam haboh,their reward of the afterlife. At first I began handing out bumper stickers that read ATHEISM IS A MENTAL DISORDER. SEE NATURE THINK G-D. It did not take long before one ex orthodox guy confronted me on the idea of the world to come. I pulled out a hundred dollar bill and offered it if he agrees to sign over his share of olam haboh. His buddies around him got nervous and yelled don't do it. He signed and in fact made him pull out his drivers license to assure his real name was being used. Next I turned to Luzer Twesky and told him what just occured and he said he would sell it for no less than fifty thousand dollars for he had learnth half of shas,the Talmud. I said fine and pulled out a personal check. Suddenly Twersky balked and wanted to keep half of his olam haboh. I told him I don't want partners. Either you sell me your whole share or nothing. I'm ready to sign the check for fifty grand. With that we parted company but he did leave me his number.


Shmarya can join the cast too.

Deborah Feldman

Post: “reality tv is searching for a fourth cast member leaving the faith”

why doesn't Deborah Feldman join these 3 stooges on the Reality TV?

Bassy the Haredi Slayer

Another few idiots that think they'll strike it rich off mocking the orthodox on tv!

I do not know if you can get rich by mocking the Orthodox on TV but for sure you can have fun...


Another few idiots that think they'll strike it rich off mocking the orthodox on tv!


What will be interesting to watch out for is how a possible show ends up portraying Hasidism especially as these 'characters' seek the refuge of a secular lifestyle, even if drawing continual inspiration from Judaism.



Great idea, expose themselves as the uneducated new generation of Jews in the U.S.


Ruthie - you are funny :)

Chicago Sam


If they could get the Hasidim to play themselves, we would have a brand new sitcom comedy.

Invite Shlomo Cunin, they could have an episode called, "The Hassidic Godfather."


Bravo should pick it up. Andy Cohen would love this.


this is great.
i will make money renting out seats in my house to watch this show.
98% of the hasidim here do not own televisions.
100,000 hasidim live here in monsey. i will put advertisements in the local hasidic news.
omg i will not have enough chairs.
i'm going to rent a place.

Mike Smith

Face it, i've see time and time again, Jewish guys can't resist the allure of those shiksa women, either before marraige or DURING thier marraige. I wonder which is harder for those who leave the ultra orthodox; keeping kosher, or the allure of shiksas. I've known many jews of the more liberal branches who have married shiksas and yet raise thier children as jewish with bat/bar mitzvas. I assume that orthodox rule the progeny of non jewish mothers to also be non jews. As a zionist goy i understand that this can be problematic and a dilemma because of dwindling population numbers but by no means should it be a cause of ostracism in the greater jewish community.

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