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April 03, 2012


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Check out B'nai Jacob of Park Slope, Brooklyn for a subtle, methodic,more patient takeover. Here's a How To for a potential workshop at the next Sheliach convention:

1. Get your foot in the door of a burgeoning modern orthodox community. Plan on hanging around for 25 years and having many babies.

2. Identify the most emotionally vulnerable and guilt-ridden of your congregantsCrucial to the smoothest of operations. You will need these neshamas to sustain the illusion that you and your family will be working hard to create. If any of these lost souls has deep pockets, you've hit the mother lode.

3. Maintain complete control of the beautiful, vluable, member-paid-for shul by concentrating on every detail of its operation--Remember, no task is too small for your kind of kingship. Everything from picking up the daily mail to finagling seats on the Board for you and your Rebbetzin should be considered.

4. Regarding your congregants--Be sure to purge all dissenting voices every 5 to 7 years (slander and libel work well for this).

5. Create a memory void--Woo the remaining congregants with frequentinvitations to your home and serve a lot of fat-laden dishes so they will forget the expulsed in a sluggish heartbeat.

6. Keep new members clueless about shul history--This is tricky but doable. Start your talebearing early being careful not to tangle your web. Usually works well until the new members themselves become dissenters. When this happens, you'll know it's time to...

7.Purge again.--I've heard one congregant refer to the 5 to 7 year cycle as the Rabbi's Schmatta Year (i.e. get rid of the rags so I can rest awhile then start over)

8. Get your children involved--If you are cunning enough to manage 3 to 5 cycles, some of your many children will be adults who, along with their spouses, can be strategically placed around the neighborhood in their own shuls (which may or may not be sancioned by Chabad). Make sure they start having lots of babies.

No worries from this point forward. You'll have a thrice daily minyan with just your sons and sons-in-law, the shul building will be yours with the blessings of those vulnerable neshamas, and all those with evil thoughts of helping a modern orthodox community grow will have moved on. You won't needto solicit new members--a few with money will suffice to keep the building from crumbling.

Mazel Tov!
You do the Rebbe proud


Moshe bogomilsky
Son Tzvi Bogomilsy
Son In law Yossi Lipskar

father inlaw Harlig

PA Weberman
what do all these guys have in common?
They are all CHABADtzkers!

CHABAD on CHABAD violence it's the most nasty sewer......hysterical.
they are sheliachs of the fake Moshiach>

Moshiach is supposed to be the Avi Ad Saar Sholom.

These guys are clowns just proving that the whole sheliach movement is a nast farce

Pine Tree Nut

This story is six weeks old and the only people still commenting are those affected by the whole sad story "Mike" is definitly Bogomilsky himself and Momma MIA is definitly a Dalphin lackey.
The sad thing is that everything alleged by both parties is righ and very wrong.

Dalphin got bad advise from Weberman who is notorious for giving corrupt bad advise and then crawling under a rock claiming he has nothing to do with the matter. His so called Bais Din is a joke and never follows halacha or protocol , weberman is a megalomaniac , unfortunatly he is not senile he acted this way for decades.He helps himself, freinds and family to whatever they need with halchic psak, property and whatever else he can grab with havoc.Weberman is a gangster with a beard and frock.

Dalphin had been trying to negotiate with Amram Amsalem who abandoned the shul , good faith or bad faith there are thee sides to the story. Dalphin has anger issues and self help issues that get him in trouble all his life. Tried to pull the Chabad smash and grab he failed got evicted had his shit packed up and sent to him like cremation ashes.

Amsalem banished from Central America from doing Geirus has been using his pussy whipped son inlaw Bogomilsky to do his dirty work and whatever else his wife tells him to do. Bogomilsky went from piss broke to making serious cash like a herion shot in the neck and it got to his head real fast...and of course his wifes head too. Using his money to hire attorneys to fight for his his wifes father. His Purim 2012 swingles bash at Asis was by far his most monumental work after his Uman Rosh Hashanah Kiddush.

Bogolisky is a arrogant baal gaivah who needs his name in lights and needs to be the center of attention. He curses out his wifes best freinds husband Lazer Scheiner the guy who pulled him out of the garbage (and foreclosure) Bogomilsky touts that he owns 30 nursing homes when the truth is that he is just a buffer for Scheiner who says "I can pull the plug on him (bogomilsky) at anytime".Bogomilsky is a sick puppy and his wife is even sicker.

