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April 09, 2012

California Bans Kosher For Passover Coke

Coke_disc-300x300California has banned kosher for Passover Coke because it's caramel color contains a too high level of a carcinogen.


California tightened its food safety regulations which in turn caused it to be the only state in the country to ban kosher for Passover Coke, due to high levels of a carcinogen, 4-methylimidazole, or 4-MEI, found in its special Passover caramel color, the JTA reported.

Coke expects its Passover product to be compliant with the new regulations next year.

[Hat Tip: Sarek of Vulcan.]


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hurray! i love this stuff.

Sounds like the bankrupt state got a payoff from the corn lobbies...

Goes well with Satmar high-nitrite matzah!

Delete apostrophe from "it's"

Dick Dook

Pesach Coke tastes better because they use real sugar instead of corn syrup.

Great. Now this crazy lady in neighborhood is going to buttonhole me over this. I am sure her thought process is going to be something like: California is full of liberals. California is where there was a dust-up over bris. Therefore, all liberals, especially from California, are anti-Semitic. She will, then, misread the article and tell me that either Coke is anti-Semitic or California is outlawing kashrut.

You can get Mexican Coca Cola year round. It's made with sugar, not HFCS. Or you can look up "Coca Cola Pemberton recipe" and make your own which is what I do.

Steven W... do we live in the same neighborhood or are there two crazy ladies?

Pesach Coke tastes better because they use real sugar instead of corn syrup.

Posted by: Yochanan Lavie | April 09, 2012 at 11:54 AM

yep Pesach Coke has a cult following

Do you think the 12 tribes had kosher for Passover Coke (or anything resembling it) when they left Egypt? Even as a youngster growing up, I thought the whole kosher for Passover business was a scam that hurt poor working class Jews that really couldn't afford to play the game. Water is a lot healthier, unless it comes from a polluted Satmar well in Brooklyn. And don't tell me there is kosher for Passover bottled water!

Pico kosher market had pesach coke for $2.99 a bottle

Here in Silver Spring, MD, people, including non-Jews, load up on Pesakhdige Coca Cola due to the sugar and lack of corn syrup.

It really does taste much better.

The Washington Post even had an article on how locals love it.

Why doesn't Coke supply it during the rest of the year if it is so popular?

Why doesn't Coke supply it during the rest of the year if it is so popular?

Posted by: Litvish | April 09, 2012 at 03:53 PM

I think the USA is about the only place where Coke contains HFCS. The rest of the world uses sugar.

Speak to the corn lobby.

I guess it would be mean of me to send my CA friends pics of my Pesach Coke.

Every year the local groceries sell out of passover coke and have lots of passover pepsi left at the end of the holiday, because pepsi was for russia and coke was for Israel. Or something.
Re: this topic: Your teeth will fall out long before the cancer caramel gets you

I like stocking up on Passover U-Bet.

Come on JTA, I live in Cali & bought my Passover Coke in Cali. There was tons of the stuff on the shelves in all the Pico stores. What gives?

But the U-Bet is only a "K" which means they don't pay off the Kosher Nostra.

@Hanna "Pepsi on your lips is like blood on your hands. Save Soviet Jewry."

Pesach Coke tastes better because they use real sugar instead of corn syrup.

Posted by: Yochanan Lavie | April 09, 2012 at 11:54 AM

The sugar in HF Corn syrup is 100% "real sugar."

I wish you guys didn't sound like real idiots.

Eva: You're the real idiot for being a pedant. Yes, corn syrup is a form of sugar, it's fructose. It does not taste the same as cane sugar, sucrose. I was using "sugar" in the colloquial sense, not the scientific sense. Everyone else knew what I meant. If you don't like this blog, why are you here? To gratuitously insult the other commenters?

Rocky, yes, the whole kosher for Passover business is a scam that hurts poor working class Jews that really can't afford to play the game.

Like any scam, a lot of people fall for it like flies.

I think it goes back further. Pepsi bowed to Arab influence and wouldn't sell to Israel but Coke did.

Office of the Chief Rabbi....