A toxic mix Dalphin,Bogomilsky, Weberman, Amsalem.

They are all nuts!!!

Rabbi Sol Appleman

By the way, Shmarya, I found this new website:
check it out.



You are an outright liar. You probably are related to dalfin or are covering for dalfin. Weberman is senile. He was part of the whole scam he is the cause of dalfins demise. There was no din Torah. To state the facts, dalfin and company went to court twice while Bogomilsky waited for the din torah. The beis din recused themselves. The only reason dalfin was evicted was because he was a liar and weberan told him not to pay the rent. This started a year nd a half ago. Why dont you google this weberan and you will find how he covered up once for his pedophile cousin. As far as your Messina comment? Prove it!!.

You sound like the typical Charedi guy trying to state that all rabbis are innocent. Bull shit "the end do not justify the means". Dalfin got his ass kicked which should have been done a long time ago. I spoke to Tzvi in the very beginning he gave dalfin the benefit of the doubt until he caught him lying together with weberman. Get the facts straight. It will all come out eventually. By the way if dalfin was so innocent why did he lose. This story is 5 weeks old. He has since lost every challenge he put up in court. You no why? Because in the end the ganav looses.

Moma MIA

Moishe Bogomilsky's son Tzvi threw Dalfin out of the HARAMBAM Shul after going to a din Torah. Bogomilsky and his Father inlaw Amram Amsalem (who abandoned the Harambam Cong) lost the Din Torah and then went on a rampage with evictions, civil filings and inuendo. Pinchas Aaron Weberman a Godol B' Torah and the Av Beis Din 305-343-5776 will verify that Dalfin won the din Torah and that Tzvi Bogomilsky has gone on a Messierah ramapage ever since.



You are right many of the shluchim in far out places including "some" in the US are truly good guys. However, they will never come out against the shmucks like Dalfin, korf, Harlig or vigler etc. So in essence they are accomplices. As Shmarya so bluntly quotes on his blog the words of Simon Weisel standing by is just unacceptable. In every case in FL Korf senior just throws the blame on the shliach instead of chastising him to begin with. I think that old buzzard has got to retire. There comes a point when it's the respectable thing to do. But his ego and arrogance is in the way. Proffesor Berger picked a fight with chabad when he wrote about the fact that all Lubavitchers are closet meshichistim. Truth be told 90 percent are. But no matter what they stand behind all the others. Same here no matter how evil these guys are,I still dont see the 4000 shluchim standing up an saying something. Or better yet, headquarters in NY hasn't said squat. Because deep down they agree with these disgusting individuals and their repulsive behavior.

Dalfin is a thief and always was one. Korf should never have allowed him to be a shliach after he was thrown out from Bal Harbor. The million dollar question is why or how much did Dalfin have to pay him off to get the title? Is his father in law in NY somehow protecting him?



i understand that your point of from your perspective ,but in order to see things clearer, you have to go out of your straits ,limitations and boundaries
of curse in a universe of thousands of shluchim you are going to find some of them going to different directions,(sex money,corruption,politics,etc),bc we are in golus and this is our reality of life
But there are many,the vast majority who devote their lives to hel p jews ,just go to Ukraine, Russia, China, Afrika,South America,,and you are going to see amazing guys
.In Miami area is hard to see this mesirus nefesh,bc its not the place where there are the "real shluchim"
in Miami area as well Los Angeles ,since they are the more confortables places to be,(money ,donors, kosher food, education) so many ppl go there for their own benefit ,to have a hight style life ,and btw earn parnossa doing some afatza
Since their main focus is the money and well being,and the tafel is the afatza, this is what you get


Sad but true.

You are talking about vigler in palm beach gardens married to krinskys big shot taxi drivers granddaughter and gorelliks from italys grandaughter. Korf took the bribe to put that shmuck in. ITS a serious mess


Craig, Papa Harlig lives in New York, Dalfin's father-in-law. Welcome to chabad with everyone either related or the "elite" shluchim of lubavitchers today can never do harm. If he did anything wrong he should be punished like any other criminal,without a doubt. Lets open a pinyin shuviyim on him and his shul.

Robert Wisler

I feel bad for you Mikal, having to walk into a house of idolatry. Luckily, the booze helped dull the mental anguish.

Mikal W. Grass

I have been in some Chabad shuls in which the rabbi stated as fact that the Rebbe had mystical and supernatural powers. I sat there mouth agape in disbelief. Then I went back to my meal and had another shot of vodka.


MIkal, btw as I went back to my work and thought of your comment. I have no love for this two faced Lipskar either and I don't want to get into this "character" right now. Holy Roller !! ??
Leave a little maybe for chol hamoed.

sad but true


The fact is Korf senior is the Head shliach for the state of Florida. He has the power to remove the title from a shliach if they misbehave. At the same token he has the power to agree to give someone a place as a shliach. I know of a Vaad that was created by seven shluchim, Abe Korf being one of them. However, he told them no matter what they decide he has veto power over them. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that he is maintaining his boss status.

He vetoed the so called vaad over accepting a shliach who was considered a "mushroom" the reson he told the vaad was he needed the money. The "mushrooms" father in law gave korf 100k.

Bottom line is the corruption goes all the way to the top.

If you google rothstein and chabad you will find a story about shneur kaplan who was removed as a shliach. Korf says that he was directed by higher ups - meaning NY to remove the title of shliach from kaplan. Bottom line is they will blame everyone else and then say they are doing it for the kovod of the rebbe. Its sick. The rebbe must be rolling in his grave because of this behavior.


Mikal, Korf is worse than most people can ever imagine. Although you are right partially, that the young should distance themselves from the corruption, it's almost like saying the young soldiers in the Nazi regime should seperate themselves from..

You must not know the culture in Chabad and especially on Shlichus. When you're in, you're in, it pervades all, the corruption and negative hold it has on everything and everyone.

So in the end you either fall into line because you had a tendency to this before anyway, or it's just too hard to stand up against the tide. The few who did attempt to stand up got it real hard.

so it brings me back to square one. In Florida, it's all the fault of this worse than scum bag Korf. He is the fault for the enormous fights that go on behind and in front of everyone. Korf singlehandedly takes the blame for all the chillul Hashem and chilul Chabad in this State.

He is as dishonest and slimey as the first snake in Paradise.

the MRker. Now I'm really starting to boil, getting worked up.

MIkal W. Grass

Meant to say: way to many shliachs and way too few Jews.

I have to disagree with you Zack, about everything being Abe Korf's fault. At some point, if things were really that bad and crooked, the newer guys can distance themselves from the older ones and begin to make their own way. Maybe he began to "stray" from the headquarters, but who wouldn't in Miami Beach? Regardless, there is no excuse for them to continue business as usual unless they are too lazy to move, especially since Korf has 1/4 of the power and sway that the guys at the shul of bal harbour do.

I happen to believe that what the Shul of Bal Harbour did to the late Rebbetzin and her tiny shul around the corner from Bal Harbour, bordered on complete and total disregard for the woman and her late husband.

Again, this stuff is insane. And all in the name of Torah. Yup.


Yossi Korf I won't start up with him right now over here. But his father Abe is the worst human garbage out there. The man, besides being a fool is a totally ego centered lowlife with an extreme Napoleonic complex.

The Din Torahs that this guy Dalphin was part of with Lipskar I believe, and the twisted crooked games all these guys play, for the most part is all due to the evil leadership and example set by Abe Korf.

If there was ever a need in the dictionary for a picture of a completely morally and ethically devoid piece of shit, it would have Korfs pus up there.

MIkal W. Grass

I went with Dalfin to buy my first set of tfellin. At dinner at his house eons ago. He seemed like a nice guy who was beset with a few family issues. I know he was unceremoniously drummed out of Bal Harbour for some reason or another, but I never found out what it was.

When I lived in Hollywood went to Young Israel. I liked Young Israel but couldn't wait to get out of Hollywood. While there, I became friendlier with Yossi Korf. I like Yossi. I also feel that he got the short end of the stick when another shliach moved in around the corner and started "taking" some of his congregants. Yossi's dad has the power in Miami Dade but in Hollywood, the Broward power brokers don't pay attention to what goes on in Miami Dade.