We date ourselves with "Save Soviet Jews". But being the trouble makers we were, we used to add to it: Save Soviet Jews. Win valuable prizes.

Maybe next year they can use coke in the satmar matzos.

Yes, corn syrup is a form of sugar, it's fructose. It does not taste the same as cane sugar, sucrose. I was using "sugar" in the colloquial sense, not the scientific sense.

Posted by: Yochanan Lavie | April 09, 2012 at 11:19 PM

Are kids using "colloquial" as a euphemism for ignorant these days? I can never keep up with trends.

Well, Shmarya's whole post here deals with a serious scientific subject (carcinogenesis), so if you have a problem with that, perhaps you should go elsewhere.

You are completely mistaken.

1.) HF corn syrup is not "fructose."
2.) HF corn syrup is not "a form of sugar."
3.) The taste difference is in your head.

HF corn syrup is glucose & fructose separated and floating in water. Kosher-Coke is glucose & fructose tied together (sucrose), floating in water.

When you drink sucrose, as soon as it enters your mouth, your mouth has enzymes like amylase which break up the sucrose into its constituent glucose & fructose.

That means that before you even swallow "Kosher Coke," it's already been turned into the same thing as "HF corn syrup Coke."

The difference is all in your head, and the nice little memories that you associate with Pesach Coke.

And as a show of my generosity, here's something interesting for your to read in your spare time.


Rocky, Sadly there is such a thing as " kosher Pesach water!.

Last year at this time, I visited a home, were they were checking the labels to make sure!.

Mmmm, u-bet...

here are 2 articles regarding blind taste tests of the 2 cokes with completely different results.

this one shows HFCS coke does better than sugarcane coke. many couldnt discern a difference.

but this test had sugar-coke destroying HFCS coke.



we all knew what YL meant by "sugar" . and based on the data it isnt clear cut that youre right.

Eva: I am not a scientist, nor ever pretended to be one. That does not make me a "complete idiot." You may know science but you are an arrogant, insulting person. I have a PhD from a major university in a humanities subject, and I know full well how to use words. I am sorry if I don't know molecular biochemistry, but I do know which taste I prefer.

In common usage "sugar" refers to sucrose. Everyone else knows that, why don't you? ("Colloquial" means "common usage," not "ignorant" Here's the link: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/colloquial?s=ts).

Apologies to ELO (Evil woman):

You made a fool of me, but "them broken English have" got to end.

Oy woman, you got the blues,'cause you ain't got no one else to abuse.
There's an open thread that leads nowhere,
So just make some insults between here and there.
There's Pesach Coke where sucrose comes in,
You've made an insult and played to win,
Oy vey woman it's a language game,
But your pendantry is driving us insane.

E-eva Woman, E-eva Woman, E-eva Woman, Eva Woman

Trolled in from another town,
Raised a stink and did not settle down,
But a Jew and his money soon go separate ways,
Especially during Pesach days,
Oy vey woman what you gonna do,
You destroyed all the middot that the Lord gave you,
It's so good that you're feeling pain,
And I hope you stuff your face with some extra hot chrayn.


CHORUS again

Eva woman how you done me wrong,
But you've tryin' to blame me all along,
Ha Ha funny how you called my bluff, you made the whine now you drink the cup,
It's ignorance that you seem to despise,
Though I see it in your pedantic ways,
Ha Ha very nice to know, that Failed Messiah posters aren't buying your show.


More important is that it is filtered to keep out insects.

Fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh meat and fish are pesachdig, and that's what I try to eat the rest of the year. No reason to stuff myself with garbage matzo meal, palm oil and HFCS at Pesach. No harm in a few kneidlach, some chremslach with blackcurrant jam and some home made gefilte fish and coconut or almond macaroons. But most of the Pesach prepared foods out there are disgusting crap.

Some dip shit in the California health department was shocked by his amazing discovery that Coka Cola is bad for you.

Posted by: ah-pee-chorus | April 10, 2012 at 10:22 AM

I didn't realize the Huffington Post was a peer-reviewed journal.

I couldn't care less which cola you prefer, just don't project your subjectivity onto an objective topic.

That's more appropriate for a goyishe audience.

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