This is a mess. I don't think anyone needs to go to jail over this, but I do think that there are way too many shliachs and way too many Jews. Eventually Chabad will start eating their own.

Yochanan Lavie

In addition to stealing shuls, and sending us Rubashkin the Meat Messiah, Chabad has introduced a Christian theology of a Dead Messiah. This is apikorsus, but they're not called out on it. Meanwhile, it's given Jews for Jesus a great new slogan: Right idea, wrong guy.

Robert Wisler

Uh Craig, speaking of "writing English properly" (English is capitalized). In addition, the proper spelling of the "Jim Jones" reference that you made is "Kool-Aid". Otherwise, your comment was very appreciated.


Posted by: exchabad | April 04, 2012 at 06:36 AM

Choose one screen name (or your actual legal name) and stick to it.

If you don't. I'll ban you and delete your comments.


I love it, "THis is not to steal". I guess if we did this to Dalfins brother-in-laws and took away their chabad houses it would not be to steal just to "bring yiddishkeit". Believe me they would scream bloody hell if we did this to a chabad shul.. Look what jackobson tried doing in manhattan that was not for the shul but a land grab. Common the bull crap and defending of chabad theft and deceit is coming out. Next your gonna tell me that the shliach in russia was spreading yiddishkeit when he shoved his fist up the whores ass.

Amazing how chabad will twist and try to turn everything. The commenter earlier said it best.



Maybe you should actually go to work and learn how to write english properly. You obviously drink whatever cool-aid chabad serves you. the fact is that its called a "hostile Takeover" for a reason. Its not a friendly takeover or a takeover out of love. The concept of no owners but directors is incorrect. The board has the right to decide the direction of the organization and not chabad. the "ends does not justify the means". These organizations started their organizations built buildings etc. In many of these cases their plans are to relocate or donate the money after a sale to other charitable institutions also "to Bring Yiddishkeit" as you wrote. Why is charades yiddishkeit any better then these other groups? It is not.

The bottom line is read the article. The fraud that was done is disgusting and a chillul Hashem there is no justification for that. If this guy Dalfin wanted this building he should have acted properly. Ironically in this case they gave him the ability to operate for years. But, look at the thank you they got!! Pretty sick and demented. This guy should not be a shliach but be in a mental institution. He obviously redefined the meaning of Thank you for helping me.


there are not owners in non profit organizations,only directors
if you have a shul and not services is not a shul and it is not fulfiling its purpose
Chabad reactivated many shuls.This is not to steal ,its to bring Yddishkait


Hmm. Sounds like Park Slope.


This is why I hate chabad. They're not only weird, they're also thieves.

Sol Appleman

To Sad But True:
My name is Rabbi Sol Appleman. You are correct. I wasted 5 years of my life fighting the chabad in my area, stopping them from stealing the shul my father, of blessed memory, established in 1956. I had worked in the shul since I was 11, tutoring students in reading Hebrew. When I became a rabbi in 1978, I assisted my father in running the shul. By the mid-80's I was already doing many of the services and running the Hebrew School.
By the end of the 90's it was clear that the changing demographics and the fact that there were 6 Orthodox shuls within a one mile radius of each other made it almost impossible for us to continue. We used to have 3 serviced every day. By the end of the 90's we couldn't even get a minyan on Shabbos.
In the end, the shul lost more than a million and a half dollars that was going to help over twenty different institutions, like Yeshivas, Jewish day schools and organizations that help the disabled. The money that those places lost was real money - and that is on chabad's head.
The way they tied up the case is they had a meeting with people in the community, who at some time in the past attended services at my shul. At this "meeting" they called themselves members of the shul and voted to have me removed as rabbi. They then presented me with the first of 4 lawsuits that claimed to the court that they were the real members of the shul and that they were the real board members. A lawyer who represented these false members in the first lawsuit became a board member in the second one a few years later. In order to bring the matter to an end, I had to agree to give them two sifray Torah and a large amount of money. The money went to another chabad group than the one that started the lawsuits. The second chabad group did not even exist until the third lawsuit was underway.
Unfortunately, this will continue to happen. Chabad has this stealing business down to a tee. Many unsuspecting and naive congregations and sweet rabbis will be fooled by these charlatans. I am involved with helping two more rabbis trying to fight against these low-lives.
Remember, you can't spell "chabad" without using the first three letters of "charade" and without the word "bad".



Thank you for that tidbit. I had no Idea they were family. But I guess this was the plan an all in the family scam. How does salver fit into the picture seems he is on a bunch of FL chabad houses! Im smelling something really crooked here? So basically it wasn't one chabad shliach that tried to steal the Harambam Building but Three and their Accountant. Wow. So now the question is what are they all saying to weasel away from this fraud.

Are these three clowns some how related to Rabbi Harlig from NY who was like the rebbe's gabbay?


Craig don't forget Harlig and Baron are his brothers-in-laws.

Gefilte Fish

Jim Ignatowski became Chabad? Vei iz mir!


Dalfin is a Scumbag who was thrown out of Bal Harbor for not showing his books to his boss. I guess the guy who gave him a second chance didn't know his true history. The question is how did his boss Rabbi Korf allow him to continue being a shaliach. The answer is an old feud between korf and Dalfin's Rabbi Lipskar.

Sadly someone because of Korf's politics got screwed. The good thing however is that Dalfin is gonna get what he finally deserves.

I searched SUnbiz.org for Simcha connection inc. there are four members. Dalfin, Baron, Harlig and Salver. Salver is the accountant for the crooks. Harlig and Baron are also shluchim. This is really organized crime. these people need to be stopped in their Tracks.

Mikal W. Grass


Which place was closed?


KM is the same hechsher thatclosed a guys resturant because of politics and played games with the pizza places in miami beach

thats why many resturants are moving to OK or star -k in florida or the ORB
better reliability less polotics

Yochanan Lavie songwriter extraordinaire

Sam, if you want to know, you can contact me through Shmarya, off the blog.

Yosef ben Matitya

"... Chabad will try again and again. They will come in all types of costumes to make trouble...."
Oh! sure! sheneymor:
"The better to hear you with, my dear," ....
"The better to see you with, my dear," .....
"The better to eat you with, my dear,"
I must say, by now most people know... And sure, they come in all kinds of costumes!


Lubavitch just did this very thing in Ellenville, New York.



I must say I disagree. "Lo Saamod al dam reyecha". Chabad will try again and again. They will come in all types of costumes to make trouble. I understand your needs to remain anonymous. However, This is happening all over and people who are the little guys and can't fight chabad need to know the information.

Yosef ben Matitya

Sam: I can't tell you

kol hakavod yochanan, vekhol tuv!

Haimish McHorny

Dave you dumbass, the hava nagilla you refer to is obviously added by the russian porn site as a mockery of religious jews and arguably of jews in general.

Yochanan Lavie

Dave: The music is actually "Have a negiah."



Well they aren't against Hava Nagilla deppending on how its used. If its used for physical meditation. For example search "shliach and prostitute" on this site and you will find a link to a shliach prostrating himself in some very interesting positions. The music in that video is Hava Nagilla. I guess in that instance its OK.


OK, I found it:

"Hava Nagila" was once a Chabad melody used in the movement’s meditations just before the Rebbe would give over a Hassidic ma’amar (discourse on Jewish mysticism), but after it became the melody for the new Zionist movement, Chabad dropped immediately it.



They're against "Hava Nagila"?

Yochanan Lavie

Sam: I can't tell you w/o revealing my secret identity.


Chabad believes in Bishvili Nivra Haolam (the world was created for me) meaning I am allowed to Steal, Rob, cheat, threaten, spread lies, make out with prostitues (especially to Hava Nagila since they are against that song and Hatikva). etc etc. Its all ok its a directive from god himself (if they even believe in that). There is one simple princle they do not respect and that is veahavta l'reacha. The hurt they do to others in these synagogue theft deal is horrible and has lasting effects for generations. But sadly they don't care.

How come Krinsky and Kotlarsky don't come out against these individuals.

Because they are behind this. We should list all the synagogues they have done this to and file a RICO act. Its deffinately organized crime


Well, when you represent the only legitimate form of Judaism left... .

"All your base are belong to us", I suppose.


This pattern of deception by 'chabad' is NOT unusual.Many of these 'shluchim' have become money hungry blood sucking fraudsters.Over 30 years ago they tried this in Tucson Az. to take over the Young Israel there.They were called then a cult and attempted to destroy the Young Israel . Shame on them !Let them WORK for a living and stop the sect 8 housing, ssi , food stamps, fraudulent marriages,'single moms' etc.


Yochanan. What is the name of your shul? And where is it located. We need to warn all others of the true colors of chabad and the dangers of being nice to them and allowing them into our shul's

Yochanan Lavie

Standard Chabad Operating Procedure. They didn't succeed at my shul, thank God (not thank Menachem).


some of those names are a crock to be called rabbis

lehrfeld drools in his soup and in the missle of his speeches he forgets where he is

matz is the head of aguda and covers up for molesters
he wont even eat in resturants under the hechsher of KM or serve meats . Matz is one of the biggest frauds in florida .

Shapiro has in his shul in north miami beach 2 open marraiges and wont say a word about it


Supposedly Chabad in California is in the process of doing the same thing to the Sharei Tefila synagogue and they are in court. In this case from what I am told chabad had the opportunity to purchase this synagogue oner the past 8 years. they made offers and never actually came thru. They decided that they would rather try to steal it then pay for it. At least someone stood up to Dalfin and Chabad.

Robert Wisler

I believe that the formerly find old Orthodox (nusach Ashkenaz) synagogue in St. Paul, MN was also appropriated by Chabad. They came in like sweet lambs and then became wolves devouring an unsuspecting congregation. Heroes like Mr. Symes tried to stop the tide, but Chabad manipulated and then proceeded to turn that place into a center of idolatry instead of a synagogue.


Dalfin was always a shady guy. Look at the smirk on his face. He has a strange background with The Shul Of Bal Harbor where he was town out of in 2003. He turned me off years ago I went back to my roots a reform synagogue in miami Beth Shalom. Over there at lease what you see is what you get. Dalfin was always about sucking money out of people. I guess he is finally getting what he deserves.


I imagine that this is a struggling synagogue with an aging and dwindling membership, and dwindling cash reserves. Chabad has long looked at such synagogues as opportunities. A shaliach will go in and offer to minister to the congregation, such as it is, in exchange for the right to use the building for his own purposes. With the passage of time, the older members die or leave, and the shaliach is the last man standing in the building. Lately though, schuls don't die out the way they once did, and real estate comes back and a once dwindling schul might find itself with a small but viable resurgence in membership, which leades to these types of conflicts.


And people wonder why many Orthodox shuls refuse to let Chabad operate in their property ?
In my shul in NYC, our Torah reader was a Chabad man . He asked the following :the name of the shul be changed to Chabad, the Nusach be changed , he be appointed rabbi and the present acting rabbi be terminated, services start at 10AM all in a not so transparent attempt at take over.
We ought to attempt a take ove rof the 770 shul given their thirst for money it should not be that difficult.
I wonder how the Chabad guys would react if others tried taking over their Chaabd houses. But then again they are the sole owners of these so called religious institutions , no directors or boards etc.



I must say The irony is amazing!

Amazing how this story breaks on Yud Aleph nissan the day of the rebbes birthday. Dalfin Should be proud of himself. What a birthday gift to give to the Rebbe, a Chillul Hashem and a chill lubavitch "Theft in the name of the rebbe".

sad but true

Didn't Chabad do the same thing in Syoset NY to Rabbi Sol Appelman. I believe they have done this as well in many other cities. It seems this has become a standard of operations in Chabad. Go into a shul. Claim you are members, elect a board and throw out the real owners. Usually they win because the real owners/ members have no money and can't fight and chabad gets free lawyers. I'm curious who has put up the money to fight this guy. To get to this point it takes months if not years in court with a pretty hefty price tag???? anyone know who has been fighting to throw dal fin out?


When you are "right" it is an excuse to do anything.

Not to paint with a broad brush, but this ends justfiy the means mentality seems prevalent among at least a group within Chabad. I know from personal experience it is not universal, but I also see a trend among certain people in the group.

yechi ben levitas

this is the equivalent of reb mordechai rubashkin trying to get into heaven using a camel and a needle. of cousre he will have reb nathan lewin to speak up on his behalf in an appeal to the main body of angels.


"Rabbi Faivish Dalfin, a Chabad shaliach, allegedly tried to steal HaRambam synagogue."

Idiot. I could have told him it wouldn't fit through the gates.

